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The Best USB Office Headset. Jabra UC VOICE 550 Duo The UC Voice 550 Duo offers excellent call quality in a lightweight headset that’s comfortable for long-term wear.

The Best USB Office Headset

*At the time of publishing, the price was $54. For heavy users, the UC Voice 550 Duo is the best USB headset we tested. Calls are crisp without being so bright that your ears get fatigued. The mic boom offers the convenience of rigid plastic with the flexibility of a wire—allowing you to place it precisely for the best possible sound and quickly flip it out of the way. Also Great *At the time of publishing, the price was $37. Microsoft LifeChat LX-6000 A fuller sound profile makes the LifeChat LX-6000 better for dual voice and music use, but it is a little heavier and less comfortable.

Microsoft’s LX-6000 was our previous pick, and is still a great headset—especially if you switch between voice calls and music. Plantronics Blackwire 725 Excellent sound quality and noise cancellation don’t come cheap, but software features are Windows-only. Table of contents. Acerca de Satec. S ATEC, pone a su disposición nuestra nueva página web. pretende convertirse en un medio para que usted acceda a nuestros Productos y servicios en cualquier momento y lugar.

Acerca de Satec

A lo largo de los años SATEC, se ha caracterizado por ofrecer productos innovadores, de excelente calidad, marcas reconocidas a nivel mundial y servicio técnico de primera. Nos gusta dar un trato personalizado, asesorarle, para que su compra se ajuste lo mejor posible a sus necesidades y expectativas. Queremos tenerlo de regreso en nuestras tiendas. Una Empresa en la cual cada integrante tiene un mismo objetivo; la calidad del servicio! Esta es y será nuestra Filosofía.

Nos gusta decir; Sí no lo encuentra en SATEC, no existe. Si usted forma parte de nuestros clientes, bienvenidos a esta su casa. Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. Best Phone 2013 - Top Smartphones by Carrier - LAPTOP Magazine. We use smartphones to check email and Facebook, take pictures, surf the Web, play games and a whole lot more.

Best Phone 2013 - Top Smartphones by Carrier - LAPTOP Magazine

But how do you choose the best smartphone for you? The iPhone continues to offer the most intuitive interface and tends to get the hottest apps first. Android smartphones, however, offer larger screens, more features and more customization options. Windows Phones are ideal great for both smartphone newbies and photographers (see Nokia's Lumia line). At LAPTOP, we review dozens and dozens of smartphones per year based on design, features, performance and value to help you make the right choice. Find the Best Smartphone for You By Mark Spoonauer, Editor-in-Chief — Last Updated: April 14, 2014 Best Overall Smartphone: Samsung Galaxy S5 The Galaxy S5 has its share of exciting new features, including a built-in fingerprint sensor and heart rate monitor that works with an improved S Health app.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Review Best Smartphone Design and Sound: HTC One M8 HTC One M8 Review. Flutter: $20 Wireless Arduino with half mile (1km) range. by Flutter Wireless. Flutter is a wireless electronics development platform based on Arduino.

Flutter: $20 Wireless Arduino with half mile (1km) range. by Flutter Wireless

With over 3200ft (1km) of usable range, a powerful ARM processor, and integrated encryption, Flutter makes it easy for you to build projects that communicate across the house, across the neighborhood, and beyond. Whether you want to check the temperature of a beer-brewing setup, have your mailbox send you a text message when the mailman arrives, control a swarm of flying robots, or just turn on your lights with your phone, Flutter gives you the range, power, and flexibility to do it. We’re not just building circuit boards though. Our goal is simple: make it easier for engineers, makers, builders, and hackers to go farther with their projects than ever before. Even if it's their first time. Creating Flutter networks is easy, even if it’s just two boards. Multiple options Building wireless projects shouldn’t have to be expensive.

Flutter Basic ($20)Still under development, the Flutter basic is tiny and simple. Range.