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TEDxUniHalle 2017. Maren Kießling “How High Frame Rates in film affect our viewing experience” Katarina Braune “Challenges of refugees living with a chronic disease under a humanitarian crisis” Mareike Gast “Microbes – algae, bacteria, and fungi utilized in an industrial context” Jonathan Chase “Biodiversity scientists as honest brokers or advocates?”

TEDxUniHalle 2017

Martin S. Staege “Gene expression music” Primer mercado de campesinos en Piura - Walac Noticias. Compound Probability. Das Portal für Film und Kino - Filme. Magic Links. Magic Links will test and hone your memory skills as well as your ability to ignore distractions.

Magic Links

To progress to the advanced levels, you'll have to learn to think quickly so possible solutions [links] can be tested and rejected in an efficient and flexible manner. I hereby issue a challenge to our puzzle-masters and regular visitors to finish level 8! If you can manage this feat, send me a screen shot and will put your name up here! ----------- UPDATE: Well folks, I am speechless. After not seeing anyone finish the game, Rahul and I talked about modifying the difficulty to make levels 6,7,8 easier. UPDATE 1/2013: OK, wasn't going to add more names, but lots of people are still coming by to play Magic Links, and Zeynep AKSOY from Turkey is 9 years old and has completed the game, as has Mary Rosenfeld- 71 years of age! Avoiding pitfalls when applying for a research position in a lab.

I receive a substantial number of emails from students requesting to be considered for positions in my lab.

Avoiding pitfalls when applying for a research position in a lab

Some candidates apply for positions that I have opened, whilst others take the initiative to contact me to see if I have some position on offer. This post is especially targeted to the latter case. Cinco webs para perder el tiempo (parte 1) Qué nos hace Facebook: diez estudios sobre los efectos de usar la red social. Cada cierto, aparecen titulares del tipo "Facebook nos hace…".

Qué nos hace Facebook: diez estudios sobre los efectos de usar la red social

Bajo ellos, generalmente nos encontramos con las conclusiones extraídas del estudio de alguna universidad u organización, a veces hechos con rigor, a veces hechos con cierta ligereza. Desde que el uso de la web se extendió, se han prodigado estudios similares. Y a partir de que Facebook se popularizó (recordemos que tiene más de 1.100 millones de usuarios), los estudios centrados exclusivamente en la red social por antonomasia se han multiplicado.

A continuación, vamos a revisar por encima las conclusiones que se han extraído en algunos de estos estudios. De manera aislada, suelen servir sobre todo para la construcción de titulares sensacionalistas. h2. Por su cercanía en el tiempo, este estudio es uno de los que más ha sonado últimamente. Vía | "EuropaPress": h2. Vía | "Cornell Chronicle": h2. En una presentación realizada en la convención anual de la American Psychological Association, Larry D. Vía | "ScienceDaily": h2. Statistics is Dead – Long Live Data Science… I keep hearing Data Scientists say that ‘Statistics is Dead’, and they even have big debates about it attended by the good and great of Data Science.

Statistics is Dead – Long Live Data Science…

Interestingly, there seem to be very few actual statisticians at these debates. So why do Data Scientists think that stats is dead? Where does the notion that there is no longer any need for statistical analysis come from? And are they right? A Visual Introduction to Machine Learning. Finding better boundaries Let's revisit the 73-m elevation boundary proposed previously to see how we can improve upon our intuition.

A Visual Introduction to Machine Learning

Clearly, this requires a different perspective. By transforming our visualization into a histogram, we can better see how frequently homes appear at each elevation. While the highest home in New York is 73m, the majority of them seem to have far lower elevations. DFG - Förderatlas 2015: Regionale Schwerpunkte. Elsevier Publishing Campus - Home. Wooden Flute Sheet Music. See the tablature for Amazing Grace and Zuni Sunrise below Explanation of Native American Flute Tablature: Nakai Tablature has become the standard method for writing music for the Native American flute.

Wooden Flute Sheet Music

This system was first written about in Art of the Native American Flute, by R. Carlos Nakai and James DeMars, Canyon Record Productions, 1996. This system uses notes on a musical staff to represent finger positions on a flute. Every flute is different and it should be noted that there some notes particularly the highest ones, can be played in different ways. In the following section we will discuss various scales that can be made from combinations of these notes. Below are some sample songs. Why It’s Impossible To Actually Be A Vegetarian. In case you’ve forgotten the section on the food web from high school biology, here’s a quick refresher.

Why It’s Impossible To Actually Be A Vegetarian

Plants make up the base of every food chain of the food web (also called the food cycle). Plants use available sunlight to convert water from the soil and carbon dioxide from the air into glucose, which gives them the energy they need to live. Unlike plants, animals can’t synthesize their own food. They survive by eating plants or other animals. If You Thought Someone Couldn't Explain Empathy With A Dry-Erase Marker, You're Wrong. 26 podcasts you should be listening to. Podcasts have been around for a decade.

26 podcasts you should be listening to

But all of a sudden, people are sitting up and taking notice. In the past few months, at least two media companies focused on podcasts have launched — Gimlet Media, which chronicled its own early days on the podcast "StartUp," and Slate Magazine's Panoply. It's starting to feel like a golden age of podcasting is upon us. But with hundreds of fascinating podcasts out there, getting started can feel intimidating. So here's our best attempt to sort through them. Interview podcasts Alec Baldwin is also the host of an interview podcast.