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Tagungen - Fritz Thyssen Stiftung. Anträge können grundsätzlich nur aus einer Hochschule bzw. gemeinnützigen Forschungseinrichtung heraus gestellt werden.Antragsteller müssen promoviert sein.Die Zahl der Referenten sollte in der Regel 15 bis 20 Personen nicht übersteigen.Kongresse oder größere Konferenzen bzw.

Tagungen - Fritz Thyssen Stiftung

Sektionen im Rahmen von Symposien, Jahrestagungen o.ä. sowie reine Doktorandenworkshops und summer schools werden nicht gefördert.Die Stiftung nimmt zur Entlastung ihrer Fachgutachter grundsätzlich keine Anträge in parallele Bearbeitung zu anderen Förderinstitutionen. Ein von einer anderen Förderinstitution abgelehnter Antrag kann mit entsprechenden Erläuterungen(s. Antragsformular) bei der Stiftung eingereicht werden.Die Revision bereits von der Stiftung abgelehnter Anträge ist in der Regel nicht möglich. Die Antragsunterlagen sind in einfacher Ausfertigung (nicht geheftet oder gebunden) postalisch zu übermitteln. Die Antragstellung kann in deutscher oder in englischer Sprache erfolgen. 28.

Untitled. Leopoldina-Postdoc-Stipendium. Zielgruppe des Programms sind jüngere Nachwuchswissenschaftlerinnen und Nachwuchswissenschaftler aus Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz aus naturwissenschaftlichen und medizinischen Fachgebieten, die bereits ein eigenständiges Forschungsprofil erkennen lassen.


Bei bewilligter Förderung führen sie eigenständige Projekte an den renommiertesten Forschungsstätten ihrer Disziplinen im Ausland durch. Deutsche Wissenschaftler müssen Forschungsstätten im Ausland wählen. Österreichische und schweizerische Wissenschaftler können sich nur für Gastinstitute in Deutschland bewerben. Available jobs. Course17 - physalia-courses. Landscape genomics is an emerging research field that studies how genetic diversity distributes across space and how environmental features can modify this structure through local adaptation.

course17 - physalia-courses

In this workshop, students will learn the basics of this approach and train using state of the art methods. The course will provide an overview of the type of dataset that can be used for a landscape genomics analysis. Firstly, students will learn how to obtain environmental data from publicly available databases, how to process it with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and how to use the latter to produce indicators able to describe the characteristics of the landscape. Next, the course will discuss the different approaches to obtain genetic data and subsequently show how to study genetic variation and population structure across space in the R environment. MacArthur Fellows Strategy. There are three criteria for selection of Fellows: exceptional creativity, promise for important future advances based on a track record of significant accomplishment, and potential for the fellowship to facilitate subsequent creative work.

MacArthur Fellows Strategy

The MacArthur Fellows Program is intended to encourage people of outstanding talent to pursue their own creative, intellectual, and professional inclinations. In keeping with this purpose, the Foundation awards fellowships directly to individuals rather than through institutions. Recipients may be writers, scientists, artists, social scientists, humanists, teachers, entrepreneurs, or those in other fields, with or without institutional affiliations. They may use their fellowship to advance their expertise, engage in bold new work, or, if they wish, to change fields or alter the direction of their careers.

How Fellows are Chosen. Plenary speakers – Climate Change Biogeography. Department of Biology, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM.

Plenary speakers – Climate Change Biogeography

Current research ranges across a hierarchy of spatial and temporal scales: from field work examining life history trade-offs in modern rodent populations occupying extreme thermal environments, to paleomidden work on local and regional adaptations of animals to late Quaternary climate, field and museum work on the effects of the late Pleistocene megafauna extinction on surviving mammals, to museum and computer-based studies of factors influencing the continental and global distributions of long-dead mammals that span the entire Cenozoic. Personal website Our research is mainly focused on the intersection between ecology and evolution to understand biodiversity patterns – with an emphasis on spatial and temporal patterns at broad scales – and to provide information that can aid in conserving such patterns and the processes that cause them.

Available jobs. NGS Data Analysis Course - NGS Workshop 2017. ZAV - Internationale Personalvermittlung. CIM. Programm Migration für Entwicklung. Rückkehrende Fachkräfte.

CIM. Programm Migration für Entwicklung

BUSCAR TRABAJO/EMPLEOS EN PERU - CONVOCATORIAS DE TRABAJO VIGENTES - CONVOCATORIA CAS - OPORTUNIDAD LABORAL - OFERTAS DE EMPLEO. Individual Fellowships (IF) Are you an experienced researcher thinking about your next career move?

