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Everything I Learned in Design School in Under 4 Minutes on Vimeo
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24 Animated Gifs of Celebrities Before and After Retouching The debate on retouching is definitely a heated one, and none so much more than the retouching done on celebrities. Just recently Noam Galai posted about the unrealistic retouching done on the new Beyonce ad from Cavalli. Keeping the topic open take a look at these animated .gifs of celebrities before and after the royal Photoshop treatment. Do you think retouchers sometimes go too far, or do they look acceptable to you? Via: Via: 24 Animated Gifs of Celebrities Before and After Retouching
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The Beautiful Clock Tower Transformed Into a Penthouse | Expensive Homes
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Two Animated Historical Timelines Map Modern Empires' Decline
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Alarm clock wakes you to the smell of cooking bacon
LightWedge Reading Light The LightWedge Original LED book light is a revolutionary book light that illuminates only the page you are reading, with no stray light escaping to bother anyone else. Just place it on the book and read - the darker your environment the better! The LightWedge Original LED book light is designed for hardcover and trade paperback books. Elegant, simple design. LightWedge Reading Light
The Day That Einstein Feared Has Arrived - All Humors
NY-based photographer Shinichi Maruyama created these lovely photographs using nearly 10,000 individual photographs of a nude dancer in motion. The abstract images remind me of Japanese ink wash painting, as if the figures were cread by the stroke of a thick brush, which is not unsuprising considering Maruyama’s previous work with water sculptures. Of the photos Shin says: Time-lapse Images of Nude Dancers Created with 10,000 Individual Photographs Time-lapse Images of Nude Dancers Created with 10,000 Individual Photographs
We declare the world as our canvas106 of the most beloved Street Art Photos - Year 2012
Public Art Concepts - Dan Sternof Beyer 2011
This Is What the Sky Could Look Like Over New York - Slide Show What would New York or Shanghai look like with a full sky of brilliant stars? Thierry Cohen, a French photographer, thinks he can show us by blending city scenes — shot and altered to eliminate lights and other distractions — and the night skies from less populated locations that fall on the same latitudes. The result is what city dwellers might see in the absence of light pollution. So Paris gets the stars of northern Montana, New York those of the Nevada desert. As Cohen, whose work will be exhibited at the Danziger Gallery in New York in March, sees it, the loss of the starry skies, accelerated by worldwide population growth in cities, has created an urbanite who “forgets and no longer understands nature.” He adds, “To show him stars is to help him dream again.” This Is What the Sky Could Look Like Over New York - Slide Show
Every day at 5pm the Sifter posts the Picture of the Day. Below you will find a collection of the Sifter’s Top 50 from 2011. It’s hard to imagine the year is almost over, time seems to fly faster each successive year so it’s fun to take a moment and look back at the year that was. Click any of the pictures below to be taken to the individual post to learn more about the photographer and picture taken. Enjoy and stay sifty my friends! The Top 50 ‘Pictures of the Day’ for 2011 The Top 50 ‘Pictures of the Day’ for 2011
Text Puns - CollegeHumor UPick
Final Meals
Powerful and Creative Ads
Watch Ridiculously Talented Photoshop Artist Video
Awesome Milk Trick
With boxed wines becoming more common on store shelves these days (and wine on tap at bars, even), clearly the notions of how our favorite beverages come packaged are changing. But while wine almost inevitably ends up in a glass before reaching your lips, how would you feel about drinking your beer from a bottle that more closely resembles a single-serving milk carton in its shape and size? Related: Food Republic Craft Beer Power Rankings Still in its concept phase (meaning, it's not happening yet -- but the idea's out there), Heineken's Cube concept provides a square bottle that's more efficient and economical for stacking, packing and traveling with bottles of suds, both from distributor to store, as well as in your home fridge. The concept, created by the French industrial designer Petit Romain, actually recalls an earlier rectangular-shaped Heineken bottle developed by the Dutch brand in 1963, which was intended to be recycled and used in construction. Food Republic: Heineken Cube: Would You Drink Beer From A Square Bottle? Food Republic: Heineken Cube: Would You Drink Beer From A Square Bottle?
Smartass Responses to Signs
Usually, we admire that the artists can create characters vividly, while this time, we will introduce a different artist who turns living, breathing people into characters in oil painting. That is Alexa Meade. Alexa Meade is a 23-year-old artist based in Washington, DC area. She spent four summers interning on Capitol Hill and in 2008 was a press staffer on the Obama Campaign. Incredible Living Painting With Realistic Body Paint Incredible Living Painting With Realistic Body Paint
Artist Takes Every Drug Known to Man, Draws Self Portraits After Each Use This is all kinds of cool, and everything your mother told you not to do. Bryan Lewis Saunders is an artist from Washington D.C., not just any artist though. Saunders prefers to take a more unconventional approach to his artwork. Arguably his most interesting project, entitled DRUGS is described as follows: Below, you can view a collection of portraits Saunders drew while under the influence of various substances ranging from cocaine, to marijuana, to DMT. Artist Takes Every Drug Known to Man, Draws Self Portraits After Each Use
With an art career spanning more than three decades, Judith Ann Braun has tested the limits of her artistic musculature. She began as a self-described “realistic figure painter,” and worked through the struggles common to anyone who endeavors upon an artistic pursuit, that of searching for one’s own voice in the chosen medium. Fast forward to the 21st century where the evolution of Braun’s work has brought us to the Fingerings series, a collection of charcoal dust landscapes and abstracts “painted” using not brushes but her fingertips. Braun has a specific interest in symmetry, as evidenced by the patterns she follows in a number of the Fingerings pieces as well as work in the Symmetrical Procedures collection. Her fingerprints are obvious up close in some of the paintings, though a step back and the grandeur of Braun’s imagination sprawls into a landscape of soft hills, overhanging trees, delicate florals, and a reflective waterway. Judith Ann Braun's Fingers Are Magical Judith Ann Braun's Fingers Are Magical
Turn Paint Chips into a Dry Erase Calendar
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Penny Countertop — Domestic Imperfection
Dad makes time-lapse videos of kids growing up (2 videos) | The Drafting Club
BBC iPlayer - Olympic Ceremonies: London 2012: Opening Ceremony (High Definition)
One of The Coolest Fireworks Ever Video | KillSomeTime
Art genius: Nine-year-old painter tipped for greatness after buyers from across the world snap up his work
Perfect Iced Coffee
Hack an old monitor and 3D glasses for instant privacy. | Megadgets
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Almost Untouched Nature - Waterfall Restaurant, Philippines
The Easter Island “Heads” Have Bodies
Vicon Revue
New camera promises to capture your whole life - tech - 16 October 2009
Introducing Amazon Silk | Amazon Silk
Made of WIN and AWESOME: Remote-Controlled Superhero
Anamorphic Graffiti – Illusion - The Most Amazing Creations in Art, Photography, Design, Technology and Video.
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Guy travels the world and shoots one second of footage in each location
Did He Just Play A Trance Song On A Guitar?
Exclusive E3 2011: Captain America Prologue Trailer (CG)
Eye Candy: OK Go's Insane Rube Goldberg Machine
Water ink - BDDP Unlimited and Solidarités International
Japanese Museum Unveils A Giant Globe Made of 10,000 Live-Updating OLED Panels
Blog Physica
SWITL scoops oozy goop with amazing robotic precision (video)
SCIENCE: What happens when a cannonball is dropped in mercury
Gene Wilder Stencil (Willy Wonka)
IdeaPaint: Turn Your Entire Office Into a Whiteboard
david blaine
Skateboardanimation on Vimeo
How to Do Ordinary Things Quickly | Sarir clip
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