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Enhancing the plasticity of the brain: Max Cynader at TEDxStanleyPark. The International Jew The World's Foremost Problem. G. F. Green. London, February, 1948. HENRY FORD was born on July 30, 1863, during the American Civil War, on a farm at Dearborn, near Detroit, Michigan. He was the son of William Ford, a prosperous farmer who was of Irish stock. His mother was of mixed Dutch and Scandinavian origin. At 17 he became an apprentice in a machine shop in Detroit, and he also kept a machine shop of his own and worked for a harvester company by repairing their portable farm engines. In 1903 he formed the Ford Motor Company with 12 shareholders and a capital of 100,000 dollars.

In 1920 he went into print and bought "The Dearborn Independent," a virile and very independent journal published in his home town. Ford was accused by many Jews, along with Deterding and Greuger, to be a financial backer of the Hitler movement in Germany. Ford was a resolute opponent of Roosevelt's policy of "controls" in industry and commerce, but in his later years his political and other public activities were few. Free Beer: The truth about dishonesty. In lies we trust - CIA, hollywood & bio-terrorism - full documentary. CIA killed aaron russo.

Why I Am No Longer a Christian. Julia Sweeney - Letting go of God 1/27 - There is no Santa Claus. On 6th July 1960 the U. S. Air Force responded to Prof. Charles H. Hapgood of Keene College, specifically to his request for an evaluation of the ancient Piri Reis Map: 6, July, 1960 Subject: Admiral Piri Reis Map TO: Prof. Dear Professor Hapgood, Your request of evaluation of certain unusual features of the Piri Reis map of 1513 by this organization has been reviewed. Harold Z. All through the Middle Ages were circulating a number of sailing charts called "portolani", which were accurate maps of the most common sailing routes, showing coastlines, harbors, straits, bays, etc.

To draw his map, Piri Reis used several different sources, collected here and there along his journeys. Dr. It appears that accurate information has been passed down from people to people. Piri Reis had probably come into possession of charts once located in the Library of Alexandria, the well-known most important library of the ancient times. In 1953, a Turkish naval officer sent the Piri Reis map to the U.S. Why The Future Is Better Than You Think.


Corrupted bunch of Nazis. Child of Rage The FULL Documentary. Broadcast Yourself. Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do. Ain't Nobody's Business if You Do: The Absurdity of Consensual Crimes in Our Free Country (ISBN 0-931580-58-7) is a book by Peter McWilliams in which he presents the history of legislation against what he feels are victimless crimes, or crimes that are committed consensually, as well as arguments for their legalization. The book is divided into five sections. Throughout the book are approximately six hundred quotations by noted thinkers on both sides of his positions (primarily supporters). McWilliams presents a variety of arguments against the criminalization of victimless crimes.

Some are philosophical in nature: one argument is that laws against these crimes are based in religion, which violates the separation of church and state. He also claims that they are un-American, as they attempt to homogenize the country to a certain group's idea of morality, and that they create an oppressive society, restricting personal freedoms without justification. Get Out of Debt with Get Out Of Debt Free - Royal Baby Scam : Jill Dando’s Murder link and Fiance : In charge of the Scam : All you need to know : Kate was and has not been pregnant : Why did they kill the nurse : What a Right Royal Scam. THE FULL MOON BABY STORY WITH A DIFFERENCE: A Royal twist that deserves closer scrutiny: Remember if “they cover it up” it does not mean we cannot “find the real truth”: It all started with the Murder of Jacintha Saldahna back in December 2012.

The palace couldn’t risk a leak to the media that Kate and Britain’s future King rented the womb of a surrogate(s) and faked Kate’s pregnancy. That news would have been disastrous for the reputation of the heartless royals and their future King. Jacintha Saldanha’s death was blamed by the media on the prank call in order to put a stop to any murder investigation. A murder investigation might have proved that an MI6 agent snuck into her flat, forced her to write a suicide note, then strangled her with a scarf and hung her inside her wardrobe closet.

