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1971 : L'invention des objets inutiles. Wintergatan - Marble Machine (music instrument using 2000 marbles) Sans titre. Science & Vie : Quelle était la volonté à l'origine de ces machines ?

sans titre

François Delarozière : Ce qui m'intéresse, c'est la notion de mouvement. Quelque chose qui bouge devient vivant et génère des émotions. Ma volonté n'est pas de concevoir une machine ressemblant à la nature, je m'inspire de celle-ci pour créer une architecture vivante. Aujourd'hui, on miniaturise énormément, on cache systématiquement la machinerie des nouvelles technologies. Résultat, on se retrouve avec des objets dont on ne connaît rien du fonctionnement.

Avec les machines, on laisse la mécanique bien en vue, on les projette dans des espaces où elles sont visibles à 360°. "Quelque chose qui bouge devient vivant, génère des émotions - FRANÇOIS DELAROZIÈRE, Directeur artistique de la compagnie La Machine" S&V : Ces machines sont un mélange d'anciennes et de nouvelles technologies… F. Pierre Leraillé.

Lucas Ritting - So you've been in quarantine for 3 months?... Impressionnantes machines ! - La Petite Rebelle. C est incroyable !!! - La Petite Rebelle. Francetv slash - Blair fabrique des jouets merveilleux.... Listen to this aquatic band play a... - In The Know Creative. BLAIR “The child within us” Easy way to streamline dinnertime. - Joseph's Machines. The Most Satisfying Video In The World - Most Oddly Satisfying Video Compilation 2017. The blue marble. Useless Box - Get one of this creative box for you or as a... This is the most confusing clock I've... - The Science Knowledge. L'OBJET QUI RALENTIT LE TEMPS ! (slow mo frame) Instagram. Log into Facebook. Japanpedia - Japanpedia Video : Japanese Pythagoras Switch... Voice of Nature - This is crazy. What do you think? Science Alert - Magnets are the key to our future. Free...

Cut In Half. Amazing Chain Reactions! Magnets and Marbles ! Boston Dynamics CEO Marc Raibert demos the Spot at Disrupt. The audience at Disrupt got a surprise visit from Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot.

Boston Dynamics CEO Marc Raibert demos the Spot at Disrupt

While the company’s YouTube channel is quite popular, it’s even more impressive to see one of Boston Robotics’ robots in action. Boston Dynamics founder and CEO Marc Raibert got interviewed by TechCrunch’s Brian Heater. The two of them spent some time commenting on a video of the company’s various robots over the years, from the BigDog to the anthropomorphic Petman. The Spot in particular is optimized for home delivery. It looks like a dog, and it can climb stairs, open doors and more. “We also want to make our robots friendly,” Raibert said. “On our YouTube channel, there’s 20 to 1 likes to dislikes. The SpotMini’s big brother, the original Spot, walked around the Disrupt stage, stretched its legs, walked sideways, turned around and more.

When asked about the rumors that Google is looking for an acquirer to sell Boston Dynamics, Raibert didn’t really comment. Beautiful World - Journal. Sisyphus – The Kinetic Art Table by Bruce Shapiro. Risks and challenges My experience building and installing large permanent Sisyphus istallations in museums around the world has taught me much about deadlines, budgets, working with others and above all, Murphy's law.

Sisyphus – The Kinetic Art Table by Bruce Shapiro

The main risks are in underestimating costs and time to deliver a large number of high-quality pieces. The major factor here is quantity, which is hard to predict. We are trying to produce everything, except the electronics, in America. Our pricing reflects this, as we feel this is the best way to ensure our work is of the highest quality and on schedule. Newsly - Journal. INSIDER design - Journal. Bored Panda - Journal. Koka's Beat Machine No. 2. Fubiz. Music Crowns - Journal. Joseph's Machines - Journal. Security Check Required. Piège à souris. Player_simple. Content Not Found. Art & Food - To Kill a Mocking Shrimp = . . 360web. Content Not Found. Robots are getting good... Comments. Check out this awesome kinetic... - Hashem Al-Ghaili. Une oeuvre incroyable. Croatia’s 230-Foot Sea-Organ Uses The Sea To Make Hauntingly Beautiful Music You Have To Hear. If you ever travel to Croatia you don't want to miss the opportunity to listen to the 230-foot organ strategically placed so that it uses the sea to create a hauntingly beautiful melody unlike anything you've ever heard before.

Croatia’s 230-Foot Sea-Organ Uses The Sea To Make Hauntingly Beautiful Music You Have To Hear

The random yet somehow perfectly harmonized sounds are caused by the wind and water energy of the Adriatic Sea. Local architect Nikola Basic installed the stunning organ back in 2005. Known as a sea-organ or "morske orgulje" in Croatian, it is designed to look like a series of steps with perfectly placed holes for the water to enter and then channel into echoing chambers. As the water and wind exit the holes a mesmerizing sound is provoked, which sings through the highest steps. In other words, the organ is literally played by Mother Nature 24-hours a day. Linssimato The addition of the organ has changed the Zadar area into a popular spot for locals and tourists to have lunch, watch the sunset, and just take a break from the day. Listen to the sounds for yourself: Fauteuil réglable. Sculpteur de lego. Buste de Kafka. Adam Bernau Except it stares at shopping mall, not city hall... 62 · Tuesday at 10:32 Britt Balen Everybody should visit Prague it's a most beautiful City. 54 · Wednesday at 06:36 Eric Alcalai França.

Buste de Kafka

Sailing More - The paddle boats foils ! Comments. ARTS in Paris - BY GEOMETRY GLOBAL. Fubiz. Végétik. Oka Nikoladze - Koka's Beat Machine No. 2.