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Roasted cauliflower curry. Spicy prawn linguine recipe. Hot-smoked salmon, lentil & pomegranate salad. Chickpea and squash coconut curry recipe. First class beef curry. Spiced beef and beet goulash. Sausage and tomato pasta. Herbed Rice With Tomatoes and Feta Recipe. Speedy red pepper chana masala. Borlotti and runner beans with sage, tomato and garlic Recipe. South Indian fish curry with chickpeas. Cheesy bean burgers with easy slaw Recipe. Chilli-stuffed peppers with feta topping. Grilled mackerel with tomato and avocado salsa Recipe.

Stir-fried sesame pork. Pork tenderloin is a relatively cheap cut and very lean, which make this perfect for a quick-cook stir-fry.

Stir-fried sesame pork

Using a pack of stir-fried vegetables also cuts down time, or prepare your own vegetables if you like. 30 minutes Serves 4 EASY pork tenderloin fillet 1, trimmed and cut into stripssesame seeds 2 tbspoil for fryingstir-fry vegetables 1 packet, about 350gbok choy 2 heads, leaves separated and large ones halvedsoy sauce for dressingsweet chilli sauce for dressinglime 1, juiced Roll the pork strips in the sesame seeds. Heat a little oil in a wok and when it is hot, stir-fry the pork until browned. Chorizo and sprouting broccoli frittata Recipe. Halloumi with bulghar, chickpea & rocket salad. Sweet potato & black bean chilli with zesty quinoa. Linguine with buttered baby spinach, courgettes and brown shrimp Recipe. Roasted tomato, halloumi and quinoa salad. Quinoa is similar to couscous with a little more bite.

Roasted tomato, halloumi and quinoa salad

Find it in health food shops and large supermarkets in the rice and grains section. 40 minutes Serves 2 Easy tomatoes 4red onion ½ small, finely slicedred wine vinegar 1 tbspolive oil ground cumin 1 tspquinoa 100ghalloumi 1 x 250g block, slicedparsley a handful of leavespitta bread and natural yoghurt to serve. Minty yogurt lamb with nutty couscous Recipe. Meat free Monday: Courgette risotto with crisp capers and sage. The perfect summer risotto, packed full of fresh flavours.

Meat free Monday: Courgette risotto with crisp capers and sage

Serve with a scattering of a vegetarian alternative to parmesan if you like, and plenty of black pepper. This will be a new veggie staple! 45 minutes Serves 2 EASY buttercourgettes 2-3 small, sliced on a diagonalshallots 2, finely choppedrisotto rice 200gwhite wine a glassvegetable stock 950mllemon 1/2, zested and juicedsage 1/2, a small bunchcapers 1 tbsp Melt a knob of butter in a deep, wide frying pan.

Heat 2 tbsp olive oil in the same pan. Fry the capers and the rest of the sage in a little hot olive oil so they frizzle up. Steak sandwich with harissa, caramelised onions and feta Recipe. Minty pesto lamb burgers Recipe. Parma ham and rocket pizzas Recipe. Ceviche. Ceviche is practically the national dish of Peru and South America, and you can see why.


Zesty and fresh it is lighter than sushi and easier to make. This dish makes you look cheffy, but is a breeze to prepare. 20 minutes + marinating time Serves 4 Easy Choose good quality, fresh fish for this as you’ll be eating it almost raw. New potatoes, king prawns and chorizo with tomato and chilli Recipe. Tomato, aubergine & mozzarella tagliatelle Recipe. Green Thai curry with greens Recipe. Italian lamb stew with rosemary and olives. Just because it’s May doesn’t mean it’s no longer chilly!

Italian lamb stew with rosemary and olives

Wrap up on the cold days with a warming Spring stew 2-3 hours Serves 12 Easy lamb shoulder 2.5kg, cut into chunksflouroillarge onions 3, choppedcelery sticks 4, dicedcarrots 4, dicedcloves of garlic 4, slicedrosemary 2 tbspwhite wine 350mlplum tomatoes 2 x 400g tinspitted black olives 3 handfulslemons 2, juiced and zestedparsley, a handful, chopped Heat the oven to 160C/fan 140C/gas 3. Cut the lamb shoulder into chunks and dust with seasoned flour. Meat free Monday: Celeriac and potato rosti with poached eggs.

Try this healthy supper for meat free Monday.

