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Jeux d'histoire et autres

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La Seconde Guerre mondiale, la Guerre du Millénaire. Squad Leader Academy. Scenarios — Desperation Morale. Windy City Wargamers Color Scenario Pack One of the best scenario packs ever created was the color scenario pack created by the Windy City Wargamers for their 1996 ASL Open tournament.

Scenarios — Desperation Morale

Thanks to the generosity and kindness of publisher Louie Tokarz, the WCW pack is now for the first time available for free download from this site. This is a must-have item, containing 10 exciting and well-balanced scenarios. Be patient; this is a long download. Download 1988 Michicon ASL Tournament Scenarios ALL 4 Michicon scenarios in one PDF file Download ASLer Jeff Jarrell thought that the layout of the above scenarios was a little crude, so he created another version of them (need to extract 7z file): Download Tactiques Scenarios (English Translations) Tactiques was a French ASL magazine published from 1991-1995.

European Village Pack #2. » Trafalgar. Tank Encyclopedia, the first online tank museum. 51st and 52nd Panzer Battalions – Weapons and Warfare. Panthers were supplied to form Panzer Abteilung 51 (Tank Battalion 51) on 9 January, and then Pz.Abt. 52 on 6 February 1943.

51st and 52nd Panzer Battalions – Weapons and Warfare

The first production Panther tanks were plagued with mechanical problems. The engine was dangerously prone to overheating and suffered from connecting rod or bearing failures. Gasoline leaks from the fuel pump or carburetor, as well as motor oil leaks from gaskets easily produced fires in the engine compartment; several were destroyed in such fires. Transmission and final drive breakdowns were the most common and difficult to repair. World War II. Imagine Image Multimedia – Cool Stuff and Hex Command Rules for Miniature War Games. Exemple de partie pour débuter avec Le Réveil de l’Ours. En complément du dossier sur la série Conflict of Heroes, nous allons étudier une partie réalisée sur le scénario d’introduction avec mon fils de 12 ans, qui a une certaine expérience de M’44 et autres « wargames light ».

Exemple de partie pour débuter avec Le Réveil de l’Ours

Je lui laisse le joueur soviétique en défense pour découvrir le système même si rien ne le l’oblige à rester inactif. Nous avons opté d’emblée pour jouer avec les cartes et les règles optionnelles de déplacement discret et de points d’action variables du scénario. Le placement initial (1). Contrepartie des qualités du matériel, il faut une grande table pour certains scénarios… Les conditions sont les suivantes. Gettysburg Soldiers. Page perso laurent martin. Lire.youboox. Home - Commands & Colors Game System. Wargame Vault - The largest wargame download store.

Mordheim - La Taverne de Vallenor: Mordheim - Télèchargements - Bande, Scénarios et autres documents. List of Polish nobility coats of arms images. Polish heraldry is closely related to the Polish nobility, the szlachta, which has its origins in Middle Ages warriors clans that provided military support to the King, Dukes or overlords.

List of Polish nobility coats of arms images

Exceptions apart, all Polish families belonging to the same noble clan used/use the same coat of arms. Polish original word Herb makes reference to the clan as well to the coat of arms at the same time. Polish heraldry[edit] Some think the Polish clan does not mean consanguinity nor territoriality, as do the Scottish clan, but only membership in the same warrior group (or a brotherhood of Knights). For that reason, there are hundreds of different families in the same clan and all of them were/are entitled to use the same coat of arms. An Hour of Wolves & Shattered Shields Miniature Gaming Website. DBA Terrain in 15mm Gallery Late Rome, early medieval wooden palisade DBA 15mm camp - Posted: October 12, 2010 - Manufacturer: scratch built by NeldorethThis makes the fourth wooden palisade camp for me.

An Hour of Wolves & Shattered Shields Miniature Gaming Website

I really like these camps, so even after four of them, I still like them. DE BELLIS ANTIQUITATIS. Serious games & co. Gallery: 15 mm Mirliton Early Polish - Maciek Kwieciñski. The latest addition to the gallery features some excellent brushwork by Maciek Kwieciñski who runs the Blog Maciejus as Maciejus_exe.