Individual Fellowships (IF)

Individual Fellowships fund researchers looking to enhance their career development and prospects by working abroad. Types of Individual Fellowships There are two types of Individual Fellowships: European Fellowships Held in the EU or associated countries.Open to researchers either coming to Europe or moving within Europe.Can help to restart research careers after a break such as parental leave.Can also help reintegrate researchers coming back to Europe. Global Fellowships. I Found a Tenure-Track Job. Here’s What it Took. Image: London Olympics 2012 - Women's heptathlon (100 m hurdles, heat 4), by Steve Fair (Creative Commons) It's funny (not actually all that funny) how the pace and timing of academic life prevents you from stopping to celebrate major milestones.

I Found a Tenure-Track Job. Here’s What it Took.

When I accepted a tenure-track position this spring, there was no moment of fanfare, no shower of balloons and confetti from the ceiling, no knock on the door from a game-show host bearing a giant novelty check. Instead, things happened gradually — first a phone call, then a few weeks of negotiation and planning and a second visit to campus, and, finally, an actual physical offer on university letterhead.

Multivariate analysis of spatial ecological data using R (MASE01) - PR Statistics. Monday 19th – Classes from 08:30 to 16:30 Review of regression analysis Module 1.

Multivariate analysis of spatial ecological data using R (MASE01) - PR Statistics

Introduction (types of response and predictor variables), data exploration (summaries, visualization, classification and regression trees [CART]). Module 2. Linear, nonlinear, and multiple regression (use of lm and gam functions in R, visual interpretation, model diagnostics, model selection, generalized additive models [GAM]). Module 3. Generalized linear models (use of glm and gam functions in R, visual interpretation, model diagnostics, model selection, generalized additive models [GAM]). TWAS Research Grants Programme in Basic Sciences (Groups) Advancing computational and data literacy skills schools for life scientists. Training in computational and data literacy skills for research.

Advancing computational and data literacy skills schools for life scientists

Designed for PhD students and early career researchers. Delivered by world leading experts in the field of computational and data literacy teaching. Students will use the Museum’s iconic “behind the scenes” collections as a case study. Course content The course consists of short lectures, computer practicals and a unique opportunity to put skills into practice using data gathered in the Museum’s “behind the scenes” collections. There will also be optional evening activities where participants can network with each other, and with members of London’s data science community.

Experiment! – In search of bold research ideas: VolkswagenStiftung. Aim The exploration of exceptionally daring new ideas is not yet really subject of the established research agenda in Germany, as far as facing challenges and transforming common wisdom are concerned. This often requires to establish counterintuitive hypotheses as well as unconventional methodologies or technologies, and to focus on entirely new research approaches. The Volkswagen Foundation’s funding initiative 'Experiment!

' tries to pave the way for fundamentally new research topics even though the outcome is indefinite. A concept failure as well as unexpected findings is an acceptable result. Before July. PEER: Eligibility. The information included in this section is relevant to applicants to the PEER program in general. The country-specific focus areas have specific eligibility requirements and applicants are encouraged to review eligibility criteria under specific focus areas of interest. Additional information can also be found in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

PEER Applicant Eligibility Applicants who submit pre-proposals to PEER must be based at an academic institution, non-profit organization, or government-managed research laboratory, center, or institute in a PEER-eligible country. Clubesdecienciaperu. Ideas, advice and musings for early career researchers everywhere. Challenge of Science Leadership Courses.

Postdoc training. Two postdoctoral positions at the Macrosystems Ecology Lab at Arizona State. The application deadline is April 15th, 2017. The Macrosystems Ecology Lab at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona (PI Benjamin Blonder) is recruiting two postdoctoral researchers. The lab’s focus is on predictive community ecology and biogeography, paleoecological and anthropogenic effects on biodiversity dynamics, and global change plant ecophysiology. We use a combination of field, eco-informatics, and modeling approaches. Field sites are focused in forests and alpine environments in Latin America, southeast Asia, Scandinavia, and the United States. Learn more Projects could focus on any topic of mutual interest, and use a combination of field, modeling, or informatics approaches. Funding is available for 2 years at competitive salaries, with additional support available for conference travel and fieldwork.

Arizona State University is easily reached by light rail service from the Phoenix international airport. Introduction to Data Science and Machine Learning - RWTH AACHEN UNIVERSITY TIME Research Area - English. University of Groningen Summer Schools. Everyone is talking about big data, but how big is big? Moreover, how would you analyse a truly big data set?

In this summer school we focus on a practical approach to handle big data. During the first part students will learn statistical tools to get information from big data, such as regression, model selection, classification, resampling methods. Big Data Management and Analysis in UNIX - Courses - Bachelor's Degree Programmes, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Big Ideas in Computer Science - Courses - Bachelor's Degree Programmes, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Postdoctoral Researchers International Mobility Experience. DAAD / Volker Lannert Postdoctoral Researchers International Mobility Experience (P.R.I.M.E.) In 2014 the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) initiated the programme "Postdoctoral Researchers International Mobility Experience" (P.R.I.M.E.) to support the international mobility of postdoctoral researchers by temporary positions at German universities in place of conventional scholarships.

