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Young Goldman Sachs bankers ask for 80-hour week cap. Banking on Climate Change - Fossil Fuel Finance Report 2020. HSBC plans to phase out coal lending by 2040. Money launderers 'prey on generation Covid' I was a teenage 'money mule' Goldman Sachs: Bank boss rejects work from home as the 'new normal' US central bank payment system down for 'hours' 'They wanted to jail a banker - I was that banker' Coronavirus: Barclays says loans worth £4.8bn may never be repaid. Brexit: London loses out as Europe's top share trading hub. MPs accuse HSBC of aiding China's Hong Kong crackdown.

Bank of England criticised for financing carbon-intensive firms. Why your face could be set to replace your bank card. Wells Fargo reaches $3bn fake accounts settlement. Jack Ma's Ant Group: World's biggest market debut suspended. Ant Group: How it became a financial giant. Experian: Credit agency told to stop sharing data without consent. Goldman Sachs to pay $3bn over 1MDB corruption scandal. Brexit: Banks warned over expat account closures. Blackbaud: Bank details and passwords at risk in giant charities hack. Image copyrightGetty Images Bank account information and users' passwords are among details feared stolen by hackers in a security breach at a service used to raise donations from millions of people.

Blackbaud: Bank details and passwords at risk in giant charities hack

Many UK universities and charities, as well as hundreds of other organisations worldwide, use the software involved. The firm previously said the theft had been limited to other personal data - but not payment details. It added it was contacting affected clients. They, in turn, will need to send follow-up alerts to at least some of the donors they had already contacted about the incident. "We have informed the small subset of Blackbaud customers who were part of this development," the company told the BBC. "We apologise that this happened and will continue to do our very best to supply help and support as we and our customers jointly navigate this cyber-crime incident. " The BBC has learned that some of the organisations believed to have been impacted by the latest development include: Legal claims. Westpac bank to pay record Australian fine over laundering breaches.

Image copyrightEPA Australia's Westpac bank has negotiated to pay a record A$1.3bn (£0.7bn; $0.9bn) fine for the nation's biggest breach of money laundering laws.

Westpac bank to pay record Australian fine over laundering breaches

Last year, Australia's financial crime watchdog said the bank had failed to adequately report over 19 million international transactions. Some payments were potentially linked to child exploitation, officials said. The nation's second-biggest lender has apologised for its "failings". Westpac is the second top Australian bank to pay huge fines for breaching anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing laws. If the billion-dollar fine is approved by a court, it will be the largest civil penalty in Australian corporate history.

However, the fine could have been larger. Concerns about child exploitation came after Austrac identified payments made to suspected operators in the Phillipines. He and Westpac's former chief executive left their positions last year over the scandal. image copyrightGetty Images. FinCEN Files: Sanctioned Putin associate ‘laundered millions’ through Barclays. Image copyright Getty Images One of Vladimir Putin's closest friends may have used Barclays Bank in London to launder money and dodge sanctions, leaked documents suggest.

FinCEN Files: Sanctioned Putin associate ‘laundered millions’ through Barclays

Billionaire Arkady Rotenberg has known the Russian president since childhood. Financial restrictions, or sanctions, were imposed on Mr Rotenberg by the US and the EU in 2014, which means Western banks could face serious consequences for doing business with him. FinCEN Files: HSBC moved Ponzi scheme millions despite warning. HSBC allowed fraudsters to transfer millions of dollars around the world even after it had learned of their scam, leaked secret files show.

FinCEN Files: HSBC moved Ponzi scheme millions despite warning

Britain's biggest bank moved the money through its US business to HSBC accounts in Hong Kong in 2013 and 2014. Its role in the $80m (£62m) fraud is detailed in a leak of documents - banks' "suspicious activity reports" - that have been called the FinCEN Files. HSBC says it has always met its legal duties on reporting such activity. The files show the investment scam, known as a Ponzi scheme, started soon after the bank was fined $1.9bn (£1.4bn) in the US over money laundering. It had promised to clamp down on these sorts of practices. Pardner: The young people saving money the Jamaican way. Santander hit by online banking outage ahead of holiday weekend.

