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Textes provoquant des étincelles entre les femmes

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Not Chattel. Posted by FCM in books!

Not Chattel

Hexing Spells. The Overton Window and ‘Hate Speech’ Naefeartie reminded me in a comment that I was meaning to write a post on this subject.

The Overton Window and ‘Hate Speech’

I assume everyone’s heard of the concept, but not everyone learned the bulk of their feminist theory from Mumsnet discussions. «La politique de l’intelligence» d’Andrea Dworkin. Nous reproduisons aujourd’hui avec l’autorisation des Éditions du remue-ménage un extrait du livre Les femmes de droite, un classique d’Andrea Dworkin enfin disponible en français dans une percutante traduction de Martin Dufresne et Michele Briand.

«La politique de l’intelligence» d’Andrea Dworkin

Cette collaboration inaugure une année d’échanges avec cette maison d’édition féministe, qui nous offrira matière à réflexions et à débats. Extraits du chapitre « La politique de l’intelligence », dans Les femmes de droite (traduction de Right-Wing Women, d’Andrea Dworkin, 1983) : Certains concèderont que les femmes peuvent avoir une sorte d’intelligence particulière – essentiellement petite, pointilleuse, douée pour les détails, inapte aux idées. Certains concèderont – souligneront en fait – que les femmes sont plus sensibles au « Bien », davantage portées à l’honnêteté ou à la bienveillance : un point de vue qui restreint et dompte l’intelligence. Certains concèderont qu’il y a eu des femmes de génie – après leur décès, bien sûr. The Real Goal of Male Transgenders or Trans “Women” « BigBooButch.

Here’s the thing.

The Real Goal of Male Transgenders or Trans “Women” « BigBooButch

The real goal of male transgenders, or trans “women,” if you will is not to be or become women, it is not to be safe from other men, it is not to join women in the fight against the patriarchy. It is simply: to control women. I know, I know. Misandry. (and lots of swearing) Men are a plague.

I know, I know. Misandry. (and lots of swearing)

They are biologically mutated females which have infiltrated every facet of life on the planet and infected it with a dis-ease. Patriarchy is a system which ensures males the ability to impregnate females against our will, thus forcing us to proliferate more males. This is the behavior of a parasite on a host. Patriarchy is the word to describe a global parasitic infection in which males are the parasites.

Everything they latch onto suffers and slowly dies in agony, including women, animals, and the Earth, while men pursue their primary goals of survival via maximum energy consumption, expansion, and replicating themselves as many times as possible. A parasite does not care if it kills the host, because it can just move on to another host. I know, I know. “The Y chromosome has lost (either because of broken copies, or completely lost) almost 97% of the genes that it once shared with the X.

What does this remind you of? I do not think you understand the situation. 1. Intercourse: Occupation/Collaboration (1 of 2) Chapter 7 by Andrea Dworkin Copyright © 1987 by Andrea Dworkin.

Intercourse: Occupation/Collaboration (1 of 2)

All rights reserved. On Spinning and Spiraling. Finally, A Use For These Graphics! Posted by FCM in books!

Finally, A Use For These Graphics!

, meta, radical concepts, rape, trans. Tags: going out of our minds, sonia johnson, the sisterwitch conspiracy, wildfire trackback i recently read 3 books by sonia johnson completely out of order like i always do — last summer i read her most recent “sisterwitch conspiracy” and just now i read “going out of our minds: the metaphysics of liberation” and then “wildfire”. and i still havent read her first and most well-known “from housewife to heretic” — heres another bloggers post on that. i have reported elsewhere that i found “sisterwitch” to be exceedingly silly *and* that it changed my thinking forever. specifically, her use of animal imagery and visions, and describing women talking to each other in the kitchen encouraging dialog by repeating “right on!” A lot — along with being self-published in a very large font made it seem too easy. or something? From “sisterwitch” came the very simple (!!!) Women Didn’t Do It. That’s the Point. Posted by FCM in books!

Women Didn’t Do It. That’s the Point.

, feminisms, gender roles, meta. Tags: electricity, gender, male violence, sonia johnson, time travel trackback ive been so happy to see the idea going around that it hasnt been women “forcing” manly behaviors, values and thought processes on men, if indeed men have been or need to be “forced” into these things at all. radical feminists point this whole time has been that womens sex role as fuckholes, breeders and slaves has been forced on us by men, and that this role is wholly unnatural to us. our point has never been, until very recently that is, that the same force-thing is happening *somehow* to men. and in fact it makes very little sense if you think about it a bit. if anyone were forcing men to do anything, who would have the power, resources and inclination to do this?

Oh yes. men!