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Technical English II

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This collection of web links is designed to help you review the grammar covered in Bonamy, Technical English 3, Ch. 6-11. You will find additional writing guides in the technical writing folder.

Translation Exercise Conditionals. Timetables (Gantt Charts) Section 4.2.12 Timetables (Gantt charts) Timetables, or Gantt charts, give a visual presentation of the relative timing of the separate tasks that make up a unified project.

Timetables (Gantt Charts)

With just a glance at a timetable, a reader can ascertain the variety of tasks involved in a project and how the tasks are related chronologically, as shown in Figure 21. There are a variety of software programs you can use to generate and update your timetables automatically. Fishbone. Welcome to the English for Uni Website! Welcome to the English for Uni website!

Welcome to the English for Uni Website!

This free website is for teachers and learners of English as an additional language, from intermediate levels upwards (i.e. approximately IELTS 6 and above). The site aims to make difficult grammar and academic writing concepts easier to understand. Summarizing & Critiquing - Technical English - ESLI-595 - LibGuides at New York Institute of Technology. The Wikipedia Corpus. David MacKay: A reality check on renewables. An Immersive Voyage Into Germany’s Energy Revolution.

Coal cleaning plant as viewed from the sludge dam. The pond is filled with waste from the coal cleaning process. Rights assessment is your responsibility.

Coal cleaning plant as viewed from the sludge dam. The pond is filled with waste from the coal cleaning process.

The Library of Congress is not aware of any U.S. copyright protection (see Title 17, U.S.C.) or any other restrictions in the material in this collection, except as noted below. Users should keep in mind that the Library of Congress is providing access to these materials strictly for educational and research purposes. The written permission of the copyright owners and/or other holders of rights (such as publicity and/or privacy rights) is required for distribution, reproduction, or other use of protected items beyond that allowed by fair use or other statutory exemptions. Responsibility for making an independent legal assessment of an item and securing any necessary permissions ultimately rests with persons desiring to use the item. See our Legal Notices and Privacy and Publicity Rights for additional information and restrictions. Coal River Folklife Project collection (AFC 1999/008), American Folklife Center, Library of Congress.

Coal In Kentucky (Full Documentary) Academic Writing in English (AWE) Modals and auxiliary verbs in English. Modals and auxiliary verbs in English.

Modals and auxiliary verbs in English

Phrasal verbs vs. nouns. Phrasal verbs make up a huge category of expressions in English that careless users often misspell by substituting one-word noun forms for the standard two-word phrasal verb; for instance: it would have been a mistake for me to have written “Phrasal verbs makeup a huge category.”

phrasal verbs vs. nouns

It is fine to write “I didn’t want to put on my makeup” (“makeup” is a noun) or “I had to take the makeup exam.” (In this example “makeup” is a noun acting like an adjective modifying another noun—“exam”. What kind of exam was it? A makeup exam.) Suffixes, Parts of Speech, and the GRE. Words can change the part of speech to which they belong by the addition of a suffix.

Suffixes, Parts of Speech, and the GRE

They can also occupy more than one part of speech without any change in spelling at all. For example, talk may function as a verb or a noun. Being aware of this can be very helpful when you’re solving GRE analogy questions. Verb Noun Exercise. How a Geothermal Plant Works. Irregular Verbs. This page is brought to you by the OWL at Purdue University.

Irregular Verbs

When printing this page, you must include the entire legal notice. Copyright ©1995-2018 by The Writing Lab & The OWL at Purdue and Purdue University. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, reproduced, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed without permission. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our terms and conditions of fair use. Summary: Reported speech.

Quotations Indirect Speech. LearnEnglish Teens. We use reported speech when we want to tell someone what someone said.

LearnEnglish Teens

We usually use a reporting verb (e.g. say, tell, ask, etc.) and then change the tense of what was actually said in direct speech. So, direct speech is what someone actually says? Like 'I want to know about reported speech'? Yes, and you report it with a reporting verb. Noun Clauses/Reported Speech (Indirect Speech) G5: NOUN CLAUSES IV - Reported Speech 2. English Reporting Verbs. Understanding Reporting Verbs in English.

English Reporting Verbs

ReportingVerbs. Exercise 2 - Reported speech (questions) Reported speech 2. Reported speech (2) Remember that in reported speech we usually change the tense of the direct statement.

