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Physicists Create a Working Transistor From a Single Atom
Tom's Hardware US Tom's Hardware US 1 Teraflop. 1 Chip. Many integrated cores. Today on our desktop computers, we have CPUs with core counts that we can count through with our fingers. Intel, however, has just presented at SC'11 its the first silicon of the "Knights Corner" co-processor that is capable of delivering more than 1 TFLOPs of double precision floating point performance. Such power of Intel's MIC (many integrated core) architecture won't be used to play Crysis, but rather it'll be put towards highly parallel applications, such as weather modelling, tomography, proteins folding and advanced materials simulation.
BrainGate Neural Interface
Buy a Linux Computer - No restrictive software to remove; GNU/Linux working out-of-the-box. Get a Linux computer without having to pay for a Windows license! The following vendors sell hardware pre-installed with software that’s free as in freedom – so you should not have to remove anything. They were selected for their focus on simplicity and quality. System76 Buy a Linux Computer -
Build a Better Sub-$200 Linux PC - Picking the Parts Picking The PartsDeciding on the components for your ideal PC is never easy, whether you’re spending $200 or $2,000. But the less you have to spend, the more energy and thought you have to devote to the process. For our 2011 $200 PC we wanted hardware that was at least as good as what we got last year, and hopefully better, but we were also intent on streamlining and honing the final product according to what we learned last year. Speed hadn’t become too much of an issue, for example, but hard drive space and efficiency had been, so we were determined to address those issues this time. Build a Better Sub-$200 Linux PC - Picking the Parts
How Is It Possible that 90% of People Don't Know About Command + F?
OSHO: Jealousy- Society's Device to Divide and Rule‬‏