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iCare Home Health Services Inc.

iCare Home Health Services is your trusted source of in-home senior care.Grounded by personal experiences in struggling to find adequate home health care services for seniors, family and friends, iCare Home Health Services was created with a fresh, and “joie de vivre” (joy of life) approach to offer homecare services and caregiver programs to help keep their “loved ones” young or old, in their homes while they recuperate from injury, recover from a medical condition or just enjoy life.

Foot Health! Why it Matters. How often do you change the tires on your car?

Foot Health! Why it Matters

Most mechanics will recommend that you change them after 6 years or 30,000 miles. Anything longer than that and it becomes a safety risk. It’s Not a Service - It’s a Friend at Home! Having a friend come over and visit is always a welcomed occasion.

It’s Not a Service - It’s a Friend at Home!

Whether you are young or old, companionship – someone to talk to, someone to play a game with or to go on an outing with, is a part of life that helps people feel connected and cared about. As we age, it can get harder and harder to get out or to manage excursions or activities on our own. iCare Home Health provides home care assistance in Milton and the Mississauga area and is happy to share more information about how our Friend At Home Service can benefit you or your loved one. Eight Tips for Taking Care of Your Brain. You’ve heard the common phrase ‘use it or lose it’?

Eight Tips for Taking Care of Your Brain

This holds true for brain function! Your brain changes as you age. This fact shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Not only does cognitive activity slow down but your brain actually starts to shrink in size when you enter your sixties. Oral Health Is Important At Every Age. You are never old enough to stop seeing your dentist!

Oral Health Is Important At Every Age

As you age, you may think that taking care of your oral health becomes less and less important. The reality is that your oral health can provide insight into your overall health and keeping your mouth, teeth and gums healthy can help improve how you feel. As you age, being able to take care of your own oral health needs and getting to dental appointments can become more challenging. What’s your pressure? Hypertension aka High Blood Pressure is determined by a pressure reading of 140/90 or higher.

What’s your pressure?

Both of these numbers are important. “Normal” pressure readings are 120/80, with lower numbers being better, but bordering on too low can be a cause for other concerns such as dizziness and falling. Caring Primer: Survival Tricks. Caregivers have to make a special effort to care for themselves.

Caring Primer: Survival Tricks

I once went four months without taking a break from caring for my mother. I had to leave town to ensure I took time off. Since I lived in the same building as my mother, it was only all too easy to pop in for visits several times a day. It wasn’t until I woke up on a Saturday morning and DIDN’T go directly to Mom’s that I felt the relief of holiday bliss. Helping When Mom or Dad Is In the Hospital. For whatever reason, Mom or Dad has been admitted to the hospital.

Helping When Mom or Dad Is In the Hospital

As your parent’s primary caregiver, you will now add “advocate” to your job description. Let me say this very clearly: every patient in a hospital bed needs a friendly and loving advocate by their side, someone who will help care for the patient and ensure the patient gets the best possible care from the doctors and nurses. A Care Diary The first thing to do is to go out and buy a notebook. This will become your “Daily Care Diary”. You Are What You Eat – Maintaining Nutrition into Old Age. I know; ‘You are what you eat’ feels like a stale cliché, but there is truth to it.

You Are What You Eat – Maintaining Nutrition into Old Age

What you consume acts as fuel for your day just like a car needs gas. If you don’t eat enough food with nutrients (or just not enough food at all), you start to feel it and will slow down just like a car that doesn’t have enough gas. Key Components to Healthy Aging. What comes to mind when you the see the word “HEALTH”?

Key Components to Healthy Aging

Does it create positive or negative thoughts about your own health condition? We all have “health” but our quality of life depends on if its good health or bad health. As we recognize World Health Day this month we want to address some key components to healthy aging: Food nourishes the body and gives us energy to function each day. Yoga! It’s for everyone! “I’m too old!”

Yoga! It’s for everyone!

“Yoga is for the young; I could never do that!” “My body couldn’t possibly stretch that way!” Listen To Your Body! Remember when a watch was just a watch? It would tell the time, maybe the date, and if you had a really fancy one, you might have even been able to play a simple video game. Well, watches have come very, very far. In fact, a spin-off of the watch, often called ‘wearable technology’, can tell you how many steps you’ve walked, your mileage, heart rate, water intake, and even track your sleep. Oh…it also functions as a watch. Alzheimer Society Peel. Make a Difference: At iCare Home Health, one of our core values is to “Make a Difference” in everything we do. We are proud to be a Gold Sponsor of The Alzheimer Society Peel annual Walk for Memories fundraiser.Come join our team, and together we can make a positive difference in our communities and the lives of others.