Gallery: 15 mm Mirliton Early Polish - Maciek Kwieciñski

In fact the four cavalry bases won the 5th painting competition run by Contest Model Forum Strategies. The figures used are from Mirliton's Communal Italian range and are ideal for the 14th century Polish troops. The detailed work and the overall color choices are particularly impressive, especailly since this was the first time Maciek had tried using highlights. Overall a very well presented army as the following pictures demonstrate: Maciek says of these figures: The DBA Resource Page. De Bellis Antiquitatis (DBA) Resource Page | Forum | Bazaar | Bookstore | Mail List | The Fanaticus Forum's VBULLETIN Board database has crashed.

The DBA Resource Page

All the data files appear to be intact, however, the standard repair and optimization routines have not successfully restored the database function. I will have to update my support subscription and put in a help ticket with VBULLETIN, which may take a few days. During that time, the Forum will remain down. Previous Highlights. David Kuijt's DBA Page. Black Hat Miniatures. Figurines Model Soldiers Roffler Mirof Ray Lamb Poste Militaire Hinchliffe Superior Lasset Sanderson Greenwood & Ball Sovereign Chota Sahib Barton Rose Model Stadden Verlinden Sid Horton Serie 77 Pat - Figurines , Model Soldiers, Tin Soldiers, Figures, Ma.

The Perfect Captain. A system that enables you to create your own campaign game using the map, cards and counters provided, with some basic rules included to boot!

The Perfect Captain

Welcome designer, to the page that asks, "Why not make you own game"? You’re Henry II Curtmantle: Contact us The Perfect Captain Does this describe you? You have a funny epithet, your Welsh subjects are in revolt, and you have no map showing the way to their wooded stronghold, so you can clobber them and get back to that important meeting with your Justiciar (whatever that is)…. You’re Edward the Black Prince: You have a cool epithet, but you’re lost somewhere in France on your joyride…er, chevauchée, and need to find a path back to Bordeaux, were your box lunch of lampreys (blecch) is getting cold….

Peinture de Guerre: Tutoriel de peinture 6mm Adler #3. Bien.

Peinture de Guerre: Tutoriel de peinture 6mm Adler #3

Hier un général était terminé, un était en passe de l'être et 9 autres étaient en attente. Ils sont maintenant tous finis en suivant la même méthode que le premier. Seule petite variation, des généraux de brigade avec leur ceinture écharpe bleue peinte en Ice Blue Citadel. Bien attaquons-nous maintenant aux chevaux. De Bellis Antiquitatis – DBA version 3.0 » Peindre une armée DBA en 4 heures ? Aimant 20 x 20 adhésif - WavGames. Galloping Major Wargames - Home Page. There’s something about a uniform…. Waterloo-miniatures - Ce blog est dédié aux figurines plastiques 20mm 1er Empire ainsi que le wargame sur hexagones. L’infanterie britannique à Waterloo – micheldamiens. Si l’armée de Marlborough, composée de mercenaires se montra sans doute la plus solide de toutes celles engagées au cours des conflits incessants du XVIIe et du début du XVIIIe siècle, dès la fin de la guerre du Succession d’Espagne, l’infanterie anglaise entama un long déclin.

L’infanterie britannique à Waterloo – micheldamiens

Il est vrai que l’Angleterre se concentrait essentiellement sur le développement de sa flotte pour en faire le formidable instrument que l’on sait. Il semblait en effet aux gouvernements britanniques successifs que la possession des mers était la clef de tous les succès et de toute puissance. L'Histoire autrement. L’infanterie britannique à Waterloo – micheldamiens. Le blog de Thierry - Ce blog est consacré aux jeux d'histoire avec figurines (10, 15 et 28mm) et à l'histoire sous toutes ses formes. Jedisjeux : le site communautaire des jeux de société. Slitherine Ltd. Field of Glory: the Card Game takes the spirit of the Tabletop Wargame to the simpler, more accessible and fast to play world of card games and introduces players all around the world to a brand new gameplay experience. The game is split into two parts. You first decide which units you will fight with, constructing a deck of twenty-four unit cards.

