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Replace Your Laptop with an Android Tablet. Your sleek little Android tablet is easy to carry, so why not make it your travel computer?

Replace Your Laptop with an Android Tablet

I love my Thinkpad, but my go-anywhere travel companion is an Android tablet. I could spend a giant pile of money on something sleek and lightweight like a MacBook Air, Dell XPS 13, or Lenovo's X1 Carbon, which includes a proper trackpoint. These have screen sizes from 11" to 14", good battery life, and enough memory and CPU to do real work. Android tablet setup. But, they're still oversized and heavy compared to my 8" ASUS Memo Pad. Conheça o game de Star Wars que ensina crianças a programar.

Benfeitoria: crowdfunding sem comissão para projetos de impacto. O Code Club Brasil leva a programação de computadores para dentro das escolas de forma gratuita e divertida!

Benfeitoria: crowdfunding sem comissão para projetos de impacto

O Code Club é uma rede mundial de atividades extra-curriculares gratuitas, completamente gerenciada por voluntários, com o objetivo de ensinar programação de computadores às crianças. Como surgiu? O projeto nasceu na Inglaterra no início de 2012 e vem ampliando sua atuação mundialmente nos últimos anos. Aqui no Brasil, foi trazido a partir da iniciativa do engenheiro/pesquisador Everton Hermann, que também foi responsável pela criação do primeiro code club em terras tupiniquins já em 2013. Por que ensinar crianças a programar? Acreditamos que um envolvimento mais profundo com a tecnologia é peça chave na formação de cidadãos para um futuro que constrói-se cada vez mais envolvido nela. Hoje, mais de 50% dos segmentos econômicos necessitam de algum profissional com conhecimentos avançados de tecnologia. Agile Software Development Template - Pipefy. The Agile Software Development proposes alternatives to traditional project management.

Agile Software Development Template - Pipefy

Agile approaches are typically used in software development to help businesses be more efficient. It promotes adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, continuous enhancement, and delivers rapid and efficient response to change. HubiC: Armazenamento online para todos os seus ficheiros. Agile Software Development Template - Pipefy. Intro to Enterprise Cloud Storage: How to Set Up a Cloudant Database. Enterprise cloud storage has come a long way in the past decade as storage developers have worked out a lot of the kinks that plagued the technology early on.

Intro to Enterprise Cloud Storage: How to Set Up a Cloudant Database

Companies are embracing it as a way to store data without having to manage their own storage servers, while still enjoying the benefits of replication, scalability, and stability. In this series of articles I'll take you through some different cloud storage options. These are commercial companies, although some of them use open source software. In today's article I look at Cloudant, which uses a modified form of CouchDB. Originally they forked CouchDB and built a scalable and fault-tolerant version called BigCloud; since then, their updates have been merged back into the main CouchDB code.

Cloudant, which was founded in 2008, was sold to IBM in February of 2014. Getting Started You can configure and access your data either programmatically or through Cloudant's web interface. The Cloudant dashboard. Coding Tutorials. Firefox Hello — Conversas por vídeo, simples e gratuitas. Among Giants: A Life with Whales by Charles 'Flip' Nicklin. Bountysource. ;; This is an animated & interactive guide to ;; building a game in ClojureScript, because;; I find the design patterns very interesting.;; This requires some knowledge of ClojureScript,;; which you can find here.;; Created by @shaunlebron;; Styling borrowed from @ibdknox :) ;; SHIFT + RIGHT for next slide ---------------->>

Using WebSockets on Heroku with Python. Flask gevent python websockets Table of Contents This quickstart will get you going with a Python application that uses a WebSocket, deployed to Heroku.

Using WebSockets on Heroku with Python

Sample code for the demo application is available on GitHub. Edits and enhancements are welcome. Just fork the repository, make your changes and send us a pull request. How Travis CI Uses Heroku to Scale Their Platform. Editor's note: This is a guest post from Mathias Meyer of Travis CI.

How Travis CI Uses Heroku to Scale Their Platform

Travis CI is a continuous integration and deployment platform. It started out as a project to offer a free platform for the open source community to run their tests and builds on. Collecting all the cheat sheets. Git - How to link a folder with an existing Heroku app. Products. Read this in Español What can end users do with Lianja?


Visually build stunning Desktop, Cloud and Mobile database Apps on Windows, Mac OS X or Linux with no programming knowledge required. Lianja is an easy-to-use high productivity NoCode™ App Builder for end users and business domain knowledge workers.BYOA (Build Your Own Apps). Build database Forms, Reports, Charts and much more without coding. What can professional Visual FoxPro, PHP, Python or JavaScript developers do with Lianja? Visually build and customize beautiful Desktop, Cloud and Mobile database Apps with a modern UI using your favorite scripting language of choice; Visual FoxPro, PHP, Python or JavaScript. Mmd-manual. What IDE to use for Python.

Apps. Python - gunicorn & bottle setup for heroku. Running a Bottle app with Gunicorn. Recently, I wrote a simple web tracker at work, using the Bottle microframework.

Running a Bottle app with Gunicorn

Looking back, maybe I should've used Flask instead, as I simply don't see the reason for stuffing 3,000 lines of code in one file, other than a proof of concept. But both frameworks are quite similar, and both have quite good documentation. A simple bottle app looks like this: from bottle import route, run @route('/')def index(): return '<h1>Hello Bottle! </h1>' run(host='localhost', port=8080) To switch the server to Gunicorn replace the last line with: run(host='localhost', port=8080, server='gunicorn', workers=4) But what if we want to run it using the gunicorn executable (to run it with an init.d script)? Python - Bottle Static files. Labase. Dashboard. Dashboard. Consoles : cetoli : PythonAnywhere.

Cetoli (Carlo Emmanoel Tolla de Oliveira)