A Caring Primer: Does Mom (or Dad) Have Dementia? Everyone develops some memory problems as they age. Where did I leave my keys? Which floor did I park on? Embrace Change! “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” It’s a dismissive saying that we have all heard a thousand times; usually uttered by someone who either can’t or won’t commit to the work needed to make a positive change in their lives. Of course, if you subscribe to this line of thought, it will be very hard to make a change. But, there is no factual basis to it. Glaucoma Awareness Week. Glaucoma is a degenerative eye disease associated with fluid pressure that typically affects people over 60 years of age with Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, severe myopia (near sighted), previous eye trauma, smokers and those with long term steroid use such as corticosteroids/antihistamines or family history of the disease.

It can damage the optic nerve causing loss of vision if left untreated and is the #1 cause of blindness. Many scientists believe that stress and nutritional deficiencies and lack of collagen are just a few of the causes. As there currently is no cure for this disease, living with Glaucoma can be very difficult for seniors who have been independent their whole lives, especially if the disease causes blindness. It is important to watch for signs that may indicate an issue that should be addressed such as: In some cases, symptoms could be extreme pain, morning eye discomfort, and blurred vision that can also accompany nausea and vomiting. The Importance of Being Ready for a Hospital Discharge. Affordable Home & Elderly Care Services. The Myth of Work Life Balance.

PwC Epic Tour Halton. Art in the Park. A Caring Primer: Building Trust. Getting an Artistic License – How Art Can Improve Health. Driving and Dementia – How to Handle It. iCare Expressive Art Program. Art and Wellness Expressive art making enriches our lives. Tips to Help Glide through winter. With the holiday festivities behind us we in the northern hemisphere will prepare to settle in for a long cold winter. Winters shorter days can leave us feeling lethargic and often depressed from lack of sunlight. Some people are affected more than others this time of year. Follow these 5 tips for winter wellness to avoid getting caught with the winter doldrums: Choose healthier comfort food options:

A Breath of Fresh Air – Tips for Taking Care of Your Lungs. Quick! Which two bodily organs do you use the most? Chances are you said the eyes and the heart. It’s true; our hearts keep us alive and the eyes are constantly in use. But, what about the lungs? We use our lungs 24 hours a day, even while we are sleeping. Getting an Artistic License – How Art Can Improve Health. At Home - It’s all the rage. iCare Navigator Set to Change Patient Experience. Fears for seniors and How to Address Them. AIDS – Myth vs. Reality. 7 Tips for a “Healthful” Holiday Season. Asthma – Not Just For Children. Are we Safe at Home? The Symptoms Of Stomach Cancer. Three Diabetes Myths Debunked. Digital Health Trends – Where It Is Taking Us.

Crohn’s & Colitis! Left untreated may lead to Cancer. Overcoming the Fear of Falling. 5 reasons why we should meditate. Breakfast of Champions – The ONLY Way to Start the Day. Being Safe At Home. The Challenges of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Find Your Health with iCare Home Health. 5 Reasons Why Senior Citizens Should Meditate. Arthritis – What You Need To Know. Home Safety Check List. 4 Simple Ways to Improve the Health of Your Heart. How can you get rid of High Blood Pressure Once and for all? Health Espresso – The Next Step in Home Healthcare. Beat the Heat – Summer Care Tips for seniors. The Dangers of Loneliness. How to Survive a Caregiver Experience. Grooming for the Elderly. At Home Health Care Services. Personal Injury Lawyers. Health Care Agencies In Mississauga. Home Health Care Agency. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Must Have / What to Avoid.

IBS is a functional disorder of the intestinal tract. IBS is not a life threatening disorder and can be managed with a proper diet, exercise. We offer a wide variety of Home Healthcare Services can help you and your loved one .Call us now at (905) 491-6941 or visit: – icarehomehealth

Resistance To Eldercare in Seniors; Why and How. The Soundtrack of Our Lives – Stave Off the effects of Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Studies have shown that keeping the mind sharp can help stave off the effects of Dementia and Alzheimer’s. So, what can you do to help keep your loved one cerebrally active? At iCare Home Health, we can help. Call us now at (905) 491-6941 or visit: – icarehomehealth

Good for the Art; Good For the Soul.

Help your loved one by ‘therapy’ at iCare Therapeutic Art Program (TAP). Seniors often bristle at the mention of ‘therapy’ as it sometimes conjures up feelings of helplessness and inadequacy. Call (905) 491-6941 or visit: – icarehomehealth

Make Every Month ‘Heart Month’ Taking Care of the Caregiver. Smoking…Losing it makes you a Winner! 12 Steps to Preventing or Managing Cancer. Never Stop Dreaming: How to Help Seniors with Goal Setting. 5 Things Seniors Should Do Each Day to Stay Healthy. Preventing Social Isolation with Dementia Patients.

