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National Vaccine Information Center - Your Health. Your Family. Your Choice.

National Vaccine Information Center - Your Health. Your Family. Your Choice.
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Chemtrail Pilot Blows the Lid Off OPERATION INDIGO SKYFOLD [Viral] “Maybe my fellow pilots will read or hear about this, and decide to come forward as well.” Indigo Skyfold Pilot In confirmation to the Indigo Skyfold pilot’s testimony that is the main subject of this article, another US Air Force personnel has thrown herself into the battle against chemtrail and global geo-engineering operations. Her direct first-hand account is not something a sane society can ignore… But the creativity of the trolls to twist even their own positions and facts is an expression of their growing desperation. The battle against chemical and biological warfare in all their forms, e.g. chemtrail, vaccines, and GMO, is humanity’s battle. We are hoping that more insiders would come out in the open and tell the world the whole truth about all these sinister operations. This article has been trolled persistently, we are beginning to understand why… What Chemtrails are Doing To Your Brain are Shocking – Neurosurgeon The Truth about Chemtrails Why? I. II. Posted by: The HAARP Report

What religions don't vaccinate? - Page 2 - Mothering Forums I am a Christian. I am not part of a denominational organization, however. I attend a church that teaches line-by-line through the Bible. At home, and in our daily lives, my husband and I live what we believe. We don't follow a set of "church rules" about how to live, but rather seek the Word. We are not against medical care, and see advancements in medical capabilities as a gift from God when they are utilized conservatively and with restraint and responsibility. At the end of the day no one in our church has made a rule that if we vaccinate we are not welcome at church, and/or not given salvation. All of this to say that I very much see vaccination as part of my faith. Blessings, and way to go, JackieCutter for bringing a big element of childishness and mockery to a discussion. Blessed Christian Wife and Homeschooling Mother to 10 children. To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. ‘To someone whose god is science, vaccination makes sense.

Native American populations descend from three key migrations, scientists say Scientists have found that Native American populations -- from Canada to the southern tip of Chile -- arose from at least three migrations, with the majority descended entirely from a single group of First American migrants that crossed over through Beringia, a land bridge between Asia and America that existed during the ice ages, more than 15,000 years ago. By studying variations in Native American DNA sequences, the international team found that while most of the Native American populations arose from the first migration, two subsequent migrations also made important genetic contributions. The paper is published in the journal Nature July 11. "For years it has been contentious whether the settlement of the Americas occurred by means of a single or multiple migrations from Siberia," said Professor Andres Ruiz-Linares (UCL Genetics, Evolution and Environment), who coordinated the study. "But our research settles this debate: Native Americans do not stem from a single migration.

Bought Movie - The Truth Behind Vaccines, Big Pharma & Your Food Underwater images from a Lake Michigan Stonehenge | Michigan in Pictures If you’ve ever wondered what the most popular post on Michigan in Pictures was, you’ve arrived. Over 100,000 people followed a Reddit post here to learn about an underwater discovery. September 29, 2011 Welcome everyone from Reddit. Lake Michigan Stones, photo via bldgblog. In a surprisingly under-reported story from 2007, Mark Holley, a professor of underwater archaeology at Northwestern Michigan University, discovered a series of stones – some of them arranged in a circle and one of which seemed to show carvings of a mastodon – 40-feet beneath the surface waters of Lake Michigan. Regarding the slightly repurposed “sector scan sonar” device that Northwestern Michigan University College professor and underwater archaeologist Dr. The circular images this thing produces are unreal; like some strange new art-historical branch of landscape representation, they form cryptic dioramas of long-lost wreckage on the lakebed. Share Michigan in Pictures: Like this: Like Loading... Related In "animals"

Eucalyptus Essential Oil for Hair Loss | Why it Works - beautymunsta Eucalyptus essential oil stimulates the hair follicles, thereby promoting hair growth & reducing hair loss How to Reduce Hair Loss If you’re losing hair, the number one thing you shouldn’t do – that almost everyone does is start panicking. Did you know that panicking creates stress and stress will instantly lead to more hair fall?! Regularly wash your hair and scalpEat a balanced diet including protein, sulphur & essential fatty acidsGet a chlorine filter for your showerLimit the use of heat tools & other damaging hair styling toolsExamine your diet for any allergens that cause eczema & psoriasis and eliminate themStop stressingDrink waterUse natural hair masks & hair oils The above are lifestyle changes that will gradually show signs of improvement so be patient and consistent to get amazing life changing results! How Eucalyptus Essential Oil Helps Prevent & Treat Hair Loss Hair stimulant. Powerful properties of eucalyptus essential oil for beauty. Improves elasticity of hair. Take Care

