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Repenser Evernote pour iOS - Evernote en français. Les reconceptions sont intenses.

Repenser Evernote pour iOS - Evernote en français

Au fur et à mesure que la date de livraison se rapproche, l’équipe est prise dans un tourbillon d’émotions. Après avoir passé des mois à travailler d’arrache-pied sur le produit, on se pose beaucoup de questions : « Est-ce qu’il est prêt ? Est-ce qu’il sera vraiment prêt un jour ?. Comment vont réagir nos utilisateurs ? Vont-ils adorer ? Nous avons franchi la ligne d’arrivée. Evernote 8.0: Organization Made Simple. Getting organized and staying organized should consume as little time and effort as possible.

Evernote 8.0: Organization Made Simple

That’s why we redesigned Evernote for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with speed and simplicity in mind, so you can spend more of your time capturing ideas and less time organizing and searching for them. Say hello to Evernote 8.0, now available for download from the App Store. To get the inside story on these changes, join us on Wednesday, January 18, for a Facebook Live event with Kara Hodecker, Evernote’s product design manager, the woman behind our look and feel on iOS. Learn more » Coming Soon to an iOS Device Near You. Posted by SiNing Chan on 03 Jan 2017 Comment We’re so excited, we can’t keep this news to ourselves any longer: We’re almost ready to release a fully reimagined Evernote experience for iOS that’s faster and more powerful than anything we’ve done before—Evernote 8.0 for iOS.

Coming Soon to an iOS Device Near You

Our team met with customers, pored over the feedback, and tested out many new ideas before arriving at the new design. “The beta community is thrilled with the updates so far,” says Chuck Pletcher, iOS Product Management Director. Many are saying it’s “the best release of Evernote yet.” This update follows some of the exciting new features we introduced recently, including iMessage sharing and 3D Touch quick note creation. Stay tuned for the fastest and most intuitive Evernote iOS experience ever.

Upgrade for features to help you live and work smarter. Go Premium. Guide de démarrage rapide d'Evernote pour Outlook – Aide & apprentissage Evernote. Evernote pour Outlook est actuellement disponible pour les nouveaux utilisateurs de en Amérique du Nord et les utilisateurs d'Office 365 qui utilisent Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016 et Outlook sur le Web.

Guide de démarrage rapide d'Evernote pour Outlook – Aide & apprentissage Evernote

Evernote’s Future Is in the Cloud. When we marked Evernote’s 8th anniversary this summer, there was a lot to celebrate.

Evernote’s Future Is in the Cloud

We’re proud of what we’ve built: a place where all of your most productive notes and ideas can be collected, nurtured, and preserved. And we’re even more excited about the future, with many new features and enhancements under development. Paving the road for that future means taking a close look at how every part of Evernote operates, including our physical server infrastructure. In reviewing our options, the benefits of adopting a modern cloud solution for our data quickly became clear. After an intensive period of research and investigation involving several cloud providers, we have selected Google Cloud Platform to provide our data infrastructure moving forward.

Evernote and Google Drive Deliver a Smarter Way to Work. More and more in our cloud-centric, mobile world, the secret to productivity lies in linking great services together.

Evernote and Google Drive Deliver a Smarter Way to Work

Every day, Evernote customers create millions of notes that contain links pasted from Google Drive, and they asked for a better way to connect the ideas they keep in Evernote with actions they take in Google Drive. Today, we’re proud to announce that Evernote and Google Drive now work better together, making it easier than ever to capture, organize, and collaborate on whatever is on your mind. Google Drive and Evernote: A natural pairing More than half of all Evernote users also have a Google Account. Now, everyone using Google Drive can access their Drive files in Evernote. Evernote comes to Windows Store, Edge, and the Outlook app. It’s been a busy season here at Evernote HQ.

Evernote comes to Windows Store, Edge, and the Outlook app

We’re rolling out product improvements, finding new ways to make productivity easier by linking Evernote to other great apps, and listening to amazing stories from our customers. And with the release of Windows 10 Anniversary Update on August 2, we have several pieces of great news to share. Introduction to Evernote. Forevernote. This week is Evernote’s 8th anniversary.