Caring for a person with dementia is an emotional experience. Loneliness is one of the most difficult emotions to face and unfortunately it is very common among people living with dementia. Icare provides special care to them. For details call (905) 491-6941 or visit: – icarehomehealth

Getting Help Around the Holidays. Low Tech Wearables Warm Up Patients on Moving Day! 8 Ways to Manage Diabetes Naturally. Tips for Caring for Seniors with Alzheimer’s Disease. Can Stress Cause Memory Loss?

Prevent your seniors from the harmful effects of Stress especially memory loss.Icare offers special Alzheimer Care and Dementia Care in Burlington for seniors. Visit: – icarehomehealth

7 Steps to Staying Healthy During FLU Season.

Get best 7 steps to stay healthy during this flu season naturally and keep your immune system strong. Take care with Icare. Icare offers quality Home Health Care in Mississauga and Dementia Care in Mississauga. Visit: – icarehomehealth

World Heart Day: Take Care of Your Heart Every Day.

Want to live a life that is free from heart disease and want for our seniors too? Know about the healthy habits which you must follow to avoid any cardiac disorder. Visit: – icarehomehealth

Take Care of Your Body. Celebrate Health Day.

Is Your Diet Causing You Pain?

Perfect Diet Chart for Elderly People Dealing with Diabetes.

Keep your elders protected from diabetes by the perfect diet chart provided by Icare. Icare live in caregiver program offers a caregiver for your seniors who help in their activities that they can’t do it alone. Call (905) 491-6941 or visit: – icarehomehealth


Are you also comes in the 6% club in terms of health. Know the signs & solutions by our premier homecare services that cares you and your loved ones. For health care agencies in Mississauga, Call (905) 491-6941 or visit: – icarehomehealth

8 ESSENTIALS OF SELF CARE. Art Therapy Puts Life Back into the Aging.

Care your older ones in their difficult time like Alzheimer’s and dementia with our art therapy. We provide the dementia care and alzheimer care in Burlington & Oakville region. Icare is known for its passion to provide the home care in oakville. For detail visit: – icarehomehealth

Looking for the warning signs that your parents need help! Great ways to stay active while aging into retirement! Food Allergies Can Be Making Us Sick. Senior Caregiver Services in Burlington. Benefit with our outstanding Elderly Care Services. Home Care Services in Oakville. 9 Ways to Be Kind to Your Kidneys. Your Right to Access your Personal Health Information (Medical Records)

Have you ever been suffered from changing hospital or treatment & having no personal records of your last diagnosis? Icare is premier home care provides home health care in Mississauga & care at home services. If you find problem in access your records, we can help you. Feel free to call at (905) 491-6941 or visit: – icarehomehealth

Loneliness among seniors.

Now a days, everyone is busy in their lifestyle so couldn’t do elderly care of seniors. Do you know? Elderly loneliness has a very bad impact on their health. Our small steps can make their life longer & healthier .Find the premier home care services provide senior home care in Burlington & nearby regions. For details feel free to call at (905) 491-6941 or visit: – icarehomehealth

Wearable Technology for seniors.

Now monitoring your senior’s health became easy just by tracking their activities with the help of Wearable Technology for seniors. ICare home health care provides premier care in bathing prices & also delivers long term care in senior care services. For details feel free to call at (905) 491-6941 or visit: – icarehomehealth

Advance Care Planning.

Do you think if an illness or accident left you unable to make your own decisions, who would make those decisions for you? It’s time to start Advance care planning for your future health and personal care. iCare Home Health is one of the well known Mississauga health care agencies provide assistance in answering questions about the process. For details Feel free to call at (905) 491-6941 or visit: – icarehomehealth

Preventing Senior Falls.

Keep your loved ones protected by Preventing seniors’ falls .It is the leading cause of injury for seniors usually in the age of 65 and older. For personal assistance, an iCare Home health is a reliable senior care services provides home care assistance or live in caregiver program in Ontario. For more details call at (905) 491-6941 or visit: – icarehomehealth

Avoiding Elderly Depression: How a Senior Care Provider Can Help.

Find the symptoms of elderly depression in your loved ones. Icare home health care provides Elder home health care facilities in Ontario. For details call at (905) 491-6941 or visit: – icarehomehealth

Art as Therapy – The latest in restoring memories such as music, art and photography.

Alzheimer’s is a condition that affects our memory and can be a cause of death if not noticed at the right time. Icare home health care is a Psw agency in Mississauga provides Alzheimer & Dementia care in Oakville. Call us today at (905) 491-6941 or visit: – icarehomehealth