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Doug Fraser

Interests include wildlife photography, environmental issues/ climate change, tropical travel and science education

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A New Wave of Bills Takes Aim at Science in the Classroom. Why this vaxed v. unvaxed study is not valid. For the last few days, people opposed to vaccines have been posting a link to a study called Pilot comparative study on the health of vaccinated and unvaccinated 6- to 12- year old U.S. children.

Why this vaxed v. unvaxed study is not valid

The lead author is Jackson State, MS, University professor, Anthony R. Mawson. This study is not valid and here is why. First of all, I need to explain what is meant by validity and reliability, with regards to science. The University of California, Davis, has a very good synopsis. Appeal to false authority – who is Tetyana Obukhanych. 1.16k Shares There are so many annoying issues about the antivaccination cult, that most of us can’t even keep up with it.

Appeal to false authority – who is Tetyana Obukhanych

If only they would provide evidence published in high quality, peer reviewed journals (yes, a high standard, but if we’re talking about public health, a high standard is required), the fake debate would move into a real scientific discussion. One of their favorite feints against real evidence is to push people, like Tetyana Obukhanych, who appear to have great credentials, but once you dig below the surface, not much is there. The dark allure of conspiracy theories, explained by a psychologist.

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Fungi, lichens and slime moulds. The high-tech war on science fraud. Climate Change. Travel Tree. LiveTrails: A noticeboard for every trail. The Wooden Boat – Food Company. Questioning the Mpemba effect: hot water does not cool more quickly than cold. Debate heats up over claims that hot water sometimes freezes faster than cold. It seems logical to expect cold water to freeze faster than hot, but some experiments have suggested the opposite.

Debate heats up over claims that hot water sometimes freezes faster than cold

There’s now a new explanation for why hot water might freeze faster than cold under certain conditions. The phenomenon, known as the Mpemba effect, may be due to the properties of the chemical bonds that link up neighboring water molecules, a team of chemists reports. Yet other researchers contend that the effect doesn’t exist at all. References to quick-freezing hot water date back to the early days of science: Aristotle reported observing hot water freezing faster than cold. In the 1960s, a Tanzanian student named Erasto Mpemba noticed that ice cream solidified faster when put into the freezer steaming hot. Acopian BirdSavers — Prevents birds from flying into windows.

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Nanaimo. BC nature hot spots. Foods. Birding. Nelson Education. Science. Books. News. Photography. Sports. Paddling After Tom: A Canoe Lake Adventure - Explorers' Edge: Algonquin Park. ERRE - Electoral Reform. Windows 10 issues. Snowbird Currency Exchange - Canadian Snowbird Association. Preferred exchange rates LOW or NO transfer fees Automatic transfers Join thousands of snowbirds who continue to save hundreds of dollars every year by transferring Canadian to U.S. funds automatically, with preferred exchange rates and LOW or NO transfer fees.

Snowbird Currency Exchange - Canadian Snowbird Association

Start saving and JOIN, today! Download the Snowbird Currency Exchange Program enrolment form, or Call 1-800-265-3200. Snowbird Currency Exchange Rates. Currency Exchange Toronto - Best Rates in Canada. Cornell University - World’s largest natural sound archive now fully... Climate change: Plant evolution spurs fast migration, UBC study finds. Scientists may be underestimating how quickly the Earth’s plants can change location in response to climate change, according to a study from the University of B.C.

Climate change: Plant evolution spurs fast migration, UBC study finds

As the global average temperature rises, the comfort zones of many plants and trees are easing north or into higher elevations, but the speed with which they move is being driven by evolutionary responses. Plants cultivated to evolve were able to move 200 per cent further across difficult landscapes over six generations than plants with no evolutionary ability. In favourable landscapes, the advantage was only 11 per cent.

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Menno Schilthuizen - Naturalis Biodiversity Center. A New Genetic Test Can Spot Aggressive Prostate Cancer. Ontario's Economy Is Kicking Canada's Ass Right Now. TORONTO — First quarter results for 2016 show the Ontario economy growing at an annualized rate of three per cent, the highest in Canada and all G7 countries.

Ontario's Economy Is Kicking Canada's Ass Right Now

Premier Kathleen Wynne said Ontario's real gross domestic product grew 0.8 per cent in January to March, following similar growth in the fourth quarter of 2015. Coastal Science and Societies. What Happens to a Town's Cultural Identity as Its Namesake Glacier Melts? Cornell Lab Bird Cams. Ground Nest Placement Females place their nests on sparsely vegetated ground, typically close to a small shrub if available.

Cornell Lab Bird Cams

Nest Description. GeoBC. Overview To view and download the PDF maps for free in your browser follow the instructions below.


You may also need to install a PDF viewing application such as Adobe Reader or a Mobile viewer to view the downloaded PDF maps on your desktop or Mobile Device. Copyright © 2013, Province of British Columbia. All rights reserved. This material is owned by the Government of British Columbia and protected by copyright law. Anyone is allowed to print off one copy of this map for personal use without permission from the Province of British Columbia. These maps are created on a page size of 44" x 28". Quick Start Instructions launch the map viewer by clicking "Launch Application" zoom in to an area of interest click on a grid square a pop-up window appears allowing access to view map using your internet browser’s “save as” or “save page as”, save the PDF map to your computer’s hard drive.

August 6, 2015 - Jon Stewart's Final Episode - The Daily Show - Full Episode.

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