Image copyright Getty Images Santander UK customers were unable to access their online accounts for several hours from Friday morning until mid-afternoon.

Santander hit by online banking outage ahead of holiday weekend

"We are currently experiencing issues with customers logging in to Online Banking," the lender told customers via Twitter. It comes ahead of a bank holiday weekend and monthly salary payments for millions of Britons. Mike Pompeo steps up criticism of HSBC over Hong Kong. Image copyright Reuters US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has renewed his criticism of banking giant HSBC, accusing it of aiding China's "political repression" in Hong Kong.

Mike Pompeo steps up criticism of HSBC over Hong Kong

TSB customers' anger at online banking issues. Some TSB customers couldn't access online banking services on Monday.

TSB customers' anger at online banking issues

Users on both the app and the website received error messages when trying to access their accounts. There are dozens of comments on social media saying affected customers were unable to get past the security questions, some for several hours. The bank said it was working to fix the issue as quickly as possible, and that only a "very small number" of people were affected. A number of users reported their accounts had been blocked while trying to log in with the correct details. Banks urge 'student loans style' plan to avoid job cuts. Image copyright NurPhoto UK banks fear up to 800,000 firms employing 3 million could go bust in the next year if they cannot defer repayments on government-backed loans.

Banks urge 'student loans style' plan to avoid job cuts

The lending industry is proposing a student loans-type scheme, where coronavirus loans can be converted into a tax debt repayable over a decade. Like student loans, the money would only be repayable when and if the businesses can afford it. 'I left Smile Bank today due to the ongoing outage' Image copyright Emma Hopkinson-Spark Smile Bank customers have been unable to access their online banking accounts for five days in a row.

'I left Smile Bank today due to the ongoing outage'

The online-only bank, owned by Co-Operative Bank, said it was working urgently to resolve the problem. But the latest service outage proved to be the "last straw" for longtime customer Emma Hopkinson-Spark. After 16 years, she left Smile Bank on Friday after she was unable to view a crucial re-mortgage payment. Wirecard: Cardholders' money locked as FCA freezes UK subsidiary. Image copyright Curve Thousands of people in the UK are unable to access their money owing to the fallout from the scandal to hit payments firm Wirecard.

Wirecard: Cardholders' money locked as FCA freezes UK subsidiary

The UK licence of Wirecard Card Solutions has been frozen by the regulator after its German parent company filed for insolvency. It means people are temporarily unable to access cash held with financial apps in the UK using Wirecard technology. Some have spoken of their frustration, but their money should be safe. Facebook launches WhatsApp digital payment service. Image copyright WhatsApp WhatsApp has launched its digital payments service in Brazil as the messaging app capitalises on its popularity in emerging markets. The move comes as parent company Facebook pushes ahead with plans to bring more e-commerce to its platforms.

WhatsApp Pay allows users to send money to one another for free or make purchases from small businesses. In January, chief executive Mark Zuckerberg outlined plans to offer the service in India, Indonesia and Mexico. On its blog WhatsApp highlighted that the launch was part of a wider digital payment strategy across all of Facebook's platforms. "Because payments on WhatsApp are enabled by Facebook Pay, in the future we want to make it possible for people and businesses to use the same card information across Facebook’s family of apps. " Mike Pompeo criticises HSBC for backing Hong Kong security law. Image copyright Getty Images US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has criticised banking giant HSBC for supporting China's move to impose new security legislation in Hong Kong. Mr Pompeo also said the US stood with its allies against China's "coercive bully tactics".

Coronavirus: Goldman Sachs turns away lockdown savers. Image copyright Getty Images Goldman Sachs is turning away savers who have spent lockdown putting money aside and looking to reorganise their finances. The US banking giant has closed its UK easy-access savings account - Marcus - to new customers after a surge in interest from savers. The move was prompted by deposits to the digital account reaching close to the limit allowed under regulations. HSBC and StanChart back China security laws for HK. Image copyright Getty Images HSBC and Standard Chartered have given their backing to China's new security laws for Hong Kong. Both banks made statements saying the proposed law can help maintain long-term stability in the troubled city. On Wednesday, HSBC's Asia Pacific chief executive Peter Wong signed a petition backing the law which has been widely criticised. Barclays boss: Big offices 'may be a thing of the past' Image copyright Getty Images Having thousands of bank workers in big, expensive city offices "may be a thing of the past", Barclays boss Jes Staley has said.