It’s a time to celebrate and reflect on what’s most important to our customers and to us. We value how much people have come to love Evernote, and have made it a part of your daily lives. We began to see this movement early in the company’s history. 10 fonctionnalités d'Evernote qui vont vous simplifier la vie. Evernote : 15 astuces à connaître pour bien l'utiliser. Les fonctionnalités et outils proposés ici sont accessibles aussi bien aux utilisateurs de comptes Evernote gratuits qu’à ceux qui ont opté pour un compte Premium. 1.

Evernote : 15 astuces à connaître pour bien l'utiliser

Transformer des pages web en notes Parce qu’on trouve un tas de choses intéressantes sur Internet, la conversion de pages web en notes Evernote est bien entendu possible. IFTTT: (If) You'd Like to Automate Evernote (Then) Try These. In a busy world, more apps and services often mean more clutter.

IFTTT: (If) You'd Like to Automate Evernote (Then) Try These

Ideas get scattered across notes, files, social media posts, and emails. Contacts are in one app, photos in another. Moving information is a pain, if we remember to do it at all. That’s where IFTTT comes in. IFTTT (“If This, Then That,” pronounced “IF-tee”) makes it easy to connect your favorite apps by creating simple recipes known as “applets”: If something happens in one app, IFTTT automatically triggers an action in another app. Gmail: More than half of Evernote customers have Gmail accounts, and IFTTT makes it ridiculously easy to archive important pieces of information from Gmail.


Workflow. Premium. Tricks. Evernote. Comment annoter rapidement une image dans Evernote ? Quoi de plus explicite qu’une image et des annotations ? En plus de vous simplifier la prise de notes, Evernote vous permet aussi d’inscrire du texte et d’incruster des flèches directement sur des images. Des visuels qui peuvent être partagés ensuite avec des tiers pour faciliter la communication de vos idées, remarques… Ce tutoriel vous explique la marche à suivre. Pour s’offrir ces multiples options d’édition dans l’environnement du logiciel, commencez par importer l’image dans une note. Vous pouvez soit créer une nouvelle note dans Evernote en la glissant sur l’icône de l’application, soit ajouter une image à une note existante en la glissant directement dans le corps de la note.

Une fois le fichier importé, effectuez un clic droit sur celui-ci pour accéder à son menu contextuel. Vous découvrez alors un éditeur, lequel concentre ses options principales dans la barre latérale à gauche de l’interface : Cas le plus courant, l’insertion de flèche dans le visuel. Sketching in Notes Arrives on iPad and iPhone. The note is a super flexible creation and collection space. You can write, snap photos, record audio, clip web pages, and add files to it. Today, we’re expanding that functionality on iPhone and iPad to include one of our most-requested features: sketching inside the note. Update to the latest version » Sketching is great for a quick drawing or a handwritten note-to-self.

It works with your finger, our Jot Script, and the Apple Pencil. Sync. Publish a book from Evernote with FastPencil. As National Novel Writing Month enters its final days, some writers will be happy just getting to the finish line, while others are looking ahead and thinking about turning their rough manuscripts into polished, self-published books. If you’ve been writing in Evernote, publishing your work is easy thanks to our friends at FastPencil. FastPencil’s platform can import your notes with just a few clicks, format them into a professional-quality print or e-book, and push the final product to major distribution channels including Amazon, B&N, Apple, and Kobo. This guest post from FastPencil’s customer success team tells you all you need to know.

Writing with Evernote? Here’s How to Publish in 4 Steps. Evernote User Forum. Blog (SEA) Posted by Tiang on 09 Jan 2015 Comment Many Evernote users rely on Evernote to manage their projects, whether they are working individually, or working with a team. Besides sharing and collaborating, a huge component of driving successful projects include planning schedules and roadmaps. Today we’d love to share with you an Evernote template that can help you do just that. Level-up Your Productivity with Note Links Using the Note Link function together with the calendar template allows you to take your personal productivity to the next level.

Never missing a beat – Evernote Reminders Certain notes are more time sensitive than others, and a timely reminder will definitely help with keeping your projects on track. I like viewing my yearly schedule in a single note. Using Evernote.