10 Of The Most Functional Foods Which Inhibit Cancerous Tumors By Dave Mihalovic. Originally published on Many specific proteins, enzymes and coding within our immune system may be activated to kill cancer cells. There is no such thing as a cancer cell that cannot be defeated by the human immune system. Scientists have found that healthy cells damaged by chemotherapy secreted more of a protein which boosts cancer cell survival. In a study published in the journal Science Translational Medicine, scientists identified a molecule, known as TIC10, which activates a protein that helps fight the disease. Through the body's infinite wisdom, its systems recognize foreign invaders and poisons such as chemotherapy which are not beneficial for the brain. Another positive is that TIC10 does not just activate the TRAIL gene in cancerous cells, but also in healthy ones. Nearby healthy cells are also given a boost to increase the number of cancer-killing TRAIL receptors on their cell surface. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Black Hair 101 » Blog Archive » Natural Shampoo Alternatives For Washing Hair Castile Soap Castile soap is not a brand; it is a soap that is made up of vegetable oil and lye instead of animal fat. The lye converts the oil to soap, a process that is called saponification. When the process is finished there is no trace of lye left in it. There are two types of lye used by soapmakers – sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide. The vegetable oil that is most prominent in castile soap is olive oil and it is made in a manner similar to the one that was used in the Castile region in Spain which is where the name originated from. Because castile soap was originally made with a 100% olive oil persons are skeptical whenever any other oil is used in the make up of the soap. Castile soap basically has three ingredients: water, lye and oil. You can also add essential oils and herbs to your finished product to create a healthy shampoo for your hair and body wash for your skin. If you want ‘slip’ for castile soap preparations you can add flaxseed to it. Shampoo bars Aloe vera 9.

Jesus as the Sun In my last blog post I discussed astrology and how it is used in the Bible. We also looked at many scriptures which compared God to the sun. This is done in both the Old and New Testaments. Finally, we reviewed how a few key scriptures stated that the entire Gospel story and the stories of the Old Testament were shown in the heavens by the stars and planets in the sky. One particularly revealing verse we discussed in that post was Psalm 19:1-5, which also compared the heavens to a tabernacle for the sun. Since this blog post will take a deeper look at how Jesus himself is compared with the sun, I am going to review a few scriptures from our last blog post and then give you some new poignant details to think about which also connect Christ with the Sun. Here are the comparisons: Malachi 4:2 is a prophecy concerning the messiah of Israel, and as we have already seen, it is about the sun, not the son. Jesus is also known as the bright and morning star. Jesus had 12 disciples.

Find a Vaccine Friendly Doctor Near You | Ask Dr Sears® Some parents choose not to vaccinate their kids. Others want to partially vaccinate. Some just aren’t sure what they want to do, and they want help figuring what will be best for their child. If you fit into any of these categories, you may have a hard time finding a vaccine-friendly doctor. I know where I live and work, in Orange County, California, we are one of the only practices that take such patients. Most doctors around here kick patients out of their practice for not vaccinating, or for asking too many questions. Please be aware that just because a physician’s office appears on this list, that does NOT necessarily imply that they will be comfortable or supportive of every vaccine decision you make. If you have a vaccine-friendly doctor, or know of one who isn’t listed here, please have them contact us at to have their practice listed. Please Note! Alaska Darcy Lucey, A.N.P. Mat-Su Midwifery 2650 Broadview Ave Wasilla, AK 99687 (907) 373-3420 Arizona Dr. W.

Dr. Tien-Sheng Hsu Chelation: The Andy Cutler protocol Oral chelation for mercury Before beginning the oral chelation protocol for mercury, as described by Dr Andrew Hall Cutler Ph.D., P.E, it is strongly advised that you follow these guidelines: 1) Join one, or more of the support groups below. The value of such support groups cannot be underestimated and participation is free. 3) MOST IMPORTANT! 4) Hair samples should be sent away for a ‘Hair Elements Test‘ (link to independent website to order your hair test). There are two ways to order a Hair Elements Test: (i) Health professionals can order this test directly from DDI Labs in the USA if they are registered with them. In each case a Hair Elements test kit is mailed to you, consisting of a small paper scale, collection bag and requisition form. 5) Listen to this interview with Dr Andy Cutler: Interview 1: Mercury, vaccines and autism – This is an excellent overview 6) Most importantly: Never take any chelator in any form if you have any mercury still inside your mouth. Discussion

Boundary Stones of Washington, D.C. THE MYOPIA MYTH: How To Prevent Nearsightedness