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Heartbreaking family violence text message leaves NT police chief feeling a 'sense of failure' WARNING: This article contains content that some readers may find distressing.

Heartbreaking family violence text message leaves NT police chief feeling a 'sense of failure'

The Northern Territory's top policeman has spoken of a "sense of failure" after a horrifying family violence murder where the victim texted her daughter to say, "Your dad is going to kill me. " Key points: The head of NT police says the force needs to "do better" after a horrific Alice Springs killingThe town's women's shelter is reviewing its practices following the woman's deathThe case has been referred to the coroner NT Police Commissioner Jamie Chalker said the woman was seeking shelter in a separate room when her partner "poured accelerant over the door and under the door and set it alight". He said in the hours before she died, the victim texted her young daughter to say goodbye.

Foyer Oxford offers young people facing homelessness a bright future. When Kim* graduates from Notre Dame University later this month with a double degree and majors in politics, social justice and behavioural science it will signal the start of a new chapter.

Foyer Oxford offers young people facing homelessness a bright future

But just over a year ago, her life wasn't going so well. Kim was trying to get through university without the parental support most young people rely on as they establish adult lives. Cunnamulla police officer filmed threatening to 'flog' and 'hurt' local Indigenous man. The family of an Indigenous man says he has fled a remote south-west Queensland town fearing for his safety after a local police officer threatened to "flog" and "hurt" him.

Cunnamulla police officer filmed threatening to 'flog' and 'hurt' local Indigenous man

Key points: The man's father says the threats have left his whole family in fearHe doubts his son will return home for Christmas without some kind of assurance he will not be harmedPolice say they are conducting internal inquiries Video footage has emerged of the policeman in the remote town of Cunnamulla making threats against the 28-year-old man to his sister, Jacinta Munn, sparking informal internal inquiries within the Queensland Police Service (QPS). The man's family and an Indigenous rights expert are calling for immediate action to make him feel safe enough to return home.

The footage, captured about two weeks ago, shows the Cunnamulla officer in the driver's seat of the marked police car, asking Ms Munn if she had seen her older brother. CCTV shows NT police officer grabbing man in wheelchair by throat, lawyers appeal against conviction for assaulting police. Footage of a police officer forcefully grabbing an Aboriginal man in a wheelchair by the throat during an arrest has been shown to a Darwin court, as lawyers challenge the man's convictions for assaulting police.

CCTV shows NT police officer grabbing man in wheelchair by throat, lawyers appeal against conviction for assaulting police

The CCTV footage, recorded in the Palmerston CBD in August 2019, shows Darius Cebu being chased across Goyder Square by three police officers who believed he had stolen alcohol from a bottle shop. After taking two bottles from Cebu, the footage shows a male officer grabbing him by the neck with a force that tips his wheelchair back, and spinning him around. The vision shows Cebu then appearing to argue with the male officer before wheeling himself a few metres away, swinging his arm at a female officer before he is stopped again and handcuffed. In June a Darwin Local Court judge found Cebu guilty of assaulting police during the arrest and later spitting at an officer while in custody. Allegations against Education Minister Alan Tudge hit Morrison government where it hurts.

In a sensational end to a grotty final 2021 sitting week, former Liberal staffer Rachelle Miller's claim a minister had acted violently towards her was carefully timed to underline Kate Jenkins' scathing indictment of the parliamentary workplace.

Allegations against Education Minister Alan Tudge hit Morrison government where it hurts

Education Minister Alan Tudge was forced to stand aside after Miller — who returned to Parliament House to make her statement — accused him of kicking her out of bed when her phone rang at 4am. She said it happened during a 2017 work trip, when she and Tudge were in a hotel in Kalgoorlie, where then-PM Malcolm Turnbull was also staying. Miller was Tudge's media adviser. The two had what Miller has described as a consensual affair, but now says was more complicated: "It was [an] emotionally — and on one occasion, physically — abusive relationship. " Hundreds of Queensland children left on growing wait lists amid skyrocketing child protection referrals. Hundreds of vulnerable children suffering from significant trauma are being left on waiting lists across the country, as child safety experts struggle to keep up with the demand for crucial services.

