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Rodeo Magazine source: AnniIsis (Malmö), Evelien (Terneuzen, The Netherlands), Dominika (Bratislava), Helene (London) The Phantom Flex Camera Digital High-Speed Camera - Vision Research The Phantom Flex is a 2.5K digital cinema camera providing exceptional flexibility in all areas of high-speed image capture. Depending on the shooting mode and resolution, the Flex is capable of shooting from 5 frames-per-second (fps) to over 10,750 fps. The Phantom Flex offers two user-selectable shooting modes, each adapted to a particular shooting environment. In Standard Mode, the Phantom Flex is just like any other Phantom digital high-speed camera. Disimba My great grandmother passed today Mother and grandmother are speechless. Appreciate what you have. It also scares me to think that this will never end and soon I’ll be in my mother’s shoes. It’s life, and it never gets easier.

Fritz Haeg: At Home in the City — Fritz Haeg: At Home in the City — Calendar How do we make ourselves at home in the city? What does it mean to grow and harvest our own food and resourcefully and artfully make ourselves at home? These are some of the questions explored by Fritz Haeg, artist-in-residence at the Walker in association with the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden’s 25th anniversary. Haeg’s practice spans a range of disciplines—architecture, performance, design, education, gardening, and ecology—and includes projects as varied as public dances, urban parades, temporary encampments, edible gardens, videos, and publications. He often creates environments that respond to particular places, working in collaboration with local residents and groups. Why Mood Boards Matter It has happened to everyone. You spend countless hours producing a beautiful, pixel-perfect comp only to have it rejected by the client because it isn’t what they were envisioning in their mind’s eye. It’s the dreaded “I’ll know it when I see it” curse. You get sent back to the drawing board, your ego and the budget take a hit, and everyone is frustrated by the process. After this happens a few times you realize that getting the client involved earlier in the process can make a huge difference in the outcome of your design presentations. As designers, we often think we have all the answers.

Tattoo Culture and Art Daily Posted on October 18, 2011 by lenny . Xoïl is a tattooer at Needles Side Tattoo in Thonon-les-Bains, France. Sky Lanterns and more - maker of the original fire retardant Sky and water lantern and bug zapping rackets, USA the Sky Lantern This new site has better price structure. Proud Supplier of Art Prize 2012 Sky Lantern Launch - Art Prize Info Sky Lanterns - Mini Hot Air Balloons - Shipped out of Michigan, USA Today's Hot $2 deal... Click HERE Ali Gulec Ali Gulec – illustrator and designer T-shirts. Lives and works in Istanbul, Turkey. Ali Gulec creates a simple and colorful work. Spread your love! Share this post if you like it:

Design Merging two of the ultimate pastimes—books and puzzles—the Codex Silenda has to be physically solved in order to read it. And no, these aren’t simple word games and math problems, but rather deviously complicated mechanical puzzles crafted from laser-cut wood that are embedded within each part of this 5-page book. The solution to each puzzle physically unlocks the next page.

A Collection of Design Case Studies Besides being a designer, I’m also a big fan of Mixed Martial Arts (or MMA). And in MMA, like in every other combat sports, professional fighters learn a lot from watching one another fight. So as soon as a fighter knows who he’ll be fighting next, his coach will start scouring YouTube to find tape on his opponent. I believe this concept applies to design, too. Not the “punching each other in the face” part mind you, but the idea that you can learn a lot from real-world examples. Inked Souls Drugs are my only escape from a world where nothing ever seems to get better. -Was physically abused by my parents (mother in particular) for as long as I can remember up until age thirteen after i threatened to call the police.-Was verbally abused until I couldn’t deal with it anymore and had to leave home at eighteen.-Started cutting at age thirteen to cope.-Had two suicide attempts at age fourteen and fifteen. -So horribly bullied at school I had to drop out.

Starry String Lights $15 - $99 Special $12 - $89 Add a festive glow to mantels, centerpieces, planters, trees, walkways and more with our adapter- or battery-powered starry lights. Strung on bendable silver wire that conforms to any shape, the lights can be wrapped around wreaths and braided through banisters to create elegant decorative accents. Jewel-tone bulb covers create a warm and sparkling glow LED lights strung on bendable silver finish wire Built-in 24-hour timer operates in 6-hour increments (6 hours on, 18 hours off) Water-resistant battery and adapter housings Safe for outdoor use in a covered area Battery powered for 5' and 10' lengths; each uses 3 AA batteries (not included) Expected alkaline battery life with timer function in use is 10 days for 5' length and 7 days for 10' length. Shorter lifespan if on continuously. Adapter powered for 15', 20', 50' and 100' lengths

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