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Black bean burritos. Gourmet to go! 17 brilliant, unexpected ways with a microwave – from risotto to profiteroles. They were once regarded as technological miracles – machines that allowed you to travel back in time to a moment when your cup of tea was still hot.

Gourmet to go! 17 brilliant, unexpected ways with a microwave – from risotto to profiteroles

But the microwave oven was destined to become a tool of convenience rather than necessity. That said, you don’t really notice how much you use a microwave until you don’t have one. When ours broke and my wife suddenly decided that the two extra square feet of worktop space was more valuable than a big electric box that softens butter, I was bereft. This was partly because, unlike other common kitchen appliances, the microwave positively invites rash experimentation. Neven Maguire's smoked haddock risotto. Watch Neven's Irish Seafood Trails every Wednesday on RTÉ One at 20:30.

Neven Maguire's smoked haddock risotto

Ingredients For The Poached Haddock: 300ml milk1 onion, finely sliced1 bay leaf4 x 100g (4oz) natural smoked haddock fillets, pin-boned.

Food Xmas

Lemon-Rosemary-Garlic Chicken and Potatoes Recipe. Spaghetti with bacon, garlic & chilli: Cook-In. Tune into Cook-In with Mark Moriarty on Wednesdays on RTÉ One at 8:30pm.

Spaghetti with bacon, garlic & chilli: Cook-In

Ingredients Serves 4 200g dried pasta100g rindless streaky bacon4 cloves garlic, crushed2 chillis, dicedLarge handful parsley, chopped (if available) 100g parmesan, grated1 Lemon, juice and zestOlive oil Method Place the pasta in boiling salted water, cook until just tender (6ish mins) In a pot, heat the olive oil. Basically Black Bean Soup Recipe.

I was not into this dish.

Basically Black Bean Soup Recipe

I felt like it was bland, binging too much on adding a ton of toppings. Best served cold: 17 delicious no-cook meals with four ingredients or fewer. This is not a time for cooking.

Best served cold: 17 delicious no-cook meals with four ingredients or fewer

The weather is so blindingly hot in much of Britain that even the thought of walking to the kitchen – let alone standing there for an extended period of time – is exhausting. But, then again, it is not really a time for shopping, either, unless you happen to get a kick out of maskless idiots lunging at you in the tinned food aisle. What we all need, really, are recipes that don’t involve any cooking and, ideally, don’t require many ingredients. Luckily for you, I have 17 of them. First, a classic: the caprese salad. Thai green chicken curry recipe. Thai green chicken curry With homemade curry paste Dairy-freedf Thai green chicken curry “This deliciously fragrant Thai green curry really packs a flavour punch. ” Serves 6 Cooks In50 minutes.

Thai green chicken curry recipe

Recipe for Seared Scallops with Black Pudding and Crispy Bacon - Seared Scallops with Black Pudding and Crispy Bacon Recipe. Grainy Clonakilty black pudding from West Cork has become a favourite accompaniment for scallops in recent years, and is delicious served with bacon and classic beurre blanc sauce. 4 rindless streaky bacon rashers 4 slices Clonakilty black pudding 12 large scallops 2 tbsp sunflower oil 1/2 lemon, pips removed 25g/1oz mixed baby leaf and herb salad 2 tsp extra-virgin olive oil salt and freshly ground black pepper To Serve warm beurre blanc sauce (see below) Preheat the grill and arrange the bacon rashers and black pudding on the grill rack.

Recipe for Seared Scallops with Black Pudding and Crispy Bacon - Seared Scallops with Black Pudding and Crispy Bacon Recipe

Cook for 2-3 minutes, turning once until the rashers are crispy and the black pudding is cooked through. Meanwhile, pat the scallops dry with some kitchen paper. Place the baby salad leaf and herb salad in a bowl and season to taste. Arrange a mound of the dressed salad towards the back of each serving plate. Fruits & Vegetables in Season in Ireland Calendar - Bord Bia. Ireland's 30 best artisan food stores. What: It was fitting that Colin Jephson's Ardkeen Stores was the sponsor of The Theatre of Food at last year's Electric Picnic, because if there is a food store in the country with a truly national reach, then it's Ardkeen.