Meat free Monday: Celeriac and potato rosti with poached eggs

Try with different root veg, and serve with a few cherry tomatoes if you like. 40 minutes Serves 2 EASY celeriac 100g, peeled and gratedpotato 200g, peeled and gratedshallot 1, finely choppedeggs 3, 1 yolk, 2 whole for poachingDijon mustard 1/2 tspwhite wine vinegar 1 tsp olive oilrocket 2 handfuls. Linguine with curried red mullet Recipe. Asparagus and hot-smoked salmon risotto Recipe. Mexican sweet potato soup. Italian sausages with sage, chilli and butternut mash. This twist on classic sausage and mash will put a little warmth in the air with its kick of chilli 30 minutes Serves 4 Easy butternut squash 1olive oil garlic 1 clove, thinly slicedred chilli 1, finely choppedsage a handful of shredded leaves, plus a few whole to finishpork sausages with herbs and garlic, 8white wine or stock Steam the butternut squash until tender.

Italian sausages with sage, chilli and butternut mash

Salmon club sandwich. Lemon risotto with griddled prawns. Summery flavours work well and turn this into a surprisingly light dish, perfect for a May evening after the sun goes down!

Lemon risotto with griddled prawns

30 minutes Serves 2 Easy garlic 1 clove, finely choppedspring onions 2, finely choppedolive oil risotto rice 200gchicken stock fresh, cubes or concentrate, made up to 1.2 litreslemon 1, zested and juicedsoured cream 3 tbspraw prawns 10 large, shelled Cook the garlic and spring onion in 2 tbsp oil for 2 minutes or until softened. Spicy sausage penne Recipe. Lamb, chicken and chorizo skewers with chimichurri. Has the bank holiday weekend fired the inner barbecue chef inside you?

Lamb, chicken and chorizo skewers with chimichurri

Drag out the bbq vibe for as long as the sun shines! Quick chicken tikka masala Recipe. Chicken saute with white wine, shallots and tarragon Recipe. Chicken garden salad with elderflower dressing. Greek lamb kebabs Recipe. Duck breast with ginger sesame greens. If you’re entertaining this weekend, duck is always an impressive and popular dish.

Duck breast with ginger sesame greens

Pull it off with aplomb thanks to our easy and ready in 30 minutes Asian-inspired recipe! 30 minutes Serves 4 Easy duck breasts 4, skin scoredChinese five spice 2 tspsoy sauce 2 tbspbrown sugar 2 tbsprice vinegar 2 tbspgarlic 1 clove, slicedginger a knob, shreddedspring greens 400g, sliced and blanchedsesame oilsesame seeds toasted, to serve Rub the duck breasts all over on the skin side with the five spice. Put fat side down into a cold, non-stick frying pan. Spoon out the excess fat from the pan. Stir fry the garlic and ginger in a pan or wok then add the greens and cook for 2 minutes. To serve, put some greens in a bowl. Quick lamb and chickpea casserole Recipe. Grilled beef, carrot and rice noodle salad. Fancy a super speedy steak night? Try this noodle salad for a healthy version, or replace the steak with salmon or tofu. Spiced turkey patties with fruity quinoa salad.

Artichoke, asparagus, broad bean and almond pilaf Recipe. One-pan feta filo tart Recipe. Rosemary lamb with creamy puy lentils Recipe. Honey & cumin chicken and aubergine skewers with pistachio dukkah. Easy Thai prawn curry. Italian meatball melts. KEDGEREE RISOTTO. Spiced chicken skewers Recipe. 15 minute supper: Salad Lyonnaise. Use thin, crisp pancetta instead of bacon lardons and a light vinaigrette dressing to make this lighter version of a classic. 15 minutes serves 2 EASY ciabatta 2 slices, dicedolive oil spraypancetta 4 slicesred wine vinegar 1 tbspshallot 1/2 small, finely choppedDijon mustard 1 tspextra-virgin olive oileggs 2frisée lettuce 2 handfuls Put the ciabatta on a non-stick baking tray, spray with oil spray then grill, turning until golden and crisp. Season well. Grill the pancetta until crisp then drain on kitchen paper. Poach the eggs.

Ready in 30: Salmon with sweet and sour noodle salad. Try this Asian inspired supper for two as a quick alternative to a take-away, ready in 30 minutes Try with tofu or sliced chicken breast if you’re not a fan of salmon. 30 minutes Serves 2 EASY carrots 2 medium, juliennedred pepper 1/2, juliennedspring onions 4, shreddedrice wine vinegar 3 tbspsugar 1 tbspred chilli 1, finely choppedsesame oildried medium egg noodles 1 nest, approx 70gskinless salmon fillets 2, seasonedoil for fryingcoriander a handful of chopped leaves Put the carrots, pepper and onions in a bowl. Heat the vinegar, sugar and chilli in a small pan till the sugar dissolves then simmer for a minute. Pour over the veg and toss together. Meat free Monday: Feta and pepper quinoa balls with lemon and dill aïoli.

