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The Internet map. This Advanced iPad Stylus Could Make Tablet Writing a Lot Easier. This bracelet could replace your passwords, your car keys, and even your fingerprints. Fingerprint readers.

This bracelet could replace your passwords, your car keys, and even your fingerprints

Io is data, simply. MapBox Plans to Bring You Super-Fresh Satellite Imagery. Image from Landsat 8 of a Namibian volcano, Brukkaros Mountain, taken July 9, 2013 and given to me by MapBox yesterday.

MapBox Plans to Bring You Super-Fresh Satellite Imagery

(USGS/NASA) I really love both maps and images of Earth from space, so when I learned this week of MapBox’s plan to deliver satellite imagery that is just hours old from all over the planet, I thought they must have done this just for me. They didn’t, but I am really excited about this. Documentation. Table of Contents Command Usage * The full web based man page can be viewed here . * For basic help run: get_iplayer -h * For Advanced and extended options run:


Download from BBC iPlayer in 2012 to MP4 on Windows for FREE! A step forward for a full Cloud Mapping environment, CartoDB integrates Dropbox. We have designed CartoDB from day one to be an entirely cloud based solution for your mapping and data visualization needs. This gives us tremendous flexibility in the ways we can bring you speed, new features, and a better service all around. We take a lot of inspiration from other cloud services like Dropbox, the tool that has changed the way many of us share, store and organize our files. With nearly 200 million users worldwide , Dropbox services 700,000 file uploads every minute ! Even in our small team, Dropbox has totally changed the way we collaborate and move data. We saw this as an important tool to integrate closer into the CartoDB workflow, and the first step along that path, was finding ways to bring data directly from Dropbox into CartoDB tables.

How to Design Culture: 16 Patterns to Build Adaptive Learning Organizations. How do we form learning cultures in times of accelerating change?

How to Design Culture: 16 Patterns to Build Adaptive Learning Organizations

What tools and practices can self-organizing structures implement to become more agile and adaptive? I just received a copy of a new book by Dan Mezick called The Culture Game, which is all about answering the above inquiry. It touts itself as “the reference manual and toolbox for management “culture hackers,” those innovators and change-makers who are focused on creating a culture of learning inside their team…and the wider organization.”

True-size-of-africa.jpg (JPEG Image, 2482 × 1755 pixels) - Scaled (52. Evernote finally adds Physician requested feature, PDF annotation. Follow Iltifat Husain MD on twitter @iltifatMD It finally happened. Evernote finally did something the medical community has been begging it to do for years — PDF annotation is here. I wrote an op-ed piece a few months ago mentioning how badly the medical community wanted Dropbox and Evernote to add PDF annotation. We love storing our PDF files and medical notes on both services, and having the ability to mark up medical articles in the same app they are stored is tremendous. Evernote beat Dropbox to this by integrating Skitch into their app in a seamless manner.

In the below video, I go through how to use Evernote with Skitch to markup PDF files. How to read a phylogenetic tree. This is work-in-progress prompted by some enquiries about how to interpret the trees of viruses published in this website and elsewhere. There are some gaps that I hope to fill in soon. Phylogenetics trees contain a lot of information about the inferred evolutionary relationships between a set of viruses. Sars: The people who risked their lives to stop the virus. 15 August 2013 Last updated at 20:17 ET Kevin Fong Doctor and broadcaster. Ools for SharePoint User Experience (UX) Design: Scamping. You may also be interested in: Scinaptic OnePlaceMail - Enterprise Email & Document Management for SharePoint Editor's note: Contributor Adrian England is the Senior User Experience Designer at Creative Sharepoint .

Follow him @ade_england Introduction. The largest SharePoint community on the Internet covering End User, Developer and IT Pro - How the UN Used Social Media in Response to Typhoon Pablo (Updated) Our mission as digital humanitarians was to deliver a detailed dataset of pictures and videos (posted on Twitter) which depict damage and flooding following the Typhoon. An overview of this digital response is available here . The task of our United Nations colleagues at the Office of the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs ( OCHA ), was to rapidly consolidate and analyze our data to compile a customized Situation Report for OCHA’s team in the Philippines.

The maps, charts and figures below are taken from this official report (click to enlarge). This map is the first ever official UN crisis map entirely based on data collected from social media. Note the “Map data sources” at the bottom left of the map: “The Digital Humanitarian Network’s Solution Team: Standby Volunteer Task Force ( SBTF ) and Humanity Road ( HR ).” Studio  " I picked this up at the local LEGO store today, and I'm definitely impressed.


