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Nikola Tesla

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Ils ont fait l’électricité : Tesla et le courant alternatif. Inventeur et ingénieur des plus prolifiques de la fin du XIXe siècle, Tesla a déposé plus de 700 brevets, dont de nombreux furent ensuite attribués à Thomas Edison.

Ils ont fait l’électricité : Tesla et le courant alternatif

Il est notamment reconnu pour ses travaux pionniers sur le courant alternatif. Né en 1856 à Smiljan (Autriche-Hongrie), Nikola Tesla grandit dans une famille très religieuse de l’actuelle Croatie. Doué d’une mémoire impressionnante, il entre en 1875 à l’école polytechnique de Graz (Autriche) mais faute de moyens financiers il ne peut finir ses études. Tesla travaille ensuite à Prague puis à Budapest où il devient électricien en chef d’une compagnie. En 1882, il travaille à Paris pour la Continental Edison. La controverse du courant. Nikola Tesla: “Inventor of some beautiful pieces of electrical apparatus” « The National WWII Museum Blog. Today marks the 70th anniversary of the death of Nikola Tesla, prolific inventor, engineer, and physicist well known for developing the alternating current (AC) electrical supply system.

Nikola Tesla: “Inventor of some beautiful pieces of electrical apparatus” « The National WWII Museum Blog

Tesla obtained at least 278 patents in 26 countries for his inventions and his theoretical ideas regarding radio communication paved the way for the development of radio remote control systems and RADAR. Nicola Tesla was honored in 1960 for his significant scientific contributions when the “tesla” was designated as the SI unit for magnetic field strength. F R A G M E N T S. Nikola Tesla. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla vers 1893. Nikola Tesla (en serbe cyrillique Никола Тесла), né le à Smiljan, dans l'Empire d'Autriche (aujourd’hui en Croatie), et mort le à New York, aux États-Unis, est un inventeur et ingénieur serbe de la Croatie[1],[2],[3], également citoyen américain, ayant principalement œuvré dans le domaine de l’électricité. Tesla: Man Out of Time: Margaret Cheney: 9780743215367: Let's Build a Goddamn Tesla Museum.

Nikola Tesla was the father of the electric age.

Let's Build a Goddamn Tesla Museum

Despite having drop-kicked humanity into a second industrial revolution, up until recently he's been an unsung hero in history books. If you don't know who Tesla is, go read this. Tesla's final laboratory is located in the sleepy town of Shoreham, New York. It's known as Wardenclyffe and it's where Tesla attempted to build a tower that would provide free wireless energy to the entire earth. Unfortunately, Tesla lost his funding before the project was completed and in 1917 the Wardenclyffe tower was demolished. However, the land, laboratory, and foundation beneath the tower are still there and very recently went up for sale. There is currently another offer on the table from someone who wants to purchase the property potentially tear it down or turn it into a retail establishment.

The folks behind this project are a 501(c) non-profit organization and they've spent the past 15 years trying to find a way to save this property. Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe » Press Release: End of Fundraising Campaign. Press Release: End of Fundraising Campaign (Shoreham, NY)—Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe is pleased to announce the successful completion of its recent Internet-based crowdfunding campaign on

Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe » Press Release: End of Fundraising Campaign

The effort was spearheaded by Seattle-based cartoonist Matthew Inman ( It raised $1,370,511 to help the Tesla Science Center purchase Wardenclyffe, the only remaining laboratory in the world where scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla worked, in Shoreham, NY. Campaign synopsis. When Inman learned that Wardenclyffe was in danger of being sold and lost forever, he sprang into action.

Inman’s fans flocked to the web, achieving the original goal in less than a week. Over 33,000 contributions were made from each of the 50 United States and Washington, D.C., and 108 countries around the world: $100 raised per minute, $6,000 per hour, and $145,000 per day (on average)Average contribution: $41Most frequent contribution amount: $50. Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe » About Tesla Science Center. The Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe, also known as Friends of Science East, Inc., a not-for-profit organization incorporated by the State of New York, was established with the specific purpose of developing a regional science and technology center on eastern Long Island.

Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe » About Tesla Science Center

It is the hope of Friends of Science East, Inc. to be able to establish this center at the site of the former Peerless Photo plant in Shoreham, New York. The Science and Technology Center and Museum would be a place dedicated to science education and to introducing visitors to the rich scientific opportunities on Long Island. This center and museum would complement the educational efforts of the schools within this region as well as the community outreach activities of other prominent science institutions. It would also look to provide possible space for fledgling companies engaged in scientific research. Why Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek who ever lived. Additional notes from the author: If you want to learn more about Tesla, I highly recommend reading Tesla: Man Out of Time Also, this Badass of the week by Ben Thompson is what originally inspired me to write a comic about Tesla.

Why Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek who ever lived

Ben's also got a book out which is packed full of awesome.