GameSquad Forums. Puzzles sports gratuit. British Regiments and the Men Who Led Them 1793-1815. By Steve Brown The lives of the Generals who led the British Army in the Napoleonic Era, especially those who served in the Peninsula war, are generally well documented. But what about the field officers beneath them, the men with drawn swords at the heads of their squadrons or battalions? This series aims to shine a light on those colonels, lieutenant-colonels, majors (and occasionally even captains) who commanded the British Army’s many battalions, regiments and artillery brigades in the period 1793 to 1815. Their biographies will show the regimental system in action, officers routinely transferring between regiments for advancement or opportunity, captains who were also (brevet) colonels, many who retired early, some who stayed the distance to become Major-Generals and beyond.

Peinture et figurines

ASL. Mikofone@Studio - Figurines, Maquettes et Diorama Héroic Fantasy. Derniers Vétérans des guerres : 14-18, 1870, Commune de Paris, guerres napoléoniennes. Armed Forces: Uniforms: British Infantry: The First Regiment of Foot Guards. Légion VIII Augusta : reconstitution du monde romain. Battlefields and Warriors: Blow the bridge! In the recent Issue (no 76) of the rather excellent Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy magazine, Guy Bowers (Editor) produced an article in the 'bitesize battles' series called Blow the Bridge!

The scenario is generic, suited to several periods, though in his article, Horse & Musket forces are used, together with the Black Powder rule set (modified to use half movement).This post covers my attempts at replicating the game as outlined by Guy, but converting it to play on Kallistra hexes with my 10mm Pendraken WWII forces, using the Tigers at Minsk rules.please click on 'read more' for the rest of this post.Guy's scenario is based around a force of 3 brigades attacking a defender with 2 brigades. The attacker seeks to capture the bridge before the defenders can destroy it. A river runs the full width of the board and it has a single bridge in the centre portion. WWII alternative scenario.

Basic map below. Enhanced map below. Welcome to Baccus6mm. 'the' place for Mega Micro Mini's. Strategoï. Warlord Games. Black Powder is a game for the militarily inclined gentlemen with straight backs, bristling beards and rheumy eyes that have seen a thing or two. If tales of battle and glory in days-gone-by stir nothing in your breast, if the roar of cannon does not quicken the pulse and set fire in the belly, then this is not the rule set for you. Set during the horse & musket period of 1700-1900, Black Powder is very much a game for gentlemen gamers. Gamers who cherish the finer things in life such as wonderfully painted armies, fighting over luxurious terrain, and doing so in the company of friends. No need for the use of protractors to wheel a unit and arguments over whether a charge is 2mm out of range or not are things you’ll no longer have to worry about. Vincent Bernard est le Cliophage : Histoire, conflits, un soupçon de dérision et une pincée de sel.

Initiation technique Metal Modèles - FIgurines de Collection - Soldat de Plomb. Les amateurs de figurines se sont appropriés, pour pratiquer leur loisir, différentes sortes de peintures se trouvant à leur disposition. Mais c’est souvent les couleurs à l’huile et le prestige attaché à ce support qui les attirent. BANDUA WARGAMES - Bandua Wargames. [Histoire de jouer : Le site du jeu d'Histoire] Guerre et Plomb. Main Page - Project SYW. Jeux liés à l'Histoire et la Géographie. Chaman Contrôle. Honour. Welcome to HONOUR, the series of historical miniatures wargames from Sam Mustafa, creator of Longstreet, Maurice, Lasalle, Grande Armée, and Might and Reason. Each game in the HONOUR series addresses a period of the Horse and Musket era, presenting players with a unique set of challenges. Dragon's Prophet Europe - Inscrivez-vous Gratuitement ! LE DONJON DE NAHEULBEUK LA SERIE D'ANIMATION - Film et Vidéo, Geek.

-The screens of the adventurers and Dungeon -The booklet of the adventures of the group in text and in images (digital) Jeux de sociétés. Contenu / Tutoriels Décors & Socles / Faire de l'eau. Tric Trac. Cast. Home of Flames Of War. Welcome to the and Battlefront Miniatures website.

Last Updated On Thursday, 4 October 2012. Read The Nuts Design Notes Here... Le forum du CCFF sur la guerre de sécession ( Civil war ) : Histoire, reconstitution, films, BD, jeux, figurines ... Gripping Beast. Présentation - Naval Histofig - Le site de jeu d'histoire. Amirauté - Page d'accueil. Frog Of War - Présentation. Nicofig. [Histoire de jouer : Le site du jeu d'Histoire]