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Unicorn Fibre Rinse Review and Giveaway. I don’t block everything I crochet or knit – but I do block a lot.

Unicorn Fibre Rinse Review and Giveaway

And when I do, I always use Unicorn Fibre Rinse! Take a look at this fantastic yarn conditioner and enter to win a 16oz bottle of your own on Moogly! Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Unicorn Clean and includes affiliate links; all opinions are my own. What is a Fibre Rinse? Why Use a Fibre Rinse? Unicorn Fibre Rinse is a scented conditioner for your yarn projects (and it’s great for your purchased knits too). Using a fiber rinse enhances the softness of synthetics and reduces the “itch factor” in wools. And this is one I love especially right now – it makes natural fibers anti-static. Another big factor for me is smell. Bonus features – it’s non-yellowing, keeping your knits looking good as new.

Finally, it’s earth-friendly and biodegradable, free from dyes, phosphates, fillers, or irritants. How I Use Unicorn Fibre Rinse Either way, I always always always use Unicorn Fibre Rinse. Where to Buy Unicorn Fibre Rinse. Beginner Friendly Crochet, 12 Free Patterns! Happy National Crochet Month, also known as NatCroMo!

Beginner Friendly Crochet, 12 Free Patterns!

Looking to start crocheting? Want to brush up or refresh? Or are you looking for a simple, beautiful, satisfying project? Crochet Bookmarks! 5 Beautiful + Free Patterns. Crochet bookmarks are a lovely way to add a handmade touch to your favorite book or current read!

Crochet Bookmarks! 5 Beautiful + Free Patterns

They are also a very portable project and a fun way to experiment with new stitches on a smaller scale. A crochet bookmark also makes a thoughtful addition to a gifted book as well. Here are 5 beautiful crochet bookmarks, each one quick and easy to make! White Mason Jar Cover - Free Crochet Pattern– Maggie's Crochet. Click the banners below for more of our most popular patterns, available via mail or download!

White Mason Jar Cover - Free Crochet Pattern– Maggie's Crochet

White Mason Jar Cover Easy Skill Size: To fit standard pint-size Mason or Ball jar. Bernie's Mittens Crochet Doll Pattern PDF Instant Download. Tobey Time Crochet. 107 Free Stash-Buster Crochet Patterns - Use Leftover Yarn! - Make In An Evening Projects! 20 Free Crochet Patterns. Got an evening?

Make In An Evening Projects! 20 Free Crochet Patterns

Need a quick gift project? You've come to the right place! 50+ Free One Skein Crochet Stashbuster Patterns - Moogly. If you can’t get to the craft store, and your yarn order from Yarnspirations hasn’t arrived yet, you’ll need to craft from your stash!

50+ Free One Skein Crochet Stashbuster Patterns - Moogly

So I’ve put together a list of free crochet patterns that take just one skein of yarn – or less! For your convenience, I’ve broken these free crochet patterns into groups by recommended yarn weight. But don’t fret if you don’t have that weight – check out this chart for how to double yarns! And of course, sometimes weight doesn’t really matter! Soft Sunshine Chair Pad Tutorial - Right and Left-Handed on Moogly. The Soft Sunshine Chair Pad Tutorial demonstrates how to crochet this colorful and squishy seat cushion pattern – in both right and left-handed videos!

Soft Sunshine Chair Pad Tutorial - Right and Left-Handed on Moogly

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links; materials provided by Yarnspirations. Boho Crochet Plant Hanger - Free Crochet Pattern - The Purple Poncho. The Boho Crochet Plant Hanger is a small, recycle project with a lot of impact.

Boho Crochet Plant Hanger - Free Crochet Pattern - The Purple Poncho

This plant holder cozy contains basic stitches and uses a small amount of thread. The results are stunning and make a nice gift for yourself or someone special. This post contains affiliate links. This is one of those fun recycle projects to repurpose those small plastic bowls that you get with frozen yogurt, or acai bowls. Cutest Fat Cat Crochet Stuffie - and More! - Moogly. The Bernat Fat Cat Crochet Stuffie is one of the cutest crochet patterns I’ve seen on Yarnspirations!

Cutest Fat Cat Crochet Stuffie - and More! - Moogly

It’s a free downloadable crochet pattern – and I’ve added a couple other cuties for you too! So Crazy Cute! Seriously, how adorable is this puffy guy! The Bernat Fat Cat Crochet Stuffie is round and cuddly, and made with Bernat Baby Velvet and Bernat Crushed Velvet! Inspired by grumpy cat and kawaii toy trends, kids of every age will love this round guy! Quick Crochet Ear Savers - Free Pattern on Moogly. It’s an unusual time – with new opportunities to help others!