Writing for Change - Kim Nicholas. Groningen Institute for Evolutionary Life Sciences. MacArthur CSD Andes regionwide grant guidelines 2016. MacArthur. The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation supports creative people, effective institutions, and influential networks building a more just, verdant, and peaceful world. MacArthur is placing a few big bets that truly significant progress is possible on some of the world's most pressing social challenges, including over-incarceration, global climate change, nuclear risk, and significantly increasing financial capital for the social sector.

In addition to the MacArthur Fellows Program, the Foundation continues its historic commitments to the role of journalism in a responsible and responsive democracy, as well as the strength and vitality of our headquarters city, Chicago. MacArthur is one of the nation's largest independent foundations. Organizations supported by the Foundation work in about 50 countries. MacArthur develops grantmaking strategies designed to meet very specific goals. Sign up for Newsletters here.

Read Program and Funding Guidelines here. International Economic Tools for Conservation 2017 - Application Form. Advanced Webinar: Land Cover Classification with Satellite Imagery. Europa Media Trainings. Horizon 2020 Proposal Development Why to participate now? 1. There are calls open – proposal preparation takes time – you can bring your ideas. Text Mining with R – Leuven Statistics Research Centre. Course outline This course is a hands-on course covering the use of text mining tools for the purpose of data analysis.

It covers basic text handling, natural language engineering and statistical modelling on top of textual data. The following items are covered : Cleaning of text data, regular expressions String distances Graphical displays of text data Natural language processing: stemming, parts-of-speech tagging, tokenization, lemmatisation Sentiment analysis Statistical topic detection modelling (latent diriclet allocation) Automatic classification using predictive modelling based on text data Visualisation of correlations & topics Word embeddings Document similarities & Text alignment Target audience. The Data Science Community. We are proud to announce a full series of R trainings – from the mere basics to the necessary skills to use and deploy R in your organisation.

Vorteile für Naturwissenschaftler. RSG Guidelines for Applicants. Funding - Research Participant Portal. ERC: European Research Council. Funding Programmes. ¿Cómo son evaluadas las propuestas? The Rufford Small Grants for Nature Conservation. Bringing Science to the People. Calls. Following our third sDiv call, we received many proposals of very high scientific quality. After discussion of the internal reviews, the sDiv Committee decided to fund nine international workshops and two individual Postdoc projects: Workshop projects: Can you think long-term? — Ecological Continuity Trust -

We are hosting a PhD student and Early Career Researcher competition, to coincide with our stand at the BES Annual Meeting in Liverpool. Working with Dr Raj Whitlock of Liverpool University we are developing an exciting display, illustrating one of the many research projects that can be undertaken using LTEs. Newton Fund. Early Career Fellowships. Plos. Global Exploration Fund - Northern Europe. Förderung - Philipps-Universität Marburg - Referat für Forschung und Transfer - Sandra Basenau. SciMento-hessenweit – SciMento geht in die nächste Runde – jetzt bewerben!

Ausschreibungen - Philipps-Universität Marburg - Referat für Forschung und Transfer - Sandra Basenau. Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. Course Interactive Data Analysis and Visualization with R Shiny. Flyer2017 02Lisbon RGG. Humboldt Research Fellowship Programme (Germany) for Postdoctoral and Experienced Researchers job with Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. Untitled.

Orchid Research. Untitled. DAAD scholarships for conferences and lecture journeys — Giessen Graduate Centre for the Life Sciences (GGL) DFG, German Research Foundation - International Programmes. Teaching - Training in Tropical Taxonomy. The E4 Award. ERC: European Research Council. Course5 - physalia-courses Webseite! Übersicht - Philipps-Universität Marburg - Institut für Immunologie. INNGE governing board election 2017/18 - candidate form. PeerJ Academic Job listings.

Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation - Georg Forster Research Fellowship. Georg Forster Research Fellowships: reports by former fellows - Alumniportal Deutschland. Eligibility. Fondo de las Américas - FONDAM. Jobs in Peru,Work,IT job search for foreigners,expats,English speakers,Americans,free ad posting sites Peru US UK. Courses and Workshops - Transmitting Science.

British Ecological Society Annual Meeting 2016. Beyond Science. Teatime tips on how to get a postdoc – Chrissie Painting. Swissplantscience: Jobs. Plos. ERC: European Research Council. TdR Coordinador de Ciencia Estacio%CC%81n Biolo%CC%81gica Wayqecha 2016. Calls. British Ecological Society. CONFERENCE COMMUNITY ECOLOGY FOR THE 21ST CENTURY - FROM GENES TO ECOSYSTEMS. Flyer2016 10NOCS GLMM. Conservation Careers and Conservation Jobs. Bases. Flyer2016 09Scarborough RGG. Flyer2016 09Scarborough RGG.