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English for Architects worksheets/ activities TEFLtastic blog News, views and reviews from TEFL lifer Alex Case, plus 1500 games/ worksheets and 500 articles via the drop-down menus under the photo Skip to content English for Architects worksheets/ activities From me Related pages Englishfortwo Kerry hi everybody, thanks for watching. In this video you will learn how to talk about using a roller brush to paint the walls. Handy verbs: to roll, to look + adjective, to take a break from doING something, to pause, to share with you, to change something from A to B.Phrasal verbs: the paint goes on the wall, to set up the ladder, to cover up the white mud with the paint.Vocabulary: evenly, bristlesPatterns: comparison: a roller brush is faster than a brush, to start painting (start + verb ING), I can start painting now, let's start painting now; in my opinion. Contact me at: English.for.two@gmail. Follow me on twitter:

NNDB: Tracking the entire world Top 30 website về thiết kế kiến trúc tốt nhất thế giới năm 2015 Qua kinh nghiệm làm việc lâu năm và quá trình nghiên cứu toàn diện, chúng tôi đã có thể tổng hợp lại một list danh sách 30 website thiết kế kiến trúc tốt nhất trong năm 2015 này. Những trang web này đều có những nội dung rất phong phú, mang lại cho bạn nguồn cảm hứng vô tận. 1. ArchDaily Irregular verbs straightforward - Games to learn English I have already tried teaching irregular verbs in many ways. I have tried irregular verbs associative method, irregular verbs listening drill, irregular verbs in context and many others. However, the results were not very good. Only about half of the students know the verbs.

Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings Nominated for World Heritage List Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings Nominated for World Heritage List Frank Lloyd Wright is often called the father of American modern architecture. He designed buildings and homes across the United States for more than 70 years. US Hosts Record Number of Foreign Students US Welcomes Record Number of Foreign Students Almost 900,000 international students are studying in American colleges and universities today. Nearly half of this record number of foreign students are from Asia, mainly China. They are among people from other countries who now make up about 4 percent of all university students in the U.S. America has more of the world’s 4.5 million international students than any other country. A new report says more than 886,000 foreign students registered at U.S. universities during the school year 2013-2014.

Selected VOA Special English TV Videos This is the iPad version.There is a non-iPad version of this pagethat works better with Flash.The videos will auto-start, so you won't need to click as much. The newer videos are near the top of each category. To see all the videos, go to VOA Special English TV Videos. Architecture Designing a Quake-Resistant Building Starts at the Soil Computers Spotlight English Transcript Voice 1 Welcome to Spotlight, I'm Tony Ford. Voice 2 And I'm James Totton.