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The Classic British Car. Carmen: There are almost 200 classic cars here at the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu, in Hampshire; including 1930s motors to modern-day racers. So what makes a car a classic? And why are there so many British classic cars? Well, this is a great place to find out more about Britain's motoring history. The motor industry played a central part in Britain's industrial past. Bentleys, Aston Martins and Rolls Royces, like this one, are just some of the classic cars to have been built in the UK. A TRIP TO REMEMBER. Listen to a girl called Melanie talking about a school trip to Paris.


Circle the correct answer. Number of days in Paris: 2 / 5 Coach left school at: 5.00 / 5.30 Cost of trip: £240 / £ 214 Name of hotel in Paris: BERRI / VERRY Enjoyed shopping/ boat trip best. Listening - Pre-intermediate A2. Flathunting Scene 1. Homes of the Future. LISTENING COMPREHENSION. New Headway 4 Fourth edition Elementary Video All Units Gender Roles: B1-B2. 12/11. Listen to English and learn English with podcasts in English for intermediate English learners. There are more vocabulary activities related to these podcasts on the 'extras' page.

Listen to English and learn English with podcasts in English for intermediate English learners

Podcasts 1-99 members only. 172 Life before the Internet: letter writing. How did we keep in touch before emailing and social media? (4 Nov 2021) Youtube. Working While Homeless. About me.

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Should e-readers replace books? Call me old fashioned, traditionalist or just a technophobe but the new wave of e-readers such as Kindles, Kobos and Nooks scares me.

Should e-readers replace books?

Honestly, I avoid looking at them whenever I walk into a shop and instead focus on the reassuring white pages of physical books! Books provide a reading experience which is much more high-tech than the dim screen of an e-reader: the rustle of the pages, the faint crack of the spine when you eagerly turn the page, the faint papery smell of a freshly purchased novel and the feel of the rough paper beneath your fingertips. Your travel books will become filled with public transport ticket stubs, creased maps, museum and art gallery passes. Robots for human environments. ‘There’s this huge excitement around robots,’ says Dr Nick Hawes, Senior Lecturer in Intelligent Robotics, School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham. ‘Everyone really believes, as we do ourselves, that robots are going to have a huge impact on our future – in workplaces, in roles in various industries.’

But there is one problem that motivated Dr Hawes and the group at Birmingham in their research. Science experiment in space. CSA Astronaut Chris Hadfield: The question is: if you get a cloth dripping wet without gravity and you wring it out, what's going to happen? What will happen to a wrung-out cloth? So, I had to use equipment that was here on board the space station. We may have the coolest washcloths ever here on the space station. I'm going to show you. Here's one of our washcloths. Driverless cars: a great or problematic invention? Have you ever seen a car without a driver?

Driverless cars: a great or problematic invention?

It sounds crazy, but these computer-driven driverless cars will soon be filling roads near you. Companies like Google and Tesla have been designing and testing these cars, and the technology is there – they just need to see if they’re value for money, work out insurance issues, and run final tests to check they can run alongside human-driven cars on the road. So how do they work?

The cars have sensors all around which can detect other cars and obstacles in the road. Sensors on the wheels also help when parking, so the car knows how far it is from the kerb or other parked cars. A world without technology. Having recently moved country, I have been relying upon my phone as my sole means of communication with the world.

A world without technology

You can imagine my panic, therefore, when I found myself cut off from this world of social media shortly after my arrival in France. Although I was reunited with a network signal after a mere week, this experience has led me to question whether our modern-day reliance on technology is becoming unhealthy. Linguahouse. Zoom: Top tips for online English teaching. Prato: The Italian town turning rags into new clothes. □ A Christmas surprise for key workers from The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. My Christmases - Szerencsekerék.


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