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Turmeric Roasted Carrots — The Natural Nurturer. Turmeric is one of those wildly healthy spices that you really should have more of in your life and diet.

Turmeric Roasted Carrots — The Natural Nurturer

Whole Roasted Miso Aubergine. How to make the perfect wiener schnitzel. Schnitzel, beloved of gambolling nuns, is one of those dishes that's mysteriously more than the sum of its parts.

How to make the perfect wiener schnitzel

With the (very) honourable exceptions of chicken kiev and scotch eggs, I haven't eaten much breaded meat since leaving school, yet somehow, this simple classic, like its Milanese cousin, manages to be both elegant, and utterly satisfying. After this week, it might just be one of my favourite things. The meat. Vegetables Recipes. Vegetables Recipes. Tomato & Butter Bean Soup Recipe. How to make the perfect shakshuka. Sometimes, I wonder what we all ate before Yotam Ottolenghi came along.

How to make the perfect shakshuka

Imagine a world without supermarket own-brand tahini, where za’atar was just a Scrabble high-score, and parsley came in decorative sprigs rather than great zesty pawfuls. How terribly dull breakfast must have been before the wonderfully exotic-sounding shakshuka entered our national vocabulary. Rachel Roddy’s Sicilian pasta with anchovy, lemon and breadcrumbs. As a little girl I prayed for tonsilitis.

Rachel Roddy’s Sicilian pasta with anchovy, lemon and breadcrumbs

Once I got it, I would have a week off school so they could whip out my tonsils, then, like a boy in my class, I too would be prescribed ice-cream and jelly for breakfast. Despite getting on my knees and repeating hail Marys, I got neither tonsillitis, nor the soothing rewards. How to cook the perfect Lancashire hotpot. One of the great stews of the world, Lancashire hotpot is a dish that makes a virtue of simplicity.

How to cook the perfect Lancashire hotpot

The name, often assumed to refer to the cooking vessel used (traditionally a tall, straight-sided earthenware pot) is actually more likely to be connected what lies within, which originally would have been a hodge-podge or jumble of ingredients – whatever was to hand that day. Millworkers are often said to have invented this particular hotpot, but, as has been pointed out, few people would have had ovens at home in the mid-19th century, when the first recipes appear; perhaps it was baked in the communal bread oven as it cooled, or the recipe may have originated somewhat higher up the social scale.

Whatever the true history, it is an indisputable northern classic. Traditional Lancashire Hotpot. First trim the lamb of any excess fat and wipe with kitchen paper.

Traditional Lancashire Hotpot

In a large frying pan, heat the oil and ¼ oz (5 g) butter until it is very hot, then brown the pieces of lamb two or three at a time until they all have a good brown crust. As they cook, remove them to a wide casserole. Brown the pieces of kidney too, and tuck these in among the meat. Next, fry the onions – add ¼ oz (5 g) butter to the pan if you need any extra fat – cooking them for about 10 minutes till they turn brown at the edges. Now stir in the flour to soak up the juices, then gradually add the hot water and Worcestershire sauce, stirring or whisking until flour and liquid are smoothly blended.

Cover with a tight-fitting lid and cook near the top of the oven for 1½ hours, then remove the lid and cook for a further 50 minutes.I sometimes finish off the hotpot under the grill. Food - Recipes : Potato and pea curry with tomato and coriander (aloo dum) Kerryann’s chilli con veggie. Visit our Family Food hub for loads more inspiration, recipes, videos, tips and tricks Close Kerryann’s chilli con veggie A family favourite loaded with veg Print.

Kerryann’s chilli con veggie

Roasted Plums with Greek Yogurt recipe. Tartiflette - Savoie (France) : Recipe in English. Tartiflette. How to make perfect bolognese. To write on spag bol is to wade into a mire of controversy thicker and darker than any ragu that ever came out of nonna's kitchen.

How to make perfect bolognese

People feel very strongly indeed about what is, basically, a meat sauce of no more particular merit than, say, a shepherd's pie, or a chilli, to the extent that, earlier this year, a group of Italian chefs organised a worldwide day of action to promote the "authentic" recipe, as laid down by the Academia Italiana della Cucina back in 1982. The event was billed as a protest against the "improbable concoctions" served under the name around the globe, with a spokesman decrying the "remarkable variety of ingredients" that defiled his beloved bolognese – including cream.

Mince. Shrimp and Chorizo Stew Recipe. The peel thing: Yotam Ottolenghi's Seville and blood orange recipes. The short, sharp Seville orange season is upon us once again.

The peel thing: Yotam Ottolenghi's Seville and blood orange recipes

While 90% of this delicious bitter orange crop is destined for the jar and morning toast following the marmalade-making blitz of January – their bitter skin and pectin-filled flesh make these oranges perfect for marmalade – it's with the remaining 10% that my heart really lies. Guinea Fowl au Vin - Guinea fowl. This is more or less my long-loved recipe for Coq au Vin, but made with guinea fowl.

Guinea Fowl au Vin - Guinea fowl

As guinea fowl is smaller than chicken, one bird will feed only two people – but what a feast! Serves 2 This recipe first appeared in Sainsbury’s Magazine. First, melt the butter with the oil in the casserole and, keeping the heat fairly high, fry the guinea fowl joints, skin down, until they are a good golden brown.

