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Human Rights

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The CNN Freedom Project. Freedom House. The Story of Human Rights. Hrc. What are human rights? Human rights are like armour: they protect you; they are like rules, because they tell you how you can behave; and they are like judges, because you can appeal to them.

What are human rights?

New Report of U.S.-Made Cluster Bomb Use by Saudis in Yemen. Photo released a report Sunday providing new indications that has fired American-made cluster munitions, banned by international treaty, in civilian areas of , and said their use may also violate United States law.

New Report of U.S.-Made Cluster Bomb Use by Saudis in Yemen

The report included photographs from Yemen purporting to show unexploded but potentially lethal remnants of American cluster weapons, suggesting that they had failed legally required reliability standards. If confirmed, the report could put new pressure on the United States over support for its ally Saudi Arabia in the Yemen conflict. The Americans have sold arms and furnished training and expertise to a Saudi-led coalition that has faced widespread criticism for what rights groups call an indiscriminate bombing campaign against Yemen’s Houthi rebels in nearly a year of fighting.

John Kirby, the State Department spokesman, said in a statement Sunday night: “We have seen the Human Rights Watch report, and are reviewing it. Nigerian suicide bomber gets cold feet, refuses to kill. © Jossy Ola/AP Photo In this Wednesday, Feb. 10, 2016 file photo, rescue workers transport a victim of a suicide bomb attack at a refugee for treatment at a hospital, in Maiduguri, Nigeria.

Nigerian suicide bomber gets cold feet, refuses to kill

Strapped with a booby-trapped vest and sent by Boko Haram to kill as many people as possible, the young teenage girl tore off the explosives and fled as soon as she was out of sight of her handlers. The countries with the most prisoners. Taliban Gun Down 10-Year-Old Militia Hero in Afghanistan. Photo KABUL, Afghanistan — The Afghan government declared Wasil Ahmad a hero for leading a militia’s defense against a Taliban siege last year, parading him in front of cameras in a borrowed police uniform too big for him.

Taliban Gun Down 10-Year-Old Militia Hero in Afghanistan

On Monday, the triumphantly announced that they had assassinated him with two bullets to the head. U.S. top court rejects Nestle bid to throw out child slavery suit. Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In 1948, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) for all people and all nations.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

In the UDHR, the United Nations stated in clear and simple terms rights that belong equally to every person. These rights belong to you. Familiarize yourself with them. Help to promote and defend them. Adopted by UN General Assembly Resolution 217A (III) of 10 December 1948. Death Sentences and Executions 2013. "The right to life precedes everything.

Death Sentences and Executions 2013

The primary aspect of human rights is the right to life. There is no correlation between the death penalty and decreasing crime rate. " Shakib Qortbawi, former Minister of Justice of Lebanon, 11 October 2013. Error. Is War Over? — A Paradox Explained. A New Look at Japan’s Wartime Atrocities and a U.S. Cover-Up. Photo Joy Chen is sitting on a bench outside a new museum about the medical atrocities committed by Japan’s Unit 731 in Manchuria during World War II, trying to absorb what she learned inside: After the war, the United States covered up Japan’s biological warfare research on humans, allowing the perpetrators to escape punishment and to prosper.

A New Look at Japan’s Wartime Atrocities and a U.S. Cover-Up

That is detailed prominently in exhibition notes and an audio guide in the black marble building that lies like a split box here in Pingfang, on the edge of Harbin in northeast China: “Out of considerations of its national security, the U.S. decided not to prosecute the leader of Unit 731 and the criminals under him. They all escaped trial for war crimes.” Led by Dr. Shiro Ishii, Unit 731 bred plague microbes, then deliberately infected thousands of men, women and children.

British Grandpa Faces 350 Public Lashings...For Drinking Wine. US government deporting Central American migrants to their deaths. The US government is deporting undocumented immigrants back to Central America to face the imminent threat of violence, with several individuals being murdered just days or months after their return, a Guardian investigation has found.

US government deporting Central American migrants to their deaths

The Guardian has confirmed three separate cases of Honduran men who have been gunned down shortly after being deported by the US government. Saudi execution set for juvenile offender sparks human rights uproar. © STR/AFP/Getty Images Mohammed al-Nimr, the father of Ali al-Nimr, a Saudi youth facing execution for taking part in pro-reform protests speaks to AFP in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, on September 23, 2015.

Saudi execution set for juvenile offender sparks human rights uproar

Mohammed appealed to Saudi King Salman to spare the life of his son, who was only 17 when he was arrested in February 2012 and whose sentence has drawn international condemnation over his young age at the time and allegations that he was tortured into making a confession. Ali Mohammed Nimr was 17 when he was arrested without warrant by police in 2012 for taking part in an "Arab Spring" protest against the Saudi government. The nephew of a prominent government critic, Nimr was held without charge for two years at a prison in Dammam in the kingdom's Eastern Province.

Amnesty International charged in a report last month that he was tortured into confessing to taking part in the illegal protest, attacking security forces, possessing a machine gun and committing armed robbery.