In one of three letters that Jacintha may have been forced to write, she said, “Please accept my apologies. Get the whole of Part One here : What could Dr. British have invaded nine out of ten countries - so look out Luxembourg. The analysis is contained in a new book, All the Countries We've Ever Invaded: And the Few We Never Got Round To. Stuart Laycock, the author, has worked his way around the globe, through each country alphabetically, researching its history to establish whether, at any point, they have experienced an incursion by Britain. Only a comparatively small proportion of the total in Mr Laycock's list of invaded states actually formed an official part of the empire. The remainder have been included because the British were found to have achieved some sort of military presence in the territory – however transitory – either through force, the threat of force, negotiation or payment.

Incursions by British pirates, privateers or armed explorers have also been included, provided they were operating with the approval of their government. Among some of the perhaps surprising entries on the list are: * Cuba, where in 1741, a force under Admiral Edward Vernon stormed ashore at Guantánamo Bay. Andorra Belarus. How To Think Critically. ZEITGEIST 3 - MOVING FORWARD (FULL - 2011) The Freedom Movie 2 [Full Length] Complete Original '07 Zeitgeist With 2010 Updates by: Peter Joseph. Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us (Official Prison Version) Anonymous Judge Blows the Whistle: America is nothing more than a large Plantation and 'We the People' are the Slaves | in5d news.

* Visit in5D Connection where you can find your soul mate or join one of our amazing groups. EVERYONE is welcome! The Vatican-Led Illuminati Matrix and U.S. Constitution The hidden truth behind the formation of America The following article presented in three parts, starting today, was written by a former judge. He doesn’t reveal his full name, but the information contained within the writing is well-worth reading and digesting anyway. It is worth reading because it should stimulate your pursuit to understand the truth behind the formation of America. This is important since Americans have long been deceived by the likes of men who followed in the footsteps of despicable characters like Ben Franklin, men who have hidden their Illuminati and Vatican connections behind a false veil of freedom and Christianity. If anyone doubts what the judge has researched, just ask yourself why America has crumbled into fascism after only a little more than 200 years of so-called “freedom”. Mr. Thecolemanexperience | Just another site.

Tavistock | Pepe Orsini Hates My Freedom. - TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE –30 Tabernacle Street, London EC2A 4DD. — Formed in 1947, the Tavistock Institute is an independent not-for-profit organisation which seeks to combine research in the social sciences with professional practice. Problems of institution-building and organisational design and change are being tackled in all sectors – government, industry and commerce, health and welfare, education, etc. – nationally and internationally, and clients range from multinationals to small community groups. Three elements combine to make the Institute unusual, if not unique: it has the independence of being entirely self-financing, with no subsidies from the government or other sources; the action research orientation places it between, but not in, the worlds of academia and consultancy; and its range of disciplines include anthropology, economics, organisational behaviour, political science, psychoanalysis, psychology and sociology.

Tavistock Institute is headquartered in London. Witches And The Creation Of Western Capitalism. Real vs. Not Real: The Great Linguistic Virus Enslaving Mankind. Watching the ongoing retardo dialogue between materialist science and religion continues to amuse me to no end as an Occultist. I mean, both camps should be giving each other high fucking fives. You both hate altered states of consciousness. You are each other’s greatest allies in stunting logical inquiry into the topic. Before any of us can remember, the church got inside science’s head and told them not to tread on their turf by studying experiential inner phenomenon like near death experiences and psychedelic drugs.

In the other corner, there’s the most belittled fringe minority in the universe going, errr, why’d we reject all that shamanism stuff? Like, where did this absolutely bizarro obsession with the supreme powers of binary thought (and sobriety for that matter) come from in the first place? Your basic Occult practice revolves around the idea that each human is a universe unto themselves and capable of divinity if this is a path they should so choose. Tavistock Institute: Building Absolute Mind Control for the New World Order. Eugenics is highly active in America as an unconscious political power source, but has been made invisible to your rational mind.

This intellectual blindness has been programmed. The only way to understand eugenics as a sophisticated "crowd control" device is to view the big picture. The big picture tells us that powerful Mind Control is all around us and even runs through us. This is no passive development. Like usury, eugenics is a major "crowd control" and Mind Control device employed by the elite against the non-elite which has been deliberately made invisible via your own belief system. It's top-down programming has been manipulated secretly.

