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Histoire de la pop.

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Que le punk français repose en paix… De toutes les formes musicales enfantées par la révolution du rock depuis les années 1950, le punk en fut sûrement la plus inattendue et la plus radicale.

Que le punk français repose en paix…

Elle fut aussi au départ celle qui entretint les relations les plus évidentes et directes avec le champ politique. Mais que reste-t-il aujourd’hui de cet héritage et n’a-t-on pas légèrement tendance à idéaliser le passé Droit d’inventaire avec l’exemple français du rock alternatif. L'implantation du punk en France est à l’image de son histoire générale. Elle se réalisa par vagues successives et par sédimentation de générations spontanées, parfois incompatibles. En France, et même si Paris n’est pas Londres comme le chantait Wunderbach, les premières formations commencent à apparaître à la fin des années 1970, essayant de réveiller un rock bleu-blanc-rouge asphyxié sous une variété omniprésente sur les ondes.

Rock alternatif français Les Bérus première version détonnent artistiquement dans le panorama du punk hexagonal. King Martov. Manchester's Factory arts building gets go-ahead. Manchester’s proposed £110m arts centre, the Factory, has moved a step closer to being built after city councillors gave planning permission for the Rem Koolhaas-designed building.

Manchester's Factory arts building gets go-ahead

The Factory will be erected on the site of the former Granada Studios and is seen by the city council as a game changer, one which the authority’s leader, Sir Richard Leese, has said would “make Manchester and the wider region a genuine cultural counterbalance to London”. It is a central part of the northern powerhouse project, championed by the former chancellor George Osborne, who pledged £78m of government money in 2014, a sum which was confirmed this week following a Treasury review of the full business case.

The enormous and striking glass cube construction will be the first major public building in the UK by Dutch architect Koolhaas and his Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) practice. After the vote, Leese said Factory was what Manchester and the wider arts world had been waiting for. The Legacy of Altamont. But Altamont had bad vibes from the beginning.

The Legacy of Altamont

Four people died at the concert, and Selvin’s detailed account of the day’s events actually makes you wonder why more people didn’t. LSD laced with speed began working its way through the crowd hours before the first act took the stage, sending so many people on bad trips that the minimal medical personnel, too overwhelmed to offer talk therapy to patients, started administering Thorazine as an emergency stopgap—until they (quickly) ran out.

Bad trips were only the beginning. Industrie musicale : en dix ans, les revenus ont baissé, mais la part du numérique a explosé. Le « streaming », l’écoute en ligne, est le mode de consommation qui porte aujourd’hui l’industrie musicale.

Industrie musicale : en dix ans, les revenus ont baissé, mais la part du numérique a explosé

Le nombre d’abonnés payants à ce type de service dans le monde est passé de 8 millions en 2010 à 68 millions en 2015. LE MONDE | • Mis à jour le | Par Les Décodeurs Après une décennie de baisse du chiffre d’affaires, l’industrie musicale se stabilise désormais à l’échelle mondiale autour de 15 milliards de dollars (environ 14,3 milliards d’euros, indique l’IFPI (International Federation of Phonographic Industry). Selon cette fédération, qui regroupe 1 300 labels (majors et indépendants), les revenus issus du numérique sont passés devant ceux de la musique « physique » en 2015, et au sein des 6,1 milliards de dollars issus de la consommation numérique, 43 % proviennent du « streaming », l’écoute en ligne gratuite ou payante, sans téléchargement. Lire aussi : L’industrie musicale renaît avec le streaming. ‘It was described as a riot’: the Clash at the Rainbow, London, 1977. It was a few weeks after the Clash’s debut album had been released.

‘It was described as a riot’: the Clash at the Rainbow, London, 1977

I was 17, and it was the biggest gig on the punk scene at the time. Those were turbulent times, dominated by unemployment and discontent. The Doors: London Fog 1966 review – embryonic sound of stars in the making. Many of the countless Doors live albums are far from essential, but this one feels genuinely important.

The Doors: London Fog 1966 review – embryonic sound of stars in the making

The recently discovered 1966 audience recording from a gig at the Los Angeles club London Fog captures the band in their lesser-known embryonic period. Their sound is already in place and Jim Morrison is on the verge of becoming the Lizard King, using the near-empty Sunset Strip venue to develop the necessary stagecraft to get his mojo rising. EMI may drop the Sex Pistols – archive, 1976.