About 70,000 of Barclays' staff worldwide are working from home due to coronavirus lockdown measures. This had led to a rethink of the bank's long term "location strategy", Mr Staley said. It came as Barclays warned the pandemic could cost it some £2.1bn due to customers being unable to repay loans. In recent years, banks worldwide have shifted staff away from expensive skyscrapers in financial hubs, but Barclays and its rivals still have busy offices in places such as London's Canary Wharf.

But Mr Staley said his bank was re-evaluating how much office space it needed, as it was now being run by staff working "from their kitchens". He added that in the future retail branches could be used by investment banking and call centre workers, hinting at an end to long commutes for some workers. Sunak unveils guaranteed loans for small firms. Banks under fire for coronavirus loan tactics. Is this the digital future for Bank of England banknotes? Coronavirus: Banks to allow customers to defer mortgage payments. Coronavirus: Italy to suspend mortgage payments amid outbreak. Image copyright Getty Images Mortgage payments will be suspended across Italy as part of measures to soften the economic blow of coronavirus on households, a minister has said.

A Segment of One: The new reality. Barclays scraps 'Big Brother' staff tracking system. What will bank branches look like in the future? RBS Group to change its name to NatWest. 'I wasn't allowed to buy my burrito with cash' John Stumpf: Ex-Wells Fargo boss pays $17.5m to settle charges. Banks told to stop short-changing loyal savers. More personal data may become a requirement for personal loans. Banks and insurers to face climate stress tests.

What Will 2020 Hold For Banking And Financial Services? HSBC to bring in single overdraft rate of 40% Apple Pay speeds up payments on the Tube. Android 'spoofing' bug helps targets bank accounts. Westpac bank chief quits amid money laundering scandal. TSB lacked common sense before IT meltdown, says report. Why banks must be wary of Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook. Valve shuts down money laundering via CS:GO game. Cash deserts cry out for free-to-use ATMs. Uber Money is the company’s latest attempt to expand into financial services. MPs demand action over rise in online bank crashes. RBS pulls Samsung Galaxy S10 app over security flaw. Neil Woodford closes crisis-hit investment empire. Half of all debit card payments now contactless. Rise in teenage money mules prompts warnings. Uber has surveyed some drivers on small loans, suggesting financial products are coming. Banks and shops roll out new anti-fraud measures. Testing the debit card with a fingerprint sensor. Goldman Sachs Makes Apple Card Customer Agreement Available Ahead of Upcoming Apple Card Launch.

Capital One data breach: Arrest after details of 106m people stolen. Cyber-incident reports from UK finance sector spiked by 1,000% in 2018. JPMorgan CEO Dimon Says Crypto Companies ‘Want to Eat Our Lunch’ It’s Hard for Big Banks to Be Cool. Bank of America cuts business ties with detention centers, private prisons. Mark Carney on Facebook's digital currency Libra. Apple Pay vs. Samsung Pay vs. Google Pay: Which mobile payment system is best? Apple Card vs. Other Reward Cards. Facebook urged to pause Libra crypto-currency project. Facebook reveals digital currency details. RBS report branded 'whitewash' by MPs. IMF warns of giant tech firms' dominance. 'Bad bank' repays £50bn bailout loan. Facebook plans to launch 'GlobalCoin' currency in 2020. Banks fined €1bn by EU for currency rigging. Mastercard and Visa agree to cut overseas card fees. Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank abandon merger talks. What is Revolut? Jamie Dimon: Cybersecurity threats may be the 'biggest threat to the U.S. financial system'

WorldPay payments firm in $43bn sale to US rival. Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank in formal merger talks. RBS trials biometric fingerprint bank card. UBS fined €3.7bn in tax fraud case. TSB suffers £105m loss after computer chaos. Santander to shut 140 branches. Fintech firms want to shake up banking, and that worries the Fed. Banks move to help federal workers hit by shutdown.