By "depatterning" our minds, beginning in childhood, Tavistock and their Tory American allies serve a broader agenda of psychological warfare against the democratic mind. "We are your overlords. " View the YouTube video: History of Eugenics and the plan for World Domination Dr. We assume large corporations have economic objectives. "Dr. Athens. Tavistock Institute for Global Manipulation. When is corruption not corrupt? When the establishment says it isn't. The House of Lords is beyond reproach, apparently. (ALASTAIR GRANT/AFP/GettyImages) Mr Justice Tugendhat delivered a ferocious verdict last week. Undercover reporters from the Sunday Times claimed they had found Peter Cruddas, co-Treasurer of the Conservative Party, offering influence in return for wodges of cash. With damning language, the judge found against the paper, leaving it with costs and damages of around £700,000.

I don’t want to discuss the merits of the case. Cruddas, who had to resign when the story came out, may have been unjustly maligned. Conversely, the Sunday Times is going to the Court of Appeal, so it may be that the paper is the true victim. If I have read him right, Tugendhat believes that corruption cannot exist in the British state because nothing the British state allows can be corrupt. Where to begin? The Crown Prosecution Service showed how it can be ignored when the Blair government was exchanging ermine for money.

Legal selection system is corrupt, admit judges - Crime - UK. Judges and senior lawyers admit that the system under which they are appointed is riddled with corruption and open to widespread abuse. In a damning report produced by the Lord Chancellor's Department, it is likened to "the old-fashioned class or caste system" by many of the judges and QCs interviewed. The findings will deeply embarrass the Lord Chancellor, Lord Irvine of Lairg, who has repeatedly rejected calls to end the "secret soundings", whereby judges and senior lawyers are consulted on the suitability of judicial candidates. Responses from 137 sitting judges or senior lawyers showed a "clear consensus" for the appointments processes to be "based on openness, objectivity, and selection on merit rather than patronage".

It is the first detailed research to include judges. Of the 137 respondents only 10 said no changes were needed to the system. A total of 52 were interviewed face-to-face. - - Important Global News - Videos, Books, Articles. ANONYMOUS: WARNING WE ARE IN AN OBAMA POLICE STATE OCCUPY THE WORLD ENGAGED....V.

Peacepink - Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs. David Icke ☼ Revelations Of A Mother Goddess - Genetic Royalty - The "Divine" Right To Rule - $$ The most dangerous Barack Obama video ever!!! Ron Paul on Julian Assange. SHADE the Motion Picture. Ron Paul Incredible Video Twice Removed YouTube. 10 VIDEO The GOVERNMENT DOESN’T WANT YOU TO SEE [VIDEO. In the current age of technology, while the internet is still free, information is accessible like no other time in history. The ability to keep information from the public is not as easy as it once was. Here are 10 videos the government does not want you to see! Halliburton subsidiary Dyncorp, a private military contractor based out of the United States, continued to receive government contracts even after it was learned that they had been directly involved in human-trafficking sex slavery rings.

Former U.S Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (D) confronted Donald Rumsfeld on the issue in 2005, a video that was completely ignored by the media. More info: U.S. stalls on human trafficking – Chicago Tribune Retired General Wesley Clark, who spent years in NATO and the Department of Defense, admitted in 2007 (before Obama became president) that after 9-11 he was shown plans to invade 7 countries which included Syria, Libya and Iran, proving Obama picked up right where Bush left off. Comments. Russians Train To Disarm US Citizens On US Soil | International. Rush Limbaugh Suspects False Flag in Syria Chemical Weapon Attack. Health Insurance Canceled After Dementia Diagnosis | Alzheimer s Reading Room. This is the kind of news that sends shivers up the spines of Alzheimer's caregiver and their families.

+Alzheimer's Reading Room I can't remember how many times I have read or heard someone say they would not take any test that would indicate they are predisposed to Alzheimer's or a related dementia. Reasoning? Because the insurance company might cancel their health care insurance if the find out. Turns out it happened to Nancy Halwick. Related Articles Excerpt from the story: Only months before the Affordable Care Act kicks in, a Maryland wife and mother of two teenagers was hit with frightening news.At the age of 49, she was diagnosed with dementia.Then came another devastating blow. She'll have to pay it. Read Under Obama care, the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies will no longer be able to cancel health insurance, or limit coverage, due to preexisting conditions. You are reading original content +Bob DeMarco , the Alzheimer's Reading Room. Wayne Madsen Bombshell: Barack Obama conclusively outed as CIA creation.

