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Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting. 3 Ways You Should Be Using Your Emotional Intelligence At Work - The Playbook. (Photo: WOCinTech, Flickr) Employers are interested in finding the most talented person for the job.

3 Ways You Should Be Using Your Emotional Intelligence At Work - The Playbook

Increasingly, they’re looking beyond a candidate’s IQ (intelligence quotient) and are also focusing on their EQ (emotional quotient). Where IQ measures the capacity for logic, EQ looks at a person’s ability to understand and cooperate with others. Emotional intelligence is a key indicator of success in a professional environment. If you have a high EQ, you’re more likely to be seen as a leader with the ability to manage others, head projects and handle multiple tasks. Here are 3 traits that individuals with emotional intelligence use at the office. They recognize and understand the causes of their emotional responses. They effectively express their emotions and use this skill to maximize performance. They perceive and understand the emotions of others around them. Focus on your EQ as much as your IQ. How To Make The Most Out Of Your Second Interview - The Playbook. (Photo: WOCinTech, Flickr) According to a recent nationwide Career Builder survey employers know within the first five minutes of an interview if a candidate is a suitable match for a position.

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Second Interview - The Playbook

So if you’ve reached the second interview, you’re obviously doing something right. You caught the attention of the interviewer and made a positive impression. Now you’ve been called back for a second interview and want to make sure you seal the deal. 5 Ways To Build Your Professional Network On Social Media - The Playbook. (Photo: WOCinTech, Flickr) Social media isn’t just a place to post selfies but a network that’s helped countless users get leads on jobs, fellowships, conferences and competitions.

5 Ways To Build Your Professional Network On Social Media - The Playbook

If your social media connections are limited, however, it’s unlikely that you’ll get the inside scoop on the opportunities you need to advance your career. Welcome To The Playbook. Elevate yourself with side projects — Several People Are Typing — The Official Slack Blog. 5 Ways To Build Your Professional Network On Social Media - The Playbook. Kaldur sjór - (á eitthvað að vera að ræða hann?) -

Ritstjórinn er í vafa - en þegjum ekki alveg.

Kaldur sjór - (á eitthvað að vera að ræða hann?) -

Fyrst er kort sem sýnir meðalyfirborðssjávarhita í apríl síðastliðnum - eftir greiningu evrópureiknimiðstöðvarinnar. Ætti að vera sæmilega nærri réttu lagi - nema í námunda við ísjaðarinn þar sem alls konar álitamál koma upp. Litakvarðinn skýrist sé kortið stækkað. Fjólubláu svæðin sýna hvar yfirborðshitinn er undir frostmarki (ferskvatns), bláir litir ná svo upp í +5 stig og guli liturinn markar +10 stigin. Um loftslagsmál og skipulag. Lofts­lags­ráðstefna Sam­einuðu þjóðanna hefst í Par­ís 30. nóv­em­ber næst­kom­andi þar sem vonir eru bundnar við að þjóðir heims samþykki nýja stefn­u í lofts­lags­mál­um.

Um loftslagsmál og skipulag

Coding. Master Data model & Management. R Language. Phaseolus vulgaris (Common Bean, Kidney Bean, French Bean) Beans and Legumes... Mung beans. Dried beans. Beans, Legumes. Legumes. Kjúklingur í hvítlauk og sítrónu. Here are 26 weight loss tips that are actually based on good science. … Genetic Ancestry Testing. Read our guide Sense About Genetic Ancestry Testing View press coverage Part of a rapidly growing market for genealogy, commercial ‘genetic ancestry tests’ offer people a profile of their genetic history based on a DNA sample for around £200.

Genetic Ancestry Testing

The test findings tell people that they have links to groups such as Aboriginals or Vikings, to particular migrations of people and sometimes to famous figures such as Napoleon or Cleopatra. But genetics researchers warn that such histories are either so general as to be personally meaningless or they are just speculation from thin evidence. Our guide explains why DNA tests are used in population research and why they do not provide accurate information about an individual’s ancestry: The proliferation of companies obtaining DNA data from people interested in ancestry or disease profiles has raised serious concerns about privacy and openness about the use of these data.

Some comments from genetic scientists: Press coverage. 1001 Ebook - We Share Free Ebook For You. Ein þriggja uppspretta súrefnis. Åpner for å straffe dieselbil-eiere - Miljøvern. „Guð er vitfirringur“ Stjörnuskoðun. Mars er fjórða reikistjarnan frá sólu og sú næst minnsta.


The Big Year. The Big Year is a 2011 comedy film starring Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson.

The Big Year

The Big Year was directed by David Frankel and written by Howard Franklin. It was based on the nonfiction book The Big Year: A Tale of Man, Nature and Fowl Obsession which was written by Mark Obmascik. The book followed three men on a quest for a Big Year - a competition among birders to see who can see and identify the greatest number of species of birds in North America (north of Mexico) in a calendar year.

The film uses the same premise with fictional characters. The film was released on October 14, 2011, in the United States.[4] Filming took place from May to July 2010.[5] It was released in the United Kingdom on November 14, 2011.[6] Why Learning A New Language Can Make You Smarter. In an increasingly globalized world being able to speak two or more languages rather than just one has huge benefits.

Why Learning A New Language Can Make You Smarter

You can travel to foreign countries and converse will locals comfortably, become a much more competitive job applicant, and make new friends (as well as romantic partners) with people whose first language isn’t necessarily English. However, the advantages of being bilingual are farther reaching than previously thought. Baggalútur. Djöflaeyjan. Þriðjudagskvöld kl. 21:25 Myndlist, leikhús, kvikmyndir og hönnun eiga sitt fasta heimili á Djöflaeyjunni.


Sjónum er beint að nýjum verkum og því sem er efst á baugi í listheimum. Hin forvitnilega hringiða listalífsins er færð á mannamál, rýnt í allar hliðar myndlistar, leikhúss, kvikmynda og hönnunar, auk þess sem farið verður yfir feril einstakra listamanna. Bliki SH-34 - Sax. Bátar og búnaður. Lebone Chamber Choir Iceland tour - Karolina Fund. The Lebone Chamber have planned an exciting concert tour around Iceland in March and April 2014. All they need is the funds. Help them reach their goal and enrich Icelanders with their African spirit. RB Rúm.