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Surveillance/Digital Literacy Essay Due 26th March 2021

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Tandfonline. Discipline is Control Foucault contra Deleuze 1t3pudf. 10. The predominance of the panoptical approach to surveillance has led surveillance scholars to advocate discarding the Panopticon when theorizing surveillance today (e.g.


Haggerty 2006; Murakami Wood 2007; Lyon 2008). This section features authors who try to develop alternative theoretical frameworks to the Panopticon as the primary model to conceptualise surveillance in modern Western societies. Deleuze, although closely connected to Foucault,Footnote 8 takes a fundamentally different direction in thinking about how and where discipline and control can be found and analysed. They share with Haggerty and Ericson an attempt to find other places of analysis. Deleuze and Guattari locate new places of surveillance in a physically and technologically changed environment, whilst Haggerty and Ericson look particularly at new combinations of humans and technology that exercise forms of surveillance. Literary Theory and Criticism. Surveillance studies is new.

Literary Theory and Criticism

That is to say, until very recently something called surveillance studies did not exist. People studied surveillance, but in isolated, piecemeal and unsystematic ways. Surveillance in literature film and tele. Imagining surveilance. Modes of Control in Dystopian Fiction. Violence & Force Dystopian fiction is often typified by physical and overt forms of control, such as Orwell’s projection of the future of “a boot stamping on a human face forever” in the classic novel 1984.

Modes of Control in Dystopian Fiction

While the governing authorities of these texts are not as totalitarian and all-consuming as 1984, fear and violence are enforced in varying degrees as controlling tools to maintain the dystopia. Marxist critic Louis Althusser provides an essential framework for understanding the institutions of social control in his essay ‘Ideology and The State’, described as State Apparatuses. 10 ICLLL 2011 L00021. Ursula K. LeGuin- American SF and the Other. One of the great early socialists said that the status of women in a society is a pretty reliable index of the degree of civilization of that society.

Ursula K. LeGuin- American SF and the Other

If this is true, then the very low status of women in SF should make us ponder about whether SF is civilized at all. The women's movement has made most of us conscious of the fact that SF has either totally ignored women, or presented them as squeaking dolls subject to instant rape by monsters—or old-maid scientists de-sexed by hypertrophy of the intellectual organs—or, at best, loyal little wives or mistresses of accomplished heroes. Male elitism has run rampant in SF. But is it only male elitism? Isn't the "subjection of women" in SF merely a symptom of a whole which is authoritarian, power-worshiping, and intensely parochial? Nellis 2009 Willan Since nineteen eighty four representations of surveillance. Review of Novel and the Police. Cory Doctorow Terra Nullius – Locus Online. Postscript on the Societies of Control. 1.

Postscript on the Societies of Control

Historical Foucault located the disciplinary societies in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries; they reach their height at the outset of the twentieth. Surveillance Studies – Literary Theory and Criticism. Baudrillard. Surveillance in Science Fiction: A Colonializing Force. Judging from her novel, Namwali Serpell might disagree with Oloixarac’s pessimistic outlook.

Surveillance in Science Fiction: A Colonializing Force

The Old Drift is a massive, complicated work with a straightforward Hegelian opposition at its heart: Colonialism and anti-colonialism collide, and the resulting clash transforms Serpell’s fictional Zambia. The novel opens at the turn of the 20th century, as a British colonist named Percy Clark observes the construction of a bridge near Victoria Falls in what was then called Southern Rhodesia. At the end, a multiracial trio of Zambian revolutionaries destroys the nearby Lake Kariba dam. The function of colonialism, the novel suggests, is to contain power; the function of anti-colonialism is to unleash it. The Old Drift begins with Clark and his British comrades living “as brave pioneers” by Victoria Falls.