The Story of Obama: All in The Company (In Three Parts) Wayne MadsenWayne Madsen Report August 18, 2010 PART 1: The Story of Obama: All in The Company (Part I) Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen has discovered CIA files that document the agency’s connections to institutions and individuals figuring prominently in the lives of Barack Obama and his mother, father, grandmother, and stepfather. The first part of his report highlights the connections between Barack Obama, Sr. and the CIA-sponsored operations in Kenya to counter rising Soviet and Chinese influence among student circles and, beyond, to create conditions obstructing the emergence of independent African leaders. From 1983-84, Barack Obama worked as Editor at Business Internation Corporation, a Business International Corporation, a known CIA front company.

Mboya received a $100,000 grant for the airlift from the Kennedy Foundation after he turned down the same offer from the U.S. Obama, Sr. was a friend of Mboya and a fellow Luo. Bob Bowman - Whistleblower & Patriot on 9/11, Impeachment, Constitution. John Pilger "The Invisible Government" Part 1/4. Russell Brand Takes On Jeremy Paxman (Plus Beard) On BBC Newsnight (VIDEO) - BSNEWS. By Paul Vale (Huffington Post) First the cookie monster, then a dog with a degree, now Paxman versus Brand on beards, revolution and a hatred of the Tory Party. How has Newsnight, that ageing, late night, sleep-inducer suddenly become the most watchable programme on British TV? Brand took on Paxo… and the established social order Wednesday’s offering continued the show’s good form, with producer Ian Katz pitting Paxo against the garrulous, unpredictable yet always-brilliant Russell Brand. And the pair played their roles to perfection. On the back of Brand’s forthcoming guest editorship of the New Statesman, Paxo charged in: “Who are you to edit a political magazine?”

“A man who was asked by an attractive woman,” he said. Brand has found a more serious edge of late, interspersing tales of shagging a not taking drugs with pleas for a fairer world, a greener world and one in which Associated Newspapers is mashed to a pulp. What wonderful nonsense. See also: Russell Brand on revolution: “We no longer have the luxury of tradition” THIS IS ISLAM! All Kids are born geniuses,but are crushed by society itself - Michio Kaku. What Americans Keep Ignoring About Finland's School Success - Anu Partanen. The Story of Your Enslavement. Rebecca Saxe: How we read each other's minds. Wikileaks - Can We Trust The Media? Julian Assange (26th July 2013)

Wikileaks Billboards, Wikileaks Art and Resignations. Julian Assange speech that was censored by the Oxford Union. Obama's Ridiculous and Unbelievable Speech. The Greatest Truth Never Told - Full. Psychology. Critical Thinking. Justice For Families • View topic - Official Solicitor. California State Psychology Board Launches Psychiatric Probe of Activist Psychologist. Why Some People Are Evil. How do you become Power of Attorney when elder is no longer making good financial decisions. Cognition.

The myth of the eight-hour sleep. 15 Years of Cutting-Edge Thinking on Understanding the Mind. TEDxFiDiWomen - Lissa Rankin - The Shocking Truth About Your Health. Marianne Williamson at TEDxTraverseCity 2013. 100 Incredible Lectures from the World's Top Scientists. The Skeptics Society & Skeptic magazine. Food That Kills - Full Documentary. Dan Gilbert: The surprising science of happiness. David Brooks: The social animal. State Of Mind Film Full Version HD. Justice For Families • View topic - Question? MAAFA 21 [A documentary on eugenics and genocide] US Nazi Eugenics Program: N. Carolina to Compensate Sterilized Victims | Scandals. Building Peoples Power » Peoples Power Assemblies.

Graham Hancock: the War on Consciousness | Psychedelic Frontier. My MBTI Personality Type. Oxytocin. 10 Reasons Why Oxytocin Is The Most Amazing Molecule In The World. Critical Thinking. QualiaSoup. Kelly McGonigal: Controlling Our Willpower. 7 Things You Don't Realize About Addiction (Until You Quit) Fascinating Snowden leak that outlines government persuasion techniques. Project Blue Beam By Serge Monast (1994)