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The Greatest Talk of Jacque Fresco (subs) - The Venus Project

The Greatest Talk of Jacque Fresco (subs) - The Venus Project
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Out of Sight, Out of Mind Sentience - Wikipedia Philosophy and sentience[edit] In the philosophy of consciousness, sentience can refer to the ability of any entity to have subjective perceptual experiences, or as some philosophers refer to them, "qualia".[2] This is distinct from other aspects of the mind and consciousness, such as creativity, intelligence, sapience, self-awareness, and intentionality (the ability to have thoughts about something). Sentience is a minimalistic way of defining consciousness, which is otherwise commonly collectively describes sentience plus other characteristics of the mind. Some philosophers, notably Colin McGinn, believe that sentience will never be understood, a position known as "new mysterianism". They do not deny that most other aspects of consciousness are subject to scientific investigation but they argue that subjective experiences will never be explained; i.e., sentience is the only aspect of consciousness that can't be explained. Ideasthesia[edit] Indian religions[edit] Criticism[edit]

Daruma (Bodhidharma) - Patriarch of Zen Buddhism in China and Japan The historical Bodhidharma (known as Daruma in Japan) was an Indian sage who lived sometime in the fifth or sixth century AD. He is commonly considered the founder of 禅, and credited with Chan's introduction to China. (Important Note: Zen is the term used in Japan, but Daruma’s philosophy arrived first in China, where it flowered and was called Chan Buddhism. Only centuries later does it , where it is called Zen). Practically nothing is known about Bodhidharma or his teachings. In the early part of the 20th century, a great cache of manuscripts dating to China's Tang period (618-907), were discovered in Dunghuang, China. attributed to Bodhidharma is presently considered authentic. <> The lack of robust historical evidence concerning Bodhidharma, paradoxically, is offset by countless legends about this sage. REFERENCES: See, for example: Bodhidharma as Textual and Religious Paradigm by Bernard Faure (History of Religions, Vol. 25, No. 3, 1986, pp.187-198) or CHINESE LEGENDS.

Could It Be? Spooky Experiments That 'See' The Future : Krulwich Wonders... Later today you are going to do something, something you don't know about yet. Yet somehow, it's already happened. Somehow, it's already affected you. Huh? One of the most respected, senior and widely published professors of psychology, Daryl Bem of Cornell, has just published an article that suggests that people — ordinary people — can be altered by experiences they haven't had yet. Already critics are jumping up and down, saying this can't be, time is not porous, the experiments are flawed. Two Very Queer Experiments But while we're waiting, let me tell you what he did. Dr. Experiment Number 1: Who's Got the Porn? The first is a computer quiz. 100 Cornell students, 50 males, 50 females, were invited to sit in front of some computers. This is an experiment that tests for ESP. OK, that's two curtains. Since a computer randomly chooses what's behind each curtain, one would expect the students to choose correctly half the time. But that is not how it turned out. Here's the second study. What?

Autodefensas de Michoacán se reorganizan; el gobierno es traicionero, no nos cumplió Autodefensas de Michoacán se reorganizan; el gobierno es traicionero, no nos cumplió Sanjuana Martínez Especial para La Jornada Periódico La JornadaDomingo 5 de octubre de 2014, p. 13 Coahuayana, Mich. Los grupos de autodefensas legítimas han ido incautando en esta zona costera propiedades pertenecientes a presuntos miembros de Los caballeros templarios, para convertirlos en inmuebles de carácter social en beneficio de comunidades locales. No son Robin Hood, pero sus planes de convertir estas ostentosas mansiones en bibliotecas, centros juveniles o asilos sitúan a las autodefensas michoacanas muy cerca del arquetípico héroe forajido inglés del folclore medieval. La estructura financiera de los templarios en esta zona sigue intacta, y apenas hace unos días la Procuraduría General de Justicia de Michoacán confiscó en Tumbiscatío tres inmuebles de Servando Gómez, La Tuta. “El gobierno es traicionero, no cumple. A nosotros nos dijeron que iba a ser un cambio de camiseta, no un cambio de cerebro. The scale’s model name is not listed on the “Bluetooth” Menu of the iOS device. Make sure the scale is on “Set” status by pressing the “Set” button on the back of the scale. The Bluetooth connection failed. Turn off and on the Bluetooth button on the Bluetooth Menu (see SettingsGeneralBluetooth) and re-establish the Bluetooth connection. If the problem persists, restart your iOS device. The Wi-Fi sharing pop-up window doesn’t show on the iOS device. Re-establish the Bluetooth connection. The Wi-Fi symbol doesn’t appear on the scale display. Make sure the iOS device is connected to a router. Make sure the MAC address is not filtered by a router. Follow the steps “Set up the scale’s Wi-Fi connection” in the Quick Start Guide. The App and scale connection failed. Make sure the scale is powered on, and the Wi-Fi symbol is stable (not flashing). Make sure the iOS device and scale is connected to the same router. I cannot establish Wifi connection. 5.Remove batteries from HS5. The scale displays “Lo”.

24 Books To Hone Your Strategic Mind Strategy isn’t something that’s taught well in school. Hell, most people probably couldn’t tell you the difference between “strategy” and “tactics” (or even know there is a difference.) This is unfortunate, because strategy is something that is critically relevant to all of us – not just those with careers in the military. We all have goals, we all have obstacles to those goals and we all live in a world we do not control. The better we are at it – the better we are at doing what we want and need to do. How do I accomplish what I need to accomplish? Like I said, this isn’t exactly our fault. In this list I want to give you some of the best (and most accessible) books, essays and documents about strategy. 1. This book – of a long forgotten war – really functions as a biography and strategic analysis of some of the greatest minds in the history of war. The anecdotes and the stories in this book are timeless. Think of this book as a textbook. 2 & 3. 4. 4 & 5. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13 & 14.

Understanding Measurements | Tanita Underfat : below the healthy body fat range. Increased risk for health problems.Healthy : within the healthy body fat percentage range for your age/gender.Overfat : above the healthy range. Increased risk for health problems.Obese : high above the healthy body fat range. Greatly increased risk of obesity-related health problems. Note: Athletes may have a lower body fat range depending on their particular sport or activity. What is body fat percentage? Body fat percentage is the amount of body fat as a proportion of your body weight. Click here for the body fat ranges What is total body water percentage? Total Body Water Percentage is the total amount of fluid in a person’s body expressed as apercentage of their total weight. Your body water percentage reading should act as a guide and should not be used to specifically determine your absolute recommended total body water percentage. Female : 45 to 60%Male : 50 to 65% Source : Based on Tanita's Internal Research What is visceral fat rating?

A Practical Philosophy Reading List Very few people wake up and think “I need philosophy.” This is perfectly understandable. But of course, everyone has their own problems and are dealing with the difficulties of life in some way or another. The irony is this is actually what ancient philosophy was intended to ameliorate. Suffering might be a strong word to describe most our travails in love, in business, with our egos, with our urges, with our jerk of a neighbor who keeps stealing our parking space. Whatever problem you’re facing right now, someone else probably already went through it. Some of the best philosophers never wrote anything down–they just lived exemplary lives and provided an example which we can now learn from. In a humble continuation of that tradition, I’d like this post to serve as a quick introduction to the world of practical philosophy–philosophy you can actually read and use in your own life. Meditations by Marcus Aurelius Meditation is perhaps the only document of its kind ever made. Misc Biographies