I'm in college right now, studying to be a structural engineer, and as such have a thing for architecture. I have the entire Architecture line, so initially I was going to buy this just for the completist factor, but I was intrigued by the possibilities of the book. I also went to the B&N event this past weekend, and I like the brick selection. There's a few slopes and wedges in there I hadn't seen before, as well as the double-sided grooved blocks. MangoMap. Data Scraping- Part III: Python. Collecting Flight Data from Bureau of Transportation with Python This is Part III in our Data Scraping blog post series.

Data Scraping- Part III: Python

Part I by Jewel Loree shows how to scrape websites using IFTTT and Part II by Mike Klaczynski provides an walk-through. Three Easy Ways to Load Non-Amazon Books onto Your Kindle Fire. Your Kindle Fire works great as an Amazon shopping device, but sometimes you've got a few books or apps that you want to read from places outside of the Kindle ecosystem.

Three Easy Ways to Load Non-Amazon Books onto Your Kindle Fire

I've got a ton of eBooks I've legitimately obtained through third-party bookstores, and I'd rather keep track of them all through my Kindle library. If you're in the same boat, you can get those books onto your Kindle in no time. How do you get those onto your Kindle Fire? eBook Deal of the Week. iPhone Video Hero. 9 jQuery Plugins for Improving Website Navigation. Navigation is arguably the most important part of website. Without it, visitors would not be able to move from page to page and view the content. Thinking about the best approach to your website navigation is a very important part of the creative process. HPA Migrant Health Guide - Home. Nuclear vs renewables: A tale of disparities. Latest Animated Video Explanation – What is Digital Health. Should We Abide by a Suicidal Patient’s Wishes? It was standing room only in the small pink conference room on the first floor.

Doctors, nurses, social workers, medical students and a physical therapist crowded in to meet with Sasha*. Location Intelligence Applications For Everyone. Mapping and Location Analytics for all Imagine the ability to map your data and test hypothesis without the need for a complex and traditionally expensive GIS, combined with the flexibility to do this in the office, at home, at a client location, on the move and even via a tablet device such as iPad.

Location Intelligence Applications For Everyone

MAPCITE delivers an extremely powerful toolset that has no reliance on your internal IT teams, internal server connections or requires additional software to be installed. Use cases: Chief Constable visualizing officer movement Epidemiologist mapping disease Global tech company anlayzing distribution channels Bank location based transaction analytics Insurer mapping/analyzing fraud locations Health Analyst understanding the "causes of the causes" Full features comparison. AHIMA offers new ICD-10 online trainings. [iOS] - Can the pebble do anything at all with iOS - Pebble Forums. Business Requirements Document: a High-level Review. J.

Business Requirements Document: a High-level Review

I want to use. Ools for SharePoint User Experience (UX) Design: Paper Prototyping. The largest SharePoint community on the Internet covering End User, Developer and IT Pro - HPA Migrant Health Guide - Home. Zeebox. New Al Desko eaterie creates glowing screen environment for wannabe busy diners.

Mapa de la Mortalidad en Colombia - Kronista. Zeebox. Tableau Public for the Mac. Humanitarianism in the Network Age. Hot Exports. How Online Mapmakers Are Helping the Red Cross in the Philippines. Volunteers across the world are building the digital infrastructure for the organization's Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts. Digital Humanitarians: From Haiti Earthquake to Typhoon Yolanda. Guide to Forgotten Diseases. SBTF Yolanda Deployment by Anahi Ayala Iacucci on Prezi. Bokeh, a Python library for interactive visualization. Inkscape Video Tutorial. 17 LinkedIn Profile Must-Haves. Put Into Perspective. Geofabrik Tools. Overpass turbo. Social media will help to monitor disease outbreaks.

Thematic mapping blog. Online Marketing Solutions Tools and Resources. Get Your Head Around Migraines. Google creates Helpouts, a HIPAA compliant video platform that can be used by Physicians and Patients. The Ultimate Christmas List for Map Lovers. The map that saved the London Underground. The 3-Minute Win.

Atlas of the Historical Geography of the United States. Atlas of the Historical Geography of the United States. OpenStreetMap's Redesign Goes Live! More Focused, More Inviting, More Map. Zeebox. Zeebox. Apple’s focus on a “Healthbook” app could improve public health, force doctors to adopt mobile. Wells Green TMD - Useful links... Therailwaymodel. TOC GRAPHICS TRANSFERS. Introducing R to a non-programmer, in an hour.

Drawing with 2D Canvas. Online Database Software: Zoho Creator. Making drug information smart and open. 500,000 km2 Satellite Imagery Update for OpenStreetMap Tracing. Global Development Professionals Network. Earth Observatory Blogs : Home. Zeebox. Mapbox : this has to be the largest... The most affordable, automatic sit-to-stand desk. by Steven Yu.

Tracking the Ebola Response in Guinea. Docs – What is Datawrapper? Kelly norton: The Pleasant Places to Live. Dredging would not have stopped massive UK floods - environment - 10 February 2014. Home.