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Chicken Coop

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(1) Facebook. How to Make a Chicken Composting System. After watching this video, you might enjoy the downloadable infographic that accompanies it: "How to Make a Chicken Tractor on Steroids.

How to Make a Chicken Composting System

" It takes everything you saw in the video and breaks it down into easy-to-follow, visual, step-by-step instructions. Result? High-quality compost to infuse your garden with extraordinary fertility. To access these step-by-step visuals, please enter the email you check most often, and we’ll email it to you immediately. We’ll also grant you free access to our online community of over 55,000 members called, "The Permaculture Circle (TPC)," a curated collection of 70+ permaculture resources (videos, animations, a 9-part mini-course, and the Friday Fives); you’ll receive login details by email in a few minutes. Finally, many people have asked where they can learn about other “permaculture hacks” like the “chicken tractor.” And if not, no worries — enjoy the free materials.

Cheers, 8x10 Chicken Coop Plans - Gable Roof - Free PDF - Construct101. 8×10 chicken coop plans, plans include a free PDF download, material list, and step-by-step drawings. 8×10 Chicken Coop Plans – Gable Roof – Overview 8×10 Chicken Coop Plans – Gable Roof – Material List Shopping List Floor Frame Front Wall Back Wall Frame Right Wall Frame Left Wall.

8x10 Chicken Coop Plans - Gable Roof - Free PDF - Construct101

Hobbit Hole Chicken Coops, and More! - Hobbit Hole playhouses, chicken coops, doghouses, more! Wooden Hobbit Hole Chicken Coop and Run For Up to 4 Hens. Coop Ships Fully Assembled!

Wooden Hobbit Hole Chicken Coop and Run For Up to 4 Hens

(assembly required for run) The "Lightfoot Coop with Attached Run" not only looks great, it has all the great design features you'd expect in a top of the line chicken coop, and then some. The Lightfoot coop measures 62" x 35" x 48"H and the attached run is 56" x 72" x 45"H. We recommend it for up to four standard breed chickens or up to six bantams, depending on the size of the breed and the amount of time your flock will be spending inside the coop and contained in the run.

*NOTE: Most companies selling coops will use an "industry standard" of 2 square feet per bird on their housing recommendation. The coop comes with a total of 4' of perch space on a moveable perch that is 10 inches off the ground, and a freestanding nest box that you can position inside the round front door of the coop for easy egg retrieval. How to Build a DIY Backyard Chicken Tunnel - Chicken like to eat plants and dig dirt to find worms.

How to Build a DIY Backyard Chicken Tunnel -

If you don’t put them in cages or chicken coops, your backyard will be very messy. If you have a bigger yard and would like your chicken to have more space, then these chicken tunnels are a great idea. The tunnel is designed to allow the chickens to walk through certain parts and to help in keeping the garden healthy without destroying the flower beds and vegetable patches. At the same time they are safe from other animals and they won’t get lost either. photo credit: credit via Zucchini MomPhoto credit via Zucchini Mom. Smådjurshus. Chook Tractors: Permaculture's Alternative to 'Free Range' Chook is Australian slang for a chicken.

Chook Tractors: Permaculture's Alternative to 'Free Range'

Chook tractors have long been a part of permaculture lore. Basically they are portable chook pens with open bases. Chickens scratch away at the ground (like a mini tractor), munching on grubs, bugs, seeds, and weeds. Or even your kitchen scraps. And they poop out a rich fertiliser, which adds often much needed nutrients to the soil.

Clever Tunnel System Makes Chickens Do The Gardening (Video) Image credit: Ecofilms Australia We've already seen how one farmer trains her chickens to eat slugs, and the internet is full of examples of chicken tractors—portable coops that can be moved to allow hens to till, fertilize, and weed a plot while providing pest control in the process.

