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Did You Know: How to Create a Checklist in Evernote

Did You Know: How to Create a Checklist in Evernote
If you’ve been following our user stories, you may have noticed that a lot of people love to make checklists in Evernote. Whether for work, personal stuff, or both, you can find a reason to make a checklist in Evernote. If you haven’t made one already, we’re here to show you how to do it. What kind of checklist should I make? Creating a checklist that’s accessible from any device where you have Evernote installed allows you to get more done by helping you remember stuff you need to do at any moment. Ok, how do I get started? You can make a checklist using several versions of Evernote—Mac, Windows, Web, Android, and others soon—by clicking on the checkbox button in the note formatting bar (on your Android device, you can find the checkbox in the bar above your keyboard). To check the box, just click inside of it. Keep it all in sync Above: checklist on Android Search for your checkboxes in Evernote Note Links – Associate Checkboxes with other Notes, or your Calendar How do you use checklists? Related:  Evernote

Evernote- A Teachers Perspective by Rebecca Spink on Prezi 10 Tips for Using Evernote Effectively Evernote is a tool for keeping track of, well, everything. At least everything as far as digital information goes, or information that can be digitized. Evernote comprises a Web-based service and clients for Windows, Mac OS X, mobile devices, and extensions for Web browsers. It's a service I've been using for years, and over that time I've picked up a few tips and tricks for getting the most out of the tool. Learn the Shortcuts If you're using Evernote on the desktop, you'll want to start by learning the keyboard shortcuts. If you have something in the clipboard you want to create a note from, you can use Cmd-Ctrl-V to start a new note with whatever's in the system clipboard. Want to search for something that's in Evernote? The Evernote Web site has a full list of Windows shortcuts and Mac shortcuts. Use Evernote as an Address Book and Contact Manager I've yet to find a contact manager/address book that I actually like, whether it's Web-based or native desktop software. Local Folders

10 Tips for Teachers Using Evernote – Education Series Posted by Michael Cruz on 13 Jan 2011 Comment Michael Cruz is a great example of someone that has fully embraced the benefits of putting technology to use in a classroom setting. Evernote is a great application for educators. As a teacher, my Evernote use falls into three categories: Prior to classDuring classAfter class Prior to class Plan and organize your classes with tags: Using tags is a great way to organize your classes on a week-to-week basis or on a class-by-class basis. During Class Share a notebook with your class: After you create a public notebook, share the URL with your class. After Class Simplify grading: Scan graded tests, including scantrons and add them to Evernote. To get more productivity tips for teachers you can visit my website and sign up for my e-mail list. Evernote Education Series Join the discussion about Evernote for Schools on our forum. Upgrade for features to help you live and work smarter. Go Premium

for Schools <div class='message error'><strong>Javascript Disabled Detected</strong><p>You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Welcome! If you'd like to join in the Discussion, or access additional features in our forums, please sign in with your Evernote Account here. Join the discussion about how Evernote is being put to use in schools. Please log in to post a topic Delete Topic Delete From Forum This option completely removes the post from the topic. Evernote How to Get Your Stuff into Evernote It is no secret that I am a big fan of Evernote. It is one of those amazing tools that can radically boost your productivity. I use it probably more than any other program other than Mac Mail. It has enabled me to realize my dream of a paperless office. But Evernote can also be initially intimidating. If you are just getting started with Evernote, I suggest that you buy Brett Kelly’s remarkably practical e-book, Evernote Essentials, Second Edition. Now, after several months of really exploring the program, I have discovered ten different tools for getting my content into Evernote: Type It. Record it. You don’t have to use all of these techniques, of course. Question: Which of these tools do you find yourself using the most? Want to launch your own blog or upgrade to self-hosted WordPress?

Evernote para Android se actualiza con reconocimiento de voz y nuevos widgets Evernote es uno de los programas más usados no sólo para tomar notas, sino que su constante evolución y su capacidad para adaptarse a las nuevas necesidades le ha permitido serlo también para muchísimas más cosas como lectura offline, recordatorios o listas. Ayer Evernote para Android se actualizó a la versión 3.6 con interesantes mejoras como la posibilidad de escribir mediante reconocimiento de voz y sus nuevos widgets. Al principio era muy raro, y en parte lo sigue siendo, pero hablar con nuestro teléfono para dictarle qué hacer es cada vez algo más común. Evernote ya contaba con notas de audio, pero desde ahora tenemos la posibilidad de dictarle notas y mediante reconocimiento de voz podrá transcribirlas para que aparezcan como notas normales. Además aparece de una forma muy interesante, ya que cuando pulsamos el botón de texto mediante voz (la burbuja de la barra de herramientas) el texto aparece según hablamos, no hace falta dictar y luego esperar a que este salga.

Getting Things Done with Evernote—Projects Part 1: Note Templates for Windows I’ve been promising this post for a while now, but before we get down to the nitty-gritty, we need to learn how to create note templates in Evernote for Windows (The process is different if you’re on a Mac. I’ll cover note templates in Evernote for Mac in the next post…stay tuned). I stole most of my ideas from Stephen Millard over at Thought Asylum, so I recommend checking out his posts on Evernote at some point. In order for the template system to work, you’ll need to download and install a few things first: A text editor – I recommend Notepad++. You can download it here.AutoHotKey – AHK is really simple to use. The text editor is used to edit the Evernote template and to create a batch file. Once the two programs are installed, open Evernote and create a new note. Select ‘Export as a file in ENEX format (.enex)’ and click the ‘Export’ button. Give the file a name and save it somewhere where you’ll be able to find it. <created>20120219T195257Z</created> Now let’s create the batch file.

Education Article Archive :: 100 Google Tricks for Teachers It's Google's world, we're just teaching in it. Now, we can use it a little more easily. With classes, homework, and projects–not to mention your social life–time is truly at a premium for all teachers, so why not take advantage of the wide world that Google has to offer? From super-effective search tricks to Google tools specifically for education to tricks and tips for using Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Calendar, these tricks will surely save you some precious time. Search Tricks These search tricks can save you time when researching online for your next project or just to find out what time it is across the world, so start using these right away. Convert units. Google Specifically for Education From Google Scholar that returns only results from scholarly literature to learning more about computer science, these Google items will help you at school. Google Scholar. Google Docs 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. Gmail 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. Google Calendar 44.

11 usos de Evernote para el mundo académico Ayer realizaron un Webinar en con varios consejos especialmente dedicados a los profesores y alumnos. Con el título 11 usos de Evernote para el mundo académico, pudimos presenciar una charla de poco más de una hora mostrando las ventajas de usar un sistema como éste a la hora de guardar, clasificar y compartir contenido. Os dejo con la presentación realizada: Evernote cuenta ya con más de 20 millones de usuarios en todo el mundo, habiendo sido destacado en revistas y blogs, así como habiendo sido ganador de varios premios importantes en el mundo digital. En la presentación se trataron varios puntos, dando especial importancia a la planificación de las clases y organización del material. Se define como una herramienta que ayuda a capturarlo todo, desde cualquier dispositivo, para acceder al contenido desde cualquier lugar. Podemos capturar notas de texto, notas escritas a mano, partes de una web, imágenes, archivos y audio.