EMI, the world’s largest recording company is considering dismissing Sex Pistols, the punk rock group, despite the legal consequences, by breaking a £40,000 two-year contract.

EMI may drop the Sex Pistols – archive, 1976

Sir John Read, EMI’s chairman, told shareholders yesterday that the directors were carefully considering both the contract and plans to release subsequent Sex Pistols’ albums. The group, whose use last week of four-letter words on Today the Thames Television show, led to the suspension of Mr Bill Grundy the interviewer, has had 13 British concerts cancelled by universities, theatres and town halls. But Mr Malcolm McLaren, Sex Pistols’ manager, said yesterday he was booking new British dates, and arranging meetings with American record promoters about a coast-to-coast tour of the US.

On Monday night, half the student audience at a Leeds concert walked out on the band. Filth and fury: Buzzcocks, Sex Pistols, the Clash and fans – in pictures. Leonard Cohen: world mourns legendary singer-songwriter – latest tributes and reaction. So long, Marianne: Leonard Cohen writes to muse just before her death. Leonard Cohen penned a poignant final letter to his dying muse Marianne Ihlen, a longtime friend of hers revealed on Canadian radio.

So long, Marianne: Leonard Cohen writes to muse just before her death

Ihlen, whom Cohen wrote about in So Long, Marianne and Bird on a Wire, died in Norway on 29 July, aged 81. Cohen met her on the Greek island Hydra in the 1960s and they became lovers. Playlists: 10 chefs-d'œuvre et 10 trésors cachés de Leonard Cohen. Leonard Cohen Has Died at Eighty-Two. Leonard Cohen, who died this week, was one of our greatest songwriters—Bob Dylan told Cohen that he considered him his nearest rival—and is a figure of almost cult-like devotion among fans.

Leonard Cohen Has Died at Eighty-Two

He began as a poet in the vein of Allen Ginsberg and Frank O’Hara before releasing his first album, in 1967. Suffering from terrible anxiety, not much tamed by alcohol and drugs, he conquered his fear of performing onstage after decades of Zen practice. David Remnick sat down with Cohen this summer at his home in Los Angeles to discuss his career, spiritual influences, triumphant final tours, and preparing for his end. “I am ready to die,” Cohen said. He was already suffering from a number of health problems. Leonard Cohen's life and career – in pictures. Leonard Cohen – he knew things about life, and if you listened you could learn. Leonard Cohen dead at 82: world mourns legendary singer-songwriter – latest. I was just on NPR radio, giving the most moronic answers to questions I’ve ever given anyone about Leonard Cohen, because I didn’t want to talk.

Leonard Cohen dead at 82: world mourns legendary singer-songwriter – latest

It’s still sinking in. My brain is numb. In this year of losses, so many losses, in this black week for the world, this tops them all.I’m writing this with constant interruptions, calls and texts from radio and newspapers wanting to know this and that. Everyone wants details, how and where and why he died. Well, he went out in a blaze of glory. Glam: innovative predecessor of punk in a pop disguise?

Glam is perhaps the most derided and disparaged form of rock music. Even calling it rock feels strange; it’s pure pop – sexy, sugar-coated and aimed at a mass-market. Most pop of all is glam’s complete disregard for the kind of authenticity that defines so much of rock’s history, from Elvis, rock’s first true star, to Kurt Cobain, its last. Night tube: top 10 London clubs – chosen by the experts. Village Underground, Shoreditch “The tube carriages on the roof; the ever-changing mural on the wall outside; the exposed brickwork and giant skylights; that green room.

There are several features that make Village Underground one of the capital’s most distinctive spaces. Vinyl destination: who is actually buying records? Lonely, middle-aged men love vinyl. Before you rush to litter the comments section with gnarly insults under the pseudonym NotAllLonelyMiddleAgedMen, this statement derives from actual data.

