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Tolérance des titulaires de droit

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J.K. Rowling. Sources La recherche necessaire pour collationner toutes ces interviews a été effectuée par Alice Boucherit dans le cadre de son mémoire : « Harry Potter selon ses fans » : approche d’une communauté Internet et de ses fanfictions.

J.K. Rowling

JK Rowling wins copyright battle over Harry Potter lexicon. G.R.R. Martin. Messages to Anne Rice Fans. Anne's Messages to Fans From Anne (Posted 9/14/09): Seldom a week goes by that I don't receive an email asking me to write about Lestat again, or asking me why I choose not to write about him.

Messages to Anne Rice Fans

Sometimes the readers ask for a novel of Lestat's redemption. Some time they ask only for his adventures to continue. I can't go back to Lestat. It's simply an impossibility of which I am acutely aware. From Anne: "The Christ the Lord books represent the fullest expression of my present vocation as a writer. In spite of a flood of emails askng for a Christian Lestat novel (a novel in which Lestat is redeemed), and my own comment about this in the press, I am completely putting aside this project. Essay on Earlier Works IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM ANNE ON "FAN FICTION" Anne has posted the following message regarding fan fiction: "I do not allow fan fiction.

Archive of Past Messages. L'affaire Marion Zimmer Bradley. Qui est Marion Zimmer Bradley ?

L'affaire Marion Zimmer Bradley

Marion Zimmer Bradley (3 juin 1930 – 25 septembre 1999) a été un écrivain prolifique de fantasy et de science-fiction, son oeuvre se situant souvent à la limite des deux genres. Ses romans sont empreints d'un féminisme plus ou moins modéré. Elle a aussi encouragé, à travers l'anthologie Sword and sorceress qu'elle dirigeait, l'émergence de nouveaux auteurs tels que Mercedes Lackey. Encourageant plus particulièrement de jeunes auteurs féminins, elle inclut aussi des hommes dans ses anthologies. Marion Zimmer Bradley a eu une grande influence sur toute une génération d'auteurs et de lecteurs aussi bien dans le domaine de la Fantasy que de la science-fiction. Une de ses créations les plus connues est le cycle de Ténébreuse (Darkover).Le cycle reçut un accueil très positif qui conduisit à la création de l'association des Amis de Ténébreuse (The friends of Darkover) dans les années 1970.

Lire sa biographie complète sur Wikipédia Par Jim Hines La situation. Fan Fiction. New Fleece on Life (David Adams) Wool and the canonical tale of Holston is over, but this is what could have happened if everyone involved lost their minds.

Fan Fiction

In the true tradition of terrible fanfiction shipping, New Fleece on Life is poorly written and poorly structured, everyone acts wildly out of character and, in the interests of the ‘ship’, all previous emotional and romantic entanglements are disregarded so that all involved can throw themselves into a flimsily constructed, hasty and poorly thought out fling with little thought to the consequences. Learn more about David Adams on Amazon. Shear Terror (David Adams) Hugh Howey, the author of the best selling sci-fi series Wool, comes to Australia in late 2012 to promote the Random House print of his most famous work. Insufficient (David Ad ams) Human beings are deuterostomes, which means that when they develop in the womb the anus forms before any other opening.

Georges Lucas et Star Wars. Thanks to an undying love for all things Star Wars , a puntastic coincidence on the fourth day in May has cemented the date in fandom as "Star Wars Day. " Yes, "May the Fourth Be With You! " is now a tradition — even when the battle between franchise mastermind George Lucas and the series' vocal devotees continues to rage. Many people who loved the original Star Wars trilogy — consisting of Star Wars (1977), The Empire Strikes Back (1980), and Return of the Jedi (1983) — now have vehement hatred for Mr. Lucas and his continued efforts to tinker with his sci-fi classics.

A documentary like The People vs. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter for Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace 3D , Lucas responded to fan backlash. Cherishing a property is a tough game to play — all the worse during the summer movie season. 501st Legion: Vader's Fist. Star Wars Fan Fiction Pulled From Patrick Lee, News Editor of reports that has removed a listing where a writer sought to sell fan fiction set in the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars Fan Fiction Pulled From

The self-published Star Wars fan novel Another Hope was finally pulled from sale on on April 25, though copyright holder Lucasfilm had asked it to be removed at least a day earlier. The listing, however, remains. The book, an unlicensed and unauthorized book by Lori Jareo, has also been removed from sale at Barnes&, but remains on sale at as of 10 a.m. PT April 26. A listing also remains on, though the book is listed as being "out of stock.

" You can read more about the entire incident here. If you decide you simply have to write stories in someone else's fictional world, it's best to keep them to yourself and your friends. Fragilité des tolérances implicites. La chute de « la Chute » sur YouTube.