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Modern Nomadic DIY: Wild & Woolly Crochet-a-Yurt Project. Crocheting brings to mind simple craft projects – a hat, scarf or some woolly winter mittens.

Modern Nomadic DIY: Wild & Woolly Crochet-a-Yurt Project

Kate Pokorny has something much much bigger planned: a whole mobile mini-home, hand-crocheted from500 pounds of local New Hampshire lambswool. Yurts are traditional living structures for nomads in many countries and historical cultures, but this design proposes using a unique approach: an igloo-like structure made via crochet from a single continuous strand of felted wool. Like the idea of a yurt, crocheting sounds at first like a conventional activity for creating simple and repetitive woven forms – but as Kate points out it can also “be used to represent hyperbolic space and coral reefs” and is definitely innovative in this kind of architectural application. Historic Modern Houses to Tour, Garage Storage. The Architect’s Imagination I recently attended a private benefit for U. C. Berkeley’s Environmental Design Archives at an extraordinary Mid-Century Modern house.

Designed by architect Ernest Born for himself and his wife Esther in 1951, the simple board and batten exterior (shown at left, photo by Morley Baer, courtesy EDA) literally draws a redwood curtain across the front of the house. And enter a sensational loft-like two story living room overlooking an expansive rear garden — this view is from the balcony. For looking out and looking in and effectively doubles the size of the indoor world. DIY Design Community « Keywords: house, swimming pool, dog days, interior design. You won't find this above ground pool at Sam's Club.

DIY Design Community « Keywords: house, swimming pool, dog days, interior design

Argentina based Andres Remy Architects designed the impeccable pool/deck combo for a family of four in Devoto, Argentina. Even the color combination of the aqua water and the warm brown wood radiate pure fabulosity. Flat Rack Container, Flat Bed & Platform Containers - Specifications. For the majority of shipping container companies, flat rack containers are a premium product for the transport of freight and cargo that falls outside the convenient dimensions of dry cargo intermodal containers.

Flat Rack Container, Flat Bed & Platform Containers - Specifications

They are frequently used in the transport, import and export of industrial parts and machinery, vehicles, construction materials, cement poles, steel beams, profiles and wooden logs, but rarely used in the construction of container homes & houses. Flat Rack Container Types Flat rack containers may also be known as flat bed or platform containers.

The two longest sides or walls that are formed of steel in general purpose or reefer containers are missing. They are characterized by the fact that they have no superstructure but instead have fixed or collapsible ends as well as lashing points for securing the cargo. WEEKEND PHOTO! Photos by Coco of COCOCOZY I know...this is more than one WEEKEND PHOTO again. Need to learn to self edit...or at least have my content match franchise titles. The title of the franchise is WEEKEND PHOTO singular...but I seem to fully disregard the singular nature of the title on a regular basis and end up with more than one photo. Please forgive...LOL! Went to the Dwell on Design show yesterday here in L.A. There was so much to see - some interesting...some really quirky...some really cool design innovation.

Was captivated by this room made out kraft paper. these cloud like pendant lights constructed out of a non woven polyurethene (that Tyvek white cover you see on the outside of houses under construction) and by these honeycomb kraft paper or white stools and furniture called Softseating. Create an Interior Vertical Garden With Moss Tiles. October 12, 2011 by Robin Plaskoff Horton This indoor garden doesn’t require natural light, in fact it doesn’t like direct sunlight, doesn’t need watering, fertilizing, or pruning, and is ready to install on any surface.

Create an Interior Vertical Garden With Moss Tiles

Scrap Ecology: Botanical Sculpture. December 23, 2011 by Robin Plaskoff Horton Experimenting in his Brooklyn Gowanus neighborhood, designer/artisan Daniel Goers has created Scrap Ecology, a collection of design objects and sculptures created from wood scraps and other found materials, each containing a living component rendering them simultaneously as art, furniture, and ecological habitats. I particularly love the variegated textures and colors of the vertical gardens made from old wood and the hanging combo lights and vases created from repurposed glass containers. Goers’s projects, according to the eco-crafter, aim to “rearrange the raw materials of our urban and natural environments into objects with new meaning and purpose.” How to Make a Vertical Garden From Disposable Cups. December 17, 2011 by Robin Plaskoff Horton Turn man-made into man-saved by creating a Re-DIY vertical green living wall as Turkish design firm Designnobis did.

How to Make a Vertical Garden From Disposable Cups

For their Naturewall, the designers collected about ten used plastic disposable coffee cups, washed them off, then created a simple flexible metal holder system to hang the cups, transforming them into a vertical garden. Superblue’s Honeycomb Fence & a DIY Potting Shed. Soak in Style: Armchair-Inspired Bath is Rich in Relaxation. We like to think that taking a hot bath is the ultimate in relaxation, but the reality is that most bathtubs aren’t very relaxing at all.

Soak in Style: Armchair-Inspired Bath is Rich in Relaxation

Keep it modern” » 2008 » May. I was thumbing through some older magazines and came across this project.

keep it modern” » 2008 » May

Not only does the place look great but who would have thought looking at this modern home, that it was once a run down rather gross looking trailer. More pics and links after the jump. TrailerWrap is part of Prof.