Ireland's 30 best artisan food stores

A great shop, crammed with all the best of Irish ingredients from small producers, but also an efficient and comprehensive online delivery service that makes the range available across the country. Where: Dunmore Road, Waterford. (051) 874 620. Roasted Jerusalem artichoke, hazelnut and kale salad. Turkey & parsnip curry recipe. Leftover turkey casserole recipe. Vegetables in season. Organic Food in Dublin: Persillade Persillade in its simplest form is a compound of lemon, olive oil, garlic and parsley.

Organic Food in Dublin:

However there is a version where you combine coriander and mint with the parsley to produce a wonderfully fragrant and flavoursome sauce that will lift burgers, especially lamb burgers or dolloped onto kebabs, amazing with fish grilled, baked or barbequed and great garnished onto soups or a summery pesto for pasta or salads.

Ingredients 1 Bunch of flat leaf or curly parsleyHalf bunch of corianderHalf bunch of mint leavesOrganic olive oilMaldon sea salt2-3 twists of crushed black peppercorns3-4 whole peeled garlic clovesJuice of half fresh lemon or Sunita lemon juice Directions Use scissors to cut off herbs’ leaves from stems into food processor bowl. Organic Food in Dublin: The next recipe will hit the summer soiree spot—a light-as-air spelt almond cake.

Organic Food in Dublin:

Whisk it up, scatter with cherries and watch them sink or swim. Spelt is lighter than wheat and many with wheat intolerance can eat it. It doesn’t give any bloating and its B vitamins are more easily absorbed, as well as, being high in anthocyanins, which are super immune boosters. Almonds are, in every respect, the food of the gods and unbeatable in both health and flavour terms. Makes one 23cm cake, which cuts into 8-10 slices. Charred (Gem) Lettuce Salad. Charred Lettuce Caesar Salad The idea of cooking lettuce may seem strange but hold your nerve and you will be enchanted with the result. You can char the leaves on a griddle pan or on a barbeque. A nice stiff, crunchy variety like cos works best or go for the delightfully tangy bite of chicory leaves if you prefer a bit of bitter, especially if you are adding sweet elements such as grilled red peppers or fruit into your salad. Great garlic-clogged dressings add serious kick. Tahini is a roasted sesame seed paste that is high in iron, calcium, antioxidants and good fats.

The Butler's Pantry Beef Bourguignon. Gnocchi cherry tomato & buffalo mozzarella. The new vegetarian: Yotam Ottolenghi makes Jerusalem artichokes with manouri and basil oil. All chefs are in love with Monica. It is her voice that does it, springing flirtatiously from the phone with a list of Greek produce read in a pronounced London accent. Monica, who is Odysea's sales rep, introduced me to manouri, a creamy ewe's milk cheese that's great for frying or grilling. Unfortunately, it's not easy to find, so use haloumi or goat's cheese instead if necessary. Serves four. 2 small lemons500g Jerusalem artichokes4 sprigs fresh thyme260ml olive oilSalt and black pepper50g basil, leaves and stalks20g flat-leaf parsley, leaves and stalks1 garlic clove400g cherry tomatoes400g manouri, cut into 1cm slices1 red or white endive Preheat the oven to 220C/425F/gas mark 8.

Prawn & coconut curry. Boxing Day Quesadillas. Turkey curry. Pesto mussels & toast. Good Old Chilli Con Carne. Good old chilli con carne A winter warmer with beans & chickpeas Gluten-freegf Would you rather see the UK version? Would you rather see the US version? Would you rather see the Australian version? Good old chilli con carne “This hearty, all-time classic chilli con carne recipe is hard to beat – delicious! Serves 6 Cooks In1 hour 15 minutes DifficultySuper easy Jamie's Ministry of FoodBeefMinced beefCheap & cheerfulHealthy dinner ideasHealthy meals Nutrition per serving Calories 353 18% Fat 14.4g 21% Saturates 4.4g 22% Sugars 14.8g 16% Salt 1.1g 18% Protein 27.8g 56% Carbs 29.8g 11% Fibre 8.4g -

Microwave Egg Custard - RTÉ Lifestyle. Need a quick and easy recipe that can simply be popped in the microwave? We've got you covered! Ingredients: 400ml milk 4 eggs 3 level tablespoons caster sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 Lemon, zest 1 small banana, diced Toppings: 1 teaspoon grated nutmeg Handfull of fresh blueberries.