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Search Results Nine steps to quality online learning. Designing online learning for the 21st century. E-learning quality assurance standards, organizations and research. I am surprised how often academic colleagues argue that there are no quality standards for e-learning. Well, hello, I’m sorry, but there are and some of them are damned good. However, I was surprised to find while doing some research for a client that there is no single source where one can go to compare different quality standards for e-learning.

So I’m starting a list here, and would appreciate it if readers could direct me to ones that I may have missed. (For more detailed information on some of these, see comments below). Canada. Steve Jobs: Peripatetic Businessman. Last week I published a review of Steve Jobs , the biography by Walter Isaacson.

Steve Jobs: Peripatetic Businessman

One connection I made while thinking about the biography was something that would be more of interest to those who have studied a bit of philosophy — dare I call such people “philosophy geeks”? Creative Cities: Oakland - Vander Ark on Innovation.

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EdNET Insight. Building-the-future-of-education_50589dc5a6db1_w587.jpg (587×5194) DT > Digital Textbooks. New Guide! Mobile Devices for Learning: What You Need to Know.