Quick Crochet Ear Savers - Free Pattern on Moogly

One of the things I have done is make Quick Crochet Ear Savers for friends who have to wear masks all day, to make it as comfortable as possible. There are lots of patterns for these out there – they are quite simple! – but I thought I’d share how I did it, to help as many as possible. Disclaimer: Materials provided by Yarnspirations and Clover USA; this post includes affiliate links. Free Ear Saver Crochet Pattern - Ambassador Crochet. I have so much respect for the front line workers as well as all essential workers. So a couple weeks ago friends started sending requests for ear saver. At the time all they had was a picture of what they wanted.

I didn’t know what they were called so I set out to make some. Well, life gets in the way and I’m sure by now there are tons of patterns out there for them. But I decided to share this one anyway. *This post contains affiliate links, which means that I may receive a small commission (at no cost to you) if you subscribe or purchase something through the links provided.

Finished Size: 3.25, 4.25, & 5.25” long x 1″ wide. How to Make T-Shirt Yarn. Pop quiz: old T-shirts are perfect for... A. Wearing to bed B. Turning into rags C. Making yarn The answer is all of the above, but today let's focus on the yarn. Easy Crochet Buttons, Free Crochet Pattern + Video. Yarn Wall Hanging. This project is part of the Yarn Stash Challenge.For more great ideas, or to join the fun, visit the Yarn Stash Challenge blog post! I’ve been wanting to make a yarn wall hanging for forever! Yarn wall hangings are a great way to add a pop of color and rustic charm to a room. And they are so, so easy. So when I was looking for something fun to do with yarn from my stash, a wall hanging was the first thing I thought of. I found the process of making one to be calming and very therapeutic… which is exactly what I need right now. Grab some simple doilies for this beautiful decor idea! The "SWoofer" ©

This pattern came out of necessity to cover the three (Yes, 3!) Empty swiffer type mops I have. It is named the "SWoofer" because I have two dogs that shed big time! Any type of "kitchen cotton" will do. For this project I used Peaches N' Cream in white and an "H" hook.Finished size: This one pictured here is 4 1/2 inches x 10 inches. Measure your mop head to ensure a tight fit.SWoofer Cover Ch 17. Row 1: Sc in second stitch from hook. Cozy Couch and Bedside Organizer Caddy - Moogly.

The Cozy Couch and Bedside Organizer Caddy is perfect for your favorite chair, sofa, or right in the bedroom – and ready to hold everything you like to keep close at hand, safe and organized! And it’s a free pattern on Moogly featuring Red Heart With Love! Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links; materials provided by Red Heart and Brittany Hooks. Free Pattern: Planting Seeds Flower Pot Cozy and Card. This year our family had 6 teachers we wanted to thank – all of whom have helped our children in profound and wonderful ways. And, like most families, we’re on a budget. Pretty Lace Crochet Bookmark Pattern. DIY Yarn Cozy - A Clever Yarn Hack. Crochet Bangle Bracelet O Key Ring - Free Pattern. I’m just going to be bold here and say that busy moms (or dad who want to rock a bangle) NEED a bangle bracelet keyring.

I designed this crochet pattern about a month ago and - though I know its really simple - it is a total game changer for me while I am juggling my 4 year old, my 1 year old a diaper bag and everything else I need to remember whenever we leave the house. I always feel like I am forgetting something and I am admittedly pretty scatterbrained. I have locked my keys in my car several times throughout my driving-life and now as a mom that thought has always terrified me! My bottomless diaper bag was never a good place for my keys because I was always digging for them and spending way too much time finding my keys just to make sure they were there. Sometimes I wear jeans and pockets worked alright, but let’s be real. Reusable Crochet Scrubbies. [ Close Privacy Policy ] Privacy Policy / Your California Privacy Rights Revised and posted as of October 28, 2016 Prime Publishing, LLC ("Company," "we" or "us") reserves the right to revise this Privacy Policy at any time simply by posting such revision, so we encourage you to review it periodically.

Sophie Pincushion. It’s always nice to have a scrap yarn pattern that is not only pretty but useful as well. With its vibrant colours and versatile nature, this Sophie pincushion ticks both boxes. Attach it to your wrist or use it as a scissor keep. Photo Credit: Lucy Williams. Strapless Fashion Doll Dress ~ FREE Crochet Pattern. How to Fix a Hole in a Sweater with Thread – Black Spruce Hound. I have a feeling fixing a hole in a sweater is one of those universal things that everyone knows how to do. Except me. I cut up a sweater for rags a year ago because it was holey, and I didn’t know how to fix it. And I really liked that sweater. I also really wanted to title this post ‘How to Fix a Hole in a Sweater with Thread, Matchsticks, and a Q-Tip’ so I’d sound more like MacGuyver, but I restrained myself. ONE PIECE AMIGURUMI BODY (NO BG MUSIC) Floret face pads scrubbies english us. How to Fix Your Yarn Ball Winder - No More Crooked Yarn Cakes.

