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QuizPedia - Home of Quiz Making. Student Response System - Learn From Your Students - GoSoapBox. Gnowledge. Create. Share. Learn. Where everyone can create, publish, share and take tests, exercises and assignments. Student Response System - Learn From Your Students - GoSoapBox. Playbuzz: Create Content People Love. Examtime. QuizzYourSelf. Edueto. Arcademics. Quiz Revolution - Login. The Answer Pad.

Comunicación sencilla con pictogramas. Playbuzz: Create Content People Love. Vizia. PlayPosit. Mangahigh. Cool Math Games - Free Online Math Games, Cool Puzzles, and More. Math Games - HOODA MATH - over 100 Math Games.

Media4Math+: Math in the News. Get The Math in Fashion ~ Introduction : Get The Math. Thinking Blocks - Model Your Math Problems. Thinking Blocks is a nice site for elementary and middle school mathematics teachers.

Thinking Blocks - Model Your Math Problems

Thinking Blocks provides interactive templates in which students use brightly colored blocks to model and solve problems. As students work through the problems they are provided with feedback as to whether or not they are using the correct sequence to solve each problem. There are templates and problems for addition, multiplication, fractions, and ratios. You can also develop your own problems using the modeling tool. Applications for Education I learned about Thinking Blocks from James Hollis at Teachers Love SMARTBoards. Yummy Math. Real World Math - Home. 10 Unusual Ways to Explore Math. I confess.

10 Unusual Ways to Explore Math

I never really liked math. I played the school game well so I received pretty good grades, but after I passed the test (even after receiving an A in most cases), those rules, theorems and facts didn’t stick around for very long. The problem was everything was drilled into me, or as I like to think now, drilled out of me. I sat and did problem after problem before I really had a great grasp of with math could mean, how it related to my life and how I could approach it in a way that made sense to me.

Everyone is different, but I needed more hands-on things, more time to invent my own problems. Collaborative Mathematics - Current Challenge Video. Math Manipulatives: About Virtual Manipulatives. Math Manipulatives contains three pages of resources: About Virtual Manipulatives What is a virtual manipulative?

Math Manipulatives: About Virtual Manipulatives

In What are Virtual Manipulatives? Area and Perimeter. 3D GEOMETRIC SHAPES - QUİVER. Viewer - Learning Designer. Know Students Better: 15 Tools for Formative Assessment. When teachers know their students well, they can build strong connections that lead to better learning.

Know Students Better: 15 Tools for Formative Assessment

Knowing students’ interests, strengths, and weaknesses help teachers tailor learning experiences for their students. Formative assessment involves the teacher collecting information about what students know, don’t know, and want to learn. This information takes many forms, including observations, exit tickets, discussions, games, and quizzes. These kinds of informal assessments can also help teachers get to know their students as learners and as people.

Text message (SMS) polls and voting, audience response system. Welcome! ClassFlow. Learn together. Seesaw. Brainstorming and Voting Amazingly Easy. Free Online Tool  Quiz Revolution - Most Popular Quiz Maker, Make a Quiz or Survey, Create a Fast Quiz or Survey. Enhance your Website to Retain Visitors Longer From quizzes and surveys, to tutorials and training or selling, unflattened addictive content created with QuizRevolution generates, on average, over 10 minutes of sticky user engagement which translates into the kind of meaningful interactions—conversions and leads—that websites need to achieve their goals.

Quiz Revolution - Most Popular Quiz Maker, Make a Quiz or Survey, Create a Fast Quiz or Survey

Once you have created your quiz or survey you can also publish it to Facebook. And soon to come, customized Mobile Apps. Make a quiz or survey about anything - in minutes. With our easy to use wizard, you can make your own quiz or survey app with your very own extensive customization and loads of unique cool features. JeopardyLabs - Online Jeopardy Template. AnswerGarden - Plant a Question, Grow Answers. Pear Deck. Educanon: playposit. Testmoz - The Test Generator.

Learningpod. The Answer Pad. Three Ring. Online Educational Content. Lino - Sticky and Photo Sharing for you. Trello. Fifty Sneakers. Edulastic. Math. Multiple Choice Monday: Using Socrative in the Classroom. Each Monday my students do multiple choice practice.

Multiple Choice Monday: Using Socrative in the Classroom

My non-AP classes work on SAT reading comprehension questions while my AP students focus on AP exam type questions. Tests vary in length each week from 10 questions to a full AP practice exam of 55 questions. Collaborative Classroom Quizzes & Surveys. Quizalize. Doodle Buddy - Paint, Draw, Scribble, Sketch - It's Addictive! on the App Store.

Kaizena · Give Great Feedback. Typeform. Scattervox - Better Polls for a Complex World! Trello. ThinkBinder. Student Response System - Learn From Your Students - GoSoapBox. Your Bookmarks and favorites in the cloud. Login to Your FlipQuiz Account. Sign Up - Jeopardy Rocks.

Interactive and multimedia learning blocks. Sign In. Welcome! Please Sign in. Showbie. Piktochart. Build with Chrome. Powtoon. Daum Equation Editor. Share your ideas. Versal for Teachers. Quill. Histogram.