Reported speech 2

The present simple tense changes to the past simple, the past simple changes to the past perfect and so on. Bruce Schneier: The security mirage. Airport Scanners. Airport Baggage Scanner - DeltaR Detection(U of Florida) Fingerprints. The Influence of Direct and Indirect Speech on Mental Representations. Oig Rig "The World’s Largest Oil Rig" – Big Bigger Biggest. Chemistry: Procedure - Scientific Language: Verbs. The Passive versus Active Voice Dilemma. Teachers actually get fired up about this issue. You may have had a frustrated (and frustrating?) Professor write on your paper "Use passive voice! " or "Avoid passive voice! " during your studies, and your grammar checker will be happy to flag and condemn all passive sentences for you. Further, your English textbook might suggest that the active sentence "Jack hit the baseball" is better than the passive sentence "The baseball was hit by Jack. " You are probably already able to identify whether or not sentences are written in the passive or active voice, but if not, here is a refresher: In the simplest terms, an active voice sentence is written in the form of "A does B.

" Passive voice: The rate of evaporation is controlled by the size of an opening. The passive choice slightly emphasizes "the rate of evaporation," while the active choice emphasizes "the size of an opening. " Forget it. Garth Lenz: The true cost of oil. Verb Tenses. What this handout is about These three verb tenses account for approximately 80% of the verb tense use in academic writing. This handout will help you understand how present simple, past simple, and present perfect verb tenses are used in academic writing. Jennifer Healey: If cars could talk, accidents might be avoidable. Grammar Reminders and a Little Technical Writing - The NCBI Style Guide - NCBI Bookshelf. Supercharged motorcycle design - Yves Behar. Marc Kushner: Why the buildings of the future will be shaped by ... you. Grammar Handbook « Writers Workshop: Writer Resources « The Center for Writing Studies, Illinois. HDM35-Moussavi-Copy.jpg. China's Futuristic 'Straddling Bus' Could Help Ease Traffic and Air Pollution.

Car ownership in China is soaring, with an estimated 20 million new drivers hitting the roads each year. Cities there can expect no shortage of air pollution and hellish traffic jams. Amanda Burden: How public spaces make cities work. This San Francisco Luxury Skyscraper is Sinking and Tilting. Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. Techhom. These articles include both historical and tutorial matters General A Source Book for Rule Collectors: information on boxwood folding rules, sectors, Gunter's line and many more things.Monge's Procedure: Descriptive Geometry, an excellent visualization tool.The Slide Rule: once, it identified the engineer.Jam Nuts: it isn't obvious how to use them, and a familiar illustration is incorrect.

Civil and Structural Mechanical. The Tay Bridge Disaster - The Tay Bridge Disaster. Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse "Gallopin' Gertie" Features of academic writing: Hedging. Hedging It is often believed that academic writing, particularly scientific writing, is factual, simply to convey facts and information. 9780472032440-unit4. Lesson 2d - Conditionals - English Grammar.

Engineering Technical Reports. Writing for Engineering. Engineering is a broad discipline that includes many specialisations such as electrical, civil, aeronautical and mechanical engineering. All involve the application of scientific principles to design and implement systems and machines for diverse purposes. Writing an Abstract. English 100A. Thomas Heatherwick: Building the Seed Cathedral.

When bridges collapse: Are we underestimating the risk? Old Route 49 bridge crossing over the South Yuba River in Nevada City, Calif. saw local and regional visitors during the atmospheric river event across Northern California on January 9, 2017. (Image credit: Kelly M. Grow/ California Department of Water Resources) Confederation Bridge Construction ENG. Philosopher Robert Stalnaker solves problems the MIT way.

While working in a famously esoteric field, MIT philosopher Robert Stalnaker has focused his career on thinking about real-world concerns — including the fundamental nature of speech, thought, and decision-making. Detection of Conditionals in Spoken Utterances. Translation Exercise Conditionals. Erik Schlangen: A "self-healing" asphalt. Neri Oxman: Design at the intersection of technology and biology. 'Water-Resistant' vs 'Waterproof': A Guide to Understanding Sunscreen Labels. Sunscreens labeled as water-resistant have replaced those labeled as waterproof, in one of several changes in sun care product labeling that the U.S.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently introduced. Year-round protection from the sun is the best way to lower the risk of skin cancer, experts say. Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer, and more than 3.5 million Americans will be diagnosed with the disease this year. Chemical Change vs. Physical Change. Kevlar.

ECG - Presentation Skills Articles from PS. ECG published a client newsletter entitled PS for Business CommunicatorsSM. Newsletter articles provide insight into key communication issues and other information of value to our clients. Below, are selected articles from past issues. Creating Visual Aids That Really Work. Bulletproof Clothing. Catarina Mota: Play with smart materials. Oded Shoseyov: How we're harnessing nature's hidden superpowers. Eben Bayer: Are mushrooms the new plastic? Annenberg Learner. Select a program below, and click on the VoD icon to view it.

Scheuer zu Weltverkehrsforum: "Verengung auf Elektromobilität falsch"