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Amazing - Bismuth Crystals

Amazing - Bismuth Crystals
How to make Bismuth crystals Bismuth Crystals Bismuth (element #83 on the periodic table) forms beautifully colored and geometrically intricate hopper crystals, shown in the image to the left, as it slowly cools and solidifies from its molten state. The distinctive, 'hoppered', shape of a Bismuth crystal results from a higher growth rate around its outer edges than on its inside face. The crystal's eye-catching array of colors results from the formation of a thin oxide layer on its surface. Growing Bismuth Crystals In order to grow high quality crystals, very pure Bismuth metal must be used. Another important factor which affects the quality and size of Bismuth crystals is the cooling time. The melting point of Bismuth is relatively low compared to other metals at only 271 °C (520 °F), which is low enough to easily melt using a small propane torch or even a laboratory hot plate. Pictures of large Bismuth crystals Related:  sort

Experiment: Growing Bismuth Crystals In this experiment, I'll be growing beautiful iridescent crystals out of pure bismuth metal. These "hopper crystals," as they are known, form completely naturally as molten bismuth cools and solidifies. They aren't found in nature, however, because of the specific circumstances required to make them. People make these in labs and sell some pretty amazing samples on eBay. This experiment is very simple to do. My melting setup was a small pot on the stove top, with a smaller steel cup inside that actually contained the metal to melt. This is my method for suspending a seed crystal in the metal. After the bismuth was fully melted, I poured it into a new, clean container and suspended my seed crystal so it would hang just below the surface of the metal. The cup on the left holds the liquid I poured off, and the one on the right contains my crystals. Top and bottom views of my solidified bismuth after knocking it out of the container. The final product - my bismuth metal crystals.

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Bismuth Crystal at Educational Innovations These beautiful man-made crystals float to the top of a super-cooled bismuth melt and form within minutes. Bismuth is one of the few materials that have a greater density as a liquid than as a solid. Only a few other materials such as water, gallium and germanium, exhibit this property. The trigonal crystal structure accounts for the cubic formations. The iridescent rainbows of colors observed are caused by light scattering off thin layers of bismuth oxide formed when the surface of the hot bismuth reacts with the air. Specimens range from 12 to 17g with a density of 9.81 g/cc. Download the pdf of this lesson! Bismuth is a very unusual and rare metal that is solid at room temperature. Bismuth crystals are man-made or man 'grown'. The iridescent coloring is due to a thin layer of bismuth oxide that forms on the surface of the crystal as it cools.

How do your crystals grow? Because one of the main bottlenecks in determining the structure of protein molecules is producing good isolated single crystals, improved crystallization techniques would be useful in a wide range of genomics and pharmaceutical research. Research reported in the Journal of Chemical Physics uses fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS) to investigate the processes at the surface of a growing crystal. By focusing a laser on the crystal surface and measuring the resulting fluorescence, FCS can resolve dimensions as small as a single wavelength of the light. "Another advantage of fluorescence is that it provides a high signal-to-noise ratio," says author Shinpei Tanaka of Hiroshima University in Japan. "We are able to measure very dilute solutions at the crystal interface." The researchers found that when single tetragonal crystals of egg-white lysozyme formed, there was no concentration gradient between the solution and the crystal surface.

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Science Buddies: "Ask an Expert" • View topic - Creating tin and bismuth crystals. - HELP ASAP! THANKS! My son melted the bismuth/tin, allowed it to cool, poured off excess liquid bismuth/tin and had hardened crystals that remained. He first used 30 grams, then 57 grams, 70 grams, and 102 grams. The definitions we have for the two crystals are as follows: Monoclinic: Three unequal axes. The a and c crystallographic axes are inclined toward each other at an oblique angle, and the b axis is perpendicular to a and c. The b crystallographic axis is called the ortho axis. Tetragonal: A simple cubic that is stretched along its c axis to form a rectangular prism. We just don't understand what this is saying and are worried if Brady states all the above and gets asked what it means, he will look bad to the judges. Thanks

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Discussion Board - Bismuth Crystals, etc. Bismuth Crystals, etc. I thought I might share my tinkerings with this beautiful element. Bi forms hopper crystals, which I’m sure we’ve all seen at museum gift shops at one time or another without realizing what they are. First, get some bismuth. Next, get a small crucible to melt your bismuth. Melt enough bismuth in your crucible to produce a roughly cylindrical melt and remove the heat source shortly after the charge finishes melting. At this point you have a melt of liquid bismuth that is ready to crystallize around any cool object it touches. At this point, you should quickly skim the layer of gray bismuth oxide off the top of the melt. While waiting for the crystal to grow (this usually takes around 20 seconds), make sure to slowly and gently shake the tweezers around to get a feel for the size of the crystal. Wait for the crystal to cool down and remove it from the tweezers. Another form of bismuth that is a sight to behold is plates.

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