Mikey Magazine: Oct 22, 2015 by The Crochet Crowd. 10 Crochet Edging Ideas to Make Your Projects Pop - Stitch11. Wrapped in Lace Bridal Garter, Easy Crochet Pattern for Weddings - Kirsten Holloway Designs. Easy Mop Cover Free Crochet Pattern. You definitely don’t want to miss this pattern. This is a very useful mop cover and easy to make. Its strong texture, needed for washing and scrubbing, was designed using the crunch stitch. If you are not familiar with this stitch, you can see the video tutorial below. The crunch stitch gives this mop cover not only a re-usable texture, but also an elegant look, so you can also use this pattern as Christmas gift idea.

Crochet Spot » Blog Archive » Free Crochet Pattern: Air Plant Hanger - Crochet Patterns, Tutorials and News. Have you heard of air plants? I discovered them several months ago and fell in love. These adorable little desert plants don’t have roots, so they don’t need dirt. The Best Crochet Facial Scrubbies for Craft Fairs: Video Tutorial & PDF. Hyperbolic Surface - Free Crochet Pattern – Maggie's Crochet. Dreamz wooden crochet hooks are Maggie's favorite for nearly any project!

Click the banners below for more of our most popular patterns, available via mail or download! Hanging Teardrop Basket Crochet Pattern. 20 Easy and Adorable Crochet Toys That'll Melt Your Heart - Dabbles & Babbles. Crochet Along Fidget/Sensory Blanket for Alzheimer's. Shop Bluprint. How to unwind a hank of yarn into a ball or cake - tutorial by Wilmade. Most hand dyed yarns come in beautiful hanks. A hank is the type of yarn that comes twisted in a yarn pretzel shape.

Before you can work with a hank, you’ll need to unwind it first. This process is quite simple once you know what you need to do. Free Crochet Patterns. Customer Login. 9 Tips for Crochet Tension Solutions. 28+ T-Shirt Yarn Crochet Projects. Quick and Thick Duster Cover - Free Crochet Pattern. Quick and Thick Sweeper Cover - Free Crochet Pattern. Stunning Doily Dream Catcher. 10 Free Crochet Patterns for Dragons.

Snow Drifts Pixie Hood Free Crochet Pattern. Free Pattern - Ice Scraper Mitt - Stitches n Scraps. Easy Crochet Mop Cover - A Free Pattern and Tutorial. 15 Free Crochet Patterns Using Red Heart Super Saver Ombre - The Stitchin Mommy. 8 Free Red Heart Super Saver Ombre Yarn Patterns - Marly Bird™ Thepurpleponcho. Save More at Michaels With These 5 Tips! "Ghostly Lights" Necklace - A Crocheted Simplicity. Kindle Cover pattern by Mon Petit Violon. Free Pattern: Auto Caddy Bags ~ Snappy Tots. 15 Easy Crochet Edging Ideas. Free Pattern Outdoor Sit Mat – Fiat Fiber Arts.

Choosing the right crochet hook – Crochet Project. LillaBjörn's Crochet World. Ilikecrochet. Crafty Carrying Case - Get Organized with this Free Crochet Pattern on Moogly! Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space with Crochet! Link Blast: 10 Free Crochet Patterns Featuring All Purple. SarahBeth'sCrochet par SarahBethsBoutique. Houseplant Clippings Plant Hanger Crochet Pattern. CrochetKim™ – Current Free Pattern Total: 289 Patterns. Free Crochet Pattern: Big Bold Chevron Curtain. CGOA Now!: 16 (Mostly Free) Crochet Patterns in Spring Green.

Mason Jar Cover – Yarn + Chai. Elephants on #Crochet: Free Crochet Elephant Bookends Pattern! Easy Face Scrubbies - Free Pattern - The Stitchin Mommy. Reusable Crochet Face Scrubbies - Dabbles & Babbles. 10 FREE Lacy Crochet Square Patterns. Seven Days of Scarfie 2017 Announcement. Tryst - Stitches n Scraps. Spearmint Hand & Face Towels - I Like Crochet. Crochet Pattern Download Links. 20 Irish Crochet Patterns. Pampering Massage Soap Saver. Love Wiggles Trivet. Crochet Organizer Caddy from Red Heart. Wide Mouth Canning Jar Cozy (Two Versions) Crochet Cozy for Jars or Cans. Free Pattern: Cotton Face Scrubbies. For All Knitters - Here Is The Best Yarn Video You'll Ever Watch. How to Soften Economical or Scratchy Yarn. How To Save More Money on Craft Supplies (even AFTER coupons!) — Left in Knots. Project Linus-Home. 12 Easy Crochet Patterns. Sophie's Universe in Scheepjes Whirl – Look At What I Made.

Pretty Lace Crochet Bookmark Pattern. The Best Crochet Walker Organizer. Crafty Hanging Can Cozy. Free Crochet Pattern: Pampering Picots Bath Mitt.