According to YouGov, the much talked-about record resurgence is driven not by a boom in millennials who want to embrace the novelty of a physical item, but by midlife nostalgia. 1990 : Quand Public Enemy faisait trembler la France. CRS 57. Disquaire Day 2016 : Light in the Attic, le grenier aux trésors. Depuis 2002, Matt Sullivan et son complice Josh Wright redonnent une seconde vie à des disques ou à des artistes injustement négligés. Que le punk français repose en paix… Pop, rock, rap, whatever: who killed the music genre? Pitchfork, widely viewed as the world’s leading alternative music website, relaunched this week. Along with a rather pleasant new look, it announced “a significant new feature”, the ability to view the site according to genre.

At first glance this might suggest that genre boundaries – like pop v rock – are as robust as ever. But it could mean the opposite. Reggae, riots and record shops – a brief history of Bristol's music scene. BBC Radio 6 Music decamps to Bristol this weekend for its third 6 Music festival. Seattle declares February 7th as “International Clash Day” in honor of legendary punk band. The city of Seattle, Washington has declared February 7th, 2016 as “International Clash Day” in honor of the legendary punk band.

An official proclamation written by Mayor Edward B. Murray recognizes The Clash for “establishing their unique sound combining punk with reggae, dub, funk, and ska, behind socially conscious lyrics.” The proclomation also notes the band’s 1982 performance in Seattle during which they “[outshone] headliners The Who, and [inspired] a young audience member, Jeff Ament, to grow up and become the bassist for Pearl Jam.” (Read: The Clash’s Top 20 Songs) Beginning 6:00 a.m. I feel better at 60 than when I was young. Today I turn 60. My eldest of four daughters, Jean, is 22. The generation gap seems vast. But how separated are we really?

I got a clue when I stumbled on a diary from 1978 when I was the same age as she is now. The first thing I noticed on reading it was how angry I was. « Honnie soit la oi ! » Histoire d’une forme musicale de protestation sociale – Fragments sur les Temps Présents. How we made Waterloo Sunset. Ray Davies, singer, songwriter Waterloo is a part of London that has always had a lot of significance for me. David Bowie: the man who read the world. Bowie in Berlin: 'He drove round the car park at 70mph screaming that he wanted to end it all' It’s Christmas Day in Berlin in 1977. London Music MapHome - London Music Map. Chuck D: 'We battled the mainstream we fought every goddamn minute' Madness at the Electric Ballroom - review: archive, 19 November 1979. 1966: the year youth culture exploded. ‘The history of punk was always HIS story’: the women rewriting rock. Music-making and the myth of the tortured genius.

Elvis Costello and the curse of Top of the Pops. Can art change the world? The work of street artist JR – in pictures. JR: ‘I realised I was giving people a voice’ Les clubs mythiques (1/7): l'Haçienda, house et ecsta. Guy Debord, inspirateur du punk. Les Inrocks - Playlist : 20 morceaux historiques du gangsta rap. How John Peel created our musical world. Madchester, grunge chic and Kate Moss: how the 90s shaped our world. Rock Against Racism: the Syd Shelton images that define an era. [YNTHT] Morceau Classique : dix choses à savoir sur "My Generation" de The Who (1965)

Readers recommend: songs about dogs. To the end: Blur’s Parklife and me. The life and times of Joan Baez: songwriter, musician and activist – in pictures. New Order: 'We want music without any of the peripheral rubbish' – a classic interview from the vaults. Lloyd Cole: ‘Quite a number of fans have been completely bemused’ Hunter S Thompson, High Times and how to survive the hangover from hell. Anton Corbijn : “Photographier des chanteurs, cela n’a plus aucun intérêt aujourd’hui” The Lemonheads: 10 of the best.

Blur-Oasis, la « guerre des charts » fête ses 20 ans. This Is England ’90: it’s bye-bye Thatcher, hello acid house. Is it OK to release ‘new’ music after an artist’s death? Vingt ans après, comptons les points entre Oasis et Blur. Britpop: a cultural abomination that set music back. 3D and the Art of Massive Attack – in pictures. That’s me in the picture: Bobbi Ercoline, 20, at Woodstock, 17 August 1969. John Peel gets Teenage Kicks epitaph. Jon Dennis analyses John Peel's top 20 albums. John Peel's record collection: the first look. John Peel's Festive 50 signals a changing world. As the NME nears its 60th birthday, has its influence in music world waned? NME: 60 years of rock history ... and four front covers that define their eras.

Britpop: a cultural abomination that set music back.