Try something different with quinoa, perfect for meat free Monday. What’s your favourite thing to do with quinoa? 30 minutes Serves 4 EASY quinoa 120golive oilred pepper 1 small, finely choppedpine nuts 2 tbsplemon 1, zested and juiceddill 2 handfuls, choppedmint 1 handful, choppedfeta 100g, crumbledegg 1light mayonnaise 4 tbspcucumber 1, halved, seeds scooped out and then slicedsalad leaves 4 large handfuls Heat the oven to 220C/fan 200C/ gas 7. Cook the quinoa following pack instructions then drain well. Vegetable Jalfrezi. Method The great thing about this curry is the slightly sweet and sour flavour from the peppers. Do experiment with other combinations of vegetables such as courgettes, aubergines or potatoes once you've mastered this version – bigger, chunkier veggies need longer cooking times, so add them at the start, and delicate veggies like peas and spinach need only minutes, so they can go in right at the end.

This will serve 8 people – just halve the recipe if your pan isn't large enough, or else freeze any leftovers. Coconut-crumbed fish with sweet chilli slaw. Spaghetti with quick watercress, spinach and rocket pesto. Enjoy the warmer weather by adding lots of fresh greens everywhere, like in this ready in 20 minutes pasta dish.

This super quick pesto is so easy to make it’s almost cheating (but not quite)! 20 minutes Serves 4 Easy. Ravioli with artichokes, leek & lemon. Moroccan wings with herb couscous. These wings pack a punch of flavour even with their short preparation time, perfect for a mid-week dinner. Adjust the amount of harissa paste to your taste, depending on how much spice you like. Venison and chestnut stew Recipe. Tex-Mex beans on toast. Meat free Monday: spinach, olive and caper gnocchi. This meat free monday dinner recipe is the perfect way to add a little warmth to the weather. Roast lemon chicken with braised butter beans.

What are you having for Sunday lunch? Roasted sesame salmon with ginger and chilli pak choi Recipe. Pasta twists with herb and nut sauce Recipe. 4 ingredients or less. Sometimes we’re all in a bit of a hurry, but that doesn’t mean that taste should be compromised. We’ve rounded up 5 recipes that use 4 ingredients or less, for those nights where simplicity is key. Prawn laksa. Laksa is a spicy curry noodle soup, very popular in Southeast Asia in particular. Our version is ready in 20 minutes and perfect for putting a bit of heat into the dreary weather! 20 mins Serves 2 easy. Chicken, goat’s cheese and wild garlic cannelloni Recipe. Chorizo, chickpea and mussel stew Recipe. Clams, garlic and chilli linguine. Are you as confused about the weather as we are and can’t decide whether it’s warm or not? We’ve got the perfect easy dinner recipe for this problem, with heat from mediterranean flavours that are still perfect for a light dinner.

Fish dogs with lemony fennel slaw. Meat free Monday: Tomato, lentil and lime soup. Squid & pinto bean stew with garlic toasts. Friday night supper: Keema meatball masala with mint and onion salad. Spinach stuffed giant pasta shells. Not your average pasta bake. If you don’t have giant pasta shells, use cannelloni instead. Urgette and ham gratin Recipe. Secret steak & chips, garlicky green beans. Close Buying sustainably sourced fish means buying fish that has been caught without endangering the levels of fish stocks and with the protection of the environment in mind.

Wild fish caught in areas where stocks are plentiful are sustainably sourced, as are farmed fish that are reared on farms proven to cause no harm to surrounding seas and shores. When buying either wild or farmed fish, ask whether it is sustainably sourced. Chicken and chorizo paella Recipe. Egg-in-the-hole smoked salmon & avocado toastie. Beef, spinach and mozzarella ragù Recipe. Falafel and halloumi stacks. Very easy mascarpone fish pies Recipe. Double baked jackets with creamy leeks and roquefort.

Creamy scrambled eggs with cheese and chives Recipe by Food Network Kitchens. Ready in 30: Hot smoked trout with pancetta, new potatoes and pea shoots. Healthy cassoulet Recipe. Cumberland sausage hot dogs with beery onions Recipe. Special seafood & saffron pasta. Lime-cured pork chops with black bean, corn and quinoa salad. Paprika-spiced pork Recipe. Vietnamese caramel trout. Pan-fried squid with spinach, red peppers and chickpeas Recipe. Giant couscous with spiced lamb, feta and almonds Recipe. Freezer filler: Spiced lamb and feta burgers. Tenderstem and Chicken Vietnamese Noodle Soup Recipe. Grilled Chicken with Spinach and Pine Nut Pesto by Giada De Laurentiis (Chicken, Spinach.