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Chicken Coop Plans (PDF) - 8x 8 Foot Wooden Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop Plans (PDF) - 8x 8 Foot Wooden Chicken Coop

Nesting Box Curtains - Not as Frivolous as They May Seem | Fresh Eggs Daily® A few months after we started raising chickens back in the spring of 2009, I saw a coop with a valance over the row of nesting boxes in one of the myriad of chicken magazines I subscribe to. I thought - what a cute idea. So I googled 'chicken nesting box curtains' and got over 140,000 hits! Wow! Who knew such a thing even existed? I do a fair bit of sewing, so I decided to make some curtains for my coop too. Long story short, one staple gun and ten minutes later, the chickens had curtains, tiebacks and all. Soon there was a waiting line to lay in the nesting boxes! Over the next few years, the curtains have been ripped down and new ones put up. But back to that first year I put the curtains that point, I believed that the curtains were purely for me. Curtains can also help discourage multiple broodies. I feel vindicated. Now if I can just find a valid reason for having bows on the nesting baskets.... Our Christmas curtains 2013 Source: ©2013 Fresh Eggs Daily, Inc.

Free Plans To Build your own Bicycle Generator Pedal Power Station Use these free videos and plans to make your own pedal power bicycle generator station. Good for powering up your television or charging a battery or powering CFL / LED lights . Great source of emergency survival power and an alternative green energy source. Specifications Voltage Output Graph In the most basic of terms, a bicycle generator creates a potential energy when you move the pedals on your bicycle. A "no load" condition is when you have nothing hooked up to your generator. The amount of power from your generator is measured in terms of "Watts". If you were to connect a load to your generator such as a Duracell lead acid rechargeable battery powerpack or a light bulb, then you would suddenly feel a resistance to your pedaling and you would begin to sweat. If you are a non technical person, then please skip this section below.

How to Raise and Keep Chickens (For Eggs) By Lauren Arcuri Updated October 02, 2016. Think you want to keep some chickens on your small farm or homestead? Maybe you're looking for laying hens only, or a combination of laying hens and birds for meat, but you're not sure you know how to care for them? I'll take you step by step through everything you need to know. Should You Raise Chickens? Chickens are a great species to start with on the farm - they're easy to care for, inexpensive, and rewarding. Pick Your Management Method Will you let your chickens roam your fields, or will you keep them confined in a coop and/or run? continue reading below our video Chickens will eat and scratch in flowers and garden plants, so you'll need to be careful if you let the birds free range. How to Build or Buy a Chicken Coop There are many possibilities for chicken coops. Before You Build or Buy a Chicken Coop Select the Right Chicken Supplies Chicken Supplies Choose the Best Breeds for You There are over 400 varieties of chickens available today!

Bumble Foot: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Index of Bird Diseases Bumblefoot occurs in all species of birds; however, this condition is rarely seen in the wild. It is mostly diagnosed in: captive cage or aviary birds and may be the result of improper husbandry (housing / diet) poultry (chicken, ducks, geese, pheasants); birds of prey used in falconry Most often identified in obese, inactive and/or malnutritioned birds (with an excess or deficit of certain nutrients) Usually the first symptom to be noticed by the caretaker is swollen joints in the feet or toes and lameness, with affected birds being unwilling to land, stand or grasp normally with one or both of their feet. Bumblefoot appears in different stages: First Stage - Pink "calluses" appear. Is it "bumble foot"? Also refer to: Constricted Toe SyndromeIf only one leg is affected, the bird is more likely to have experienced an injury and/or has a localized infection. Causes and Actions: Poor quality diets result in malnutrition and obesity. NEED A VET?