Clever Tunnel System Makes Chickens Do The Gardening (Video)

(see also this overview of chicken tractors at Planet Green.) But one Australian permaculturist has taken this idea to the next level—designing an intricate system of "chook tunnels" that let him funnel his ladies into any part of his garden. The amount of work that these creatures can do is actually quite amazing. Of course many vegans will object to the idea of animals being used as "slave labor", but a system like this does go a large way toward answering the accusations of inefficiency so often leveled against animal husbandry. Raising Chickens Archives - Your Getting Started Guide, To Fall Gardening, Like Your Life Depended On It I used to wait for spring with bated breath.

Raising Chickens Archives -

I would watch for a good day for tilling, go out and buy a bunch of transplants and seeds, and then have a wild and crazy weekend tearing up the earth and putting everything in the ground. Thinking ahead? Naw… I had Spring fever! I wouldn’t […] Continue reading... Building A Chicken Coop? Read This First. Chicken Coop Large. Free and Easy DIY Project and Furniture Plans. Now I know what all the fuss is about.

Free and Easy DIY Project and Furniture Plans

Or rather, should I say what all the clucking is about We've had the girls in our backyard for a few months now, and my goodness, are they fun! And the ladies haven't even started laying eggs!!! We've only got four chickens, and they are quite happy in their little A Frame Coop, let free during the day. How to Build a Chicken Coop in 4 Easy Steps. How to Build a Chicken Coop. DIY Trampoline Chicken Coop. Have you got a trampoline that could do with a new life?

DIY Trampoline Chicken Coop

Why not turn it into a DIY chicken coop! DIY Trampoline Chicken Coop Old trampolines are ideal for building a chicken coop if you want a quick and easy DIY project. The frames of trampolines make big homes for your backyard chickens. How to Build a Chicken Tractor. Having a small propriety shouldn’t be an impediment for raising chickens.

How to Build a Chicken Tractor

The thing which should help you achieve the best results is a chicken tractor. Even though it sounds like an intricate machinery, the device is actually a mobile chicken coop. The solution works best with limited yard space, because it keeps your chickens in place without the complications of a permanent structure. Cleaning the area is also easy because of the movable parts. What makes this different from other tractors? Step one, build the base.

Chicken wire is too flimsy to hang over the arches, so we used welded wire instead. Chicken Coop Projects. If you have a little free spot in your backyard, a chicken coop would be an option to fill that space. Raising chickens can be quite ingenious, as you will always have fresh and healthy eggs at home and you will also be having pets around the house. After you cleaned the spot, you can build your very own chicken coop, that will protect these small animals from the bad weather. This way you can make the coop the size you want, depending on the number of chickens you want to raise and you can give the coop any aspect you want. By raising chickens at home, you can also control what they eat and this can benefit your health too. Clucked Up: 13 Creative Chicken Coop Designs. Urban chickens have never had it so good. Not only is backyard chicken farming increasing in popularity, but chicken digs are getting cooler and fancier, with coop designs that rival those of the owners’ houses.

These 13 poultry palaces range from ultramodern egg-shaped coops for a trio of birds up to larger wind-powered enclosures that could revolutionize the livestock industry. Chicktopia (images via: studio h) 28 Amazing Chicken Coop Designs. Many people spend more time designing their chicken coops than they do their homes. It's a small project that doesn't take up too much time, so an individual can achieve construction by themselves. That makes it a great project for any household. Watch these two great videos, and then check out all the great designs that others came up with! :) Dave Elegante. Wooden Prefabricated Chicken Coop,Pet House For Sale - Buy Chicken Coop,Chicken Coop,Chicken Coop Product on Wooden prefabricated chicken coop, pet house for sale b big chicken house big wood chicken coop cage big wood chicken coop cage chiken, big chicken house Overall size; 1900x770x1160mm Features:1.Made of kiln-dried Chinese Fir Wood with the roof of waterproof felt2.Knocked down and packed into one flat carton for convenience with Assembly Instruction inside 3,One nesting box with stay arm .Slide out plastic trayer for easy cleaning Payment Term:Sight L/C or 30% deposit,70% T/T against copies of shipping documents.