Food - Recipes : Valencian paella. Food - Recipes : Creamy salmon pasta bake. Grain man: Yotam Ottolenghi's recipes for pot barley. Given my holiday fling last summer with dakos (Crete's barley crisp bread) and my longer relationship with miso (in which barley is often a key ingredient), it's no wonder food writer Diana Henry assumed I had cracked barley in all its forms. She told me on Twitter that she expected I already knew pot barley makes "a lovely wintry tabbouleh with pomegranates".

Well, no, I didn't. But I do now (and also her equally smart idea to use pot barley instead of rice in mejadra). Whole (as opposed to rolled or ground) barley comes three ways: as a whole grain, as pot barley or as pearl barley. The difference between them is the degree to which their tough outer shell has been removed. Pot barley takes longer to cook than pearl, but an overnight soak in water will speed things along. Vegetarian recipe. This popular Levantine dish is a real old favourite of mine. It's one of my childhood flavours, and evokes memories of heaps of this stuff being sold both in restaurants and by street vendors. Whether eaten hot or cold, the combination of sweet spices and bitter-sweet onion is as comforting as can be.

Spoon over some Greek yoghurt and tuck in, but watch out – it's not easy to stop. Serves four. 250ml sunflower oil4 medium onions, thinly sliced250g green or brown lentils2 tsp cumin seeds1½ tbsp coriander seeds200g basmati rice2 tbsp olive oil½ tsp ground turmeric1½ tsp ground allspice1½ tsp ground cinnamon1 tsp sugarSalt and black pepper350ml water Heat the sunflower oil in a medium-size heavy-based saucepan.

Food - Recipes : Haggis, clapshot and whisky sauce. Burns Night: haggis, red berry sauce, bashed neeps and chappit tatties recipe. Simon Hopkinson's perfect roast chicken. Roasted Red Cabbage. Shredding cabbage for slaw is ideal for summer but cold side dishes just don't cut it when the weather turns cold. To keep up your quota of cruciferous veggies, turn on the oven and roast thick slices of red cabbage as a delectable dinner accompaniment. Tender, lightly browned, and even sweet, roasted cabbage will quickly become one of your favorite winter dishes. Roasted Red Cabbage Serves 6 Ingredients: 1 head red cabbage, cut into 1-1/2-inch slices3 tablespoons olive oilSalt and freshly ground black pepperDirections:Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.Brush cabbage slices with olive oil (an olive oil mister works best but a brush will work just fine, too).Lay cabbage in a single layer on a baking sheet and sprinkle with salt and pepper.Roast for 15 minutes and use a spatula to flip slices over.

Easy cheese straws recipe. Food - Recipes : Seafood risotto. Mediterranean Fish Stew. Close Buying sustainably sourced fish means buying fish that has been caught without endangering the levels of fish stocks and with the protection of the environment in mind. Wild fish caught in areas where stocks are plentiful are sustainably sourced, as are farmed fish that are reared on farms proven to cause no harm to surrounding seas and shores. When buying either wild or farmed fish, ask whether it is sustainably sourced. 5:2 Diet Fast Day Recipe: Spicy Fish Creole with Coconut Lime Rice for Fish on Friday. Hugh's roast duck recipe. Roast Potatoes Recipe. Roast potatoes are essential to any roast, and this roast potato recipe from Josh Eggleton is one of the best to use.

The goal is to achieve crisp potatoes that are fluffy on the inside. Maris Pipers are the best for the job, and shaking the pan after par boiling will produce rough uneven outsides, to crisp up in the really hot duck fat Method Wash, peel and remove any black spots from the potatoes. Cut the potatoes into even sizes, ensuring there are straight edges and right angles. Place the potatoes in a large pan and cover with cold water. Nigel Slater's lamb shanks recipe. Food - Techniques : How to roast a duck. Christmas Roast Duck. Finger-lickin' good: Angela Hartnett's simple party food recipes.

Food - Recipes : Chilli con carne. Food - Recipes : Roasted butternut squash. Roasted squash. Yotam Ottolenghi's recipes for liver-stuffed vine leaves and lamb-stuffed aubergine. Spuds you'll like: Yotam Ottolenghi's potato recipes. If the British Isles had an official vegetable, it would have to be the potato. Aubergine with herbs recipe. It's a cracker: Yotam Ottolenghi's recipes for Cretan dakos and a brilliant one-pot chicken dish for winter. Make a splash: Yotam Ottolenghi's fish supper recipes. Baked aubergines with coriander yogurt dressing. Food - Recipes : Roast root vegetables. How to make the perfect panzanella. Before the advent of the modern wonder-loaf – which could probably outlive your kids – almost everyone had a cunning use for stale bread.

Bread pakoras, pain perdu, bread and butter and summer puddings, bread soup – all dishes well worth passing up the odd piece of toast for. OFM How to ... interactive recipe guide. How to make the perfect fridge cake. Flatbread and harissa honey chicken recipe. One Pan, Two Plates: More Than 70 Complete Weeknight Meals for Two eBook: Carla Snyder, Jody Horton: Kindle Store. The new vegetarian.