Hundreds of Queensland children left on growing wait lists amid skyrocketing child protection referrals

Key points: Some 5,000 children have accessed child protection services on the Gold Coast this year aloneChild abuse experts say school can be a "sanctuary" for many children living in abusive householdsChild protection referrals jumped by 30 per cent since the onset of the pandemic Referrals to leading national child protection organisation Act For Kids have skyrocketed by 30 per cent since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, creating what experts call a "shadow" pandemic. More than 480,000 reports were made to child protection authorities last year. Tom McIntyre from Act For Kids said one in 32 children across the country were currently accessing child protection services. Grace under fire. Grace Tame raised her voice and started a revolution that would change the national conversation.

Grace under fire

But being Australian of the Year has taken a toll. Grace Tame has lost track of the number of speeches she’s given since being named Australian of the Year. She just knows she can't keep up this pace forever. But the speech that had perhaps the most profound impact on her is the one she gave to senior students and teachers at St Michael’s Collegiate school in Hobart. For it was here, 11 years earlier, that she was groomed and sexually abused over six months by a teacher. Thousands march in France against male violence, sexual harassment and abuse. Tens of thousands of protesters have marched through Paris and other French cities to demand more government action to prevent violence against women.

Thousands march in France against male violence, sexual harassment and abuse

More than 220,000 women suffer physical or sexual abuse at the hands of their partner each yearRights groups say 101 women have been killed by a partner or ex-partner in France since JanuaryDemonstrators want President Emmanuel Macron to earmark 1 billion euros ($1.5 billion) a year to tackle the problem The demonstrations on Saturday come amid growing outrage in France over women killed by their partners and as French women are increasingly speaking out about sexual harassment and abuse. Protesters marched in Paris behind a large banner saying: "Stop sexist and sexual violence. " Kate's abusive ex-husband racked up almost $86k of debt in her name. This is how she got help. Shortly after domestic violence survivor Kate (not her real name) left her husband, the banks started chasing her to repay debts in her name.

Kate's abusive ex-husband racked up almost $86k of debt in her name. This is how she got help

During the relationship, her husband was violent towards her if she did not agree to sign loan or credit applications, and her sister-in-law had pretended to be her to get credit from the banks. Emma says a team leader gave her bad advice when she disclosed domestic violence. How should employers respond? WARNING: This story contains content that some readers may find distressing.

Emma says a team leader gave her bad advice when she disclosed domestic violence. How should employers respond?

Emma* says her ex-partner assaulted her so viciously she thought she might die. Key points: Emma disclosed domestic violence to a team leader who responded by recommending a personal growth courseShe has unsuccessfully lodged complaints and compensation requests and now plans to take further actionSome employers have grappled with violence as a workplace issue, but advocates say workplaces can do more to support victim-survivors.

'The last social taboo': How an unspeakable crime against children remains largely hidden. Former detective senior sergeant Chris O'Connor joined the police force because he "didn't like bullies, particularly sexual bullies". For 36 years — fuelled by the love and protectiveness he felt for his own kids — he dedicated his career to protecting children from sexual abuse. But as an officer of Victoria Police Child Exploitation Unit he soon learned that the biggest threat was not the stereotypical predator lurking near playgrounds most children are warned about. Domestic violence was treated by workplaces as personal, now it's a $2b business problem.

It takes, on average, seven attempts to leave an abusive relationship and about $18,000 and 141 hours to extricate oneself. But what if your employer helped you escape the situation? Kristy McKellar wishes she had the support of her employer when she was trying to leave her former partner years ago. Bondi Rise memorial honours victims of Sydney gay hate crimes during 1970s to 1990s. Many of Garry Wotherspoon's friends had disappeared, and were presumed dead, during what he called Sydney's most "terrible decades". "It was part of life being a gay man in Sydney at the time, you were aware of the hate crimes … it could've been me, rather than the people I know," Mr Wotherspoon said.

He lived through the 70s to 90s, a dark chapter of the Harbour City's history where dozens of males were slain in brutal fashion. Gay men, or people suspected of being gay, were beaten in parks, hurled from cliffs or had vanished from city's streets in cases barely probed by law enforcement. "What one might call lust sometimes overcomes common sense, so I did certainly come here but you keep your eyes open," he said. Hiding from a man she once loved meant leaving everyone and everything she ever knew behind. Ruby Smith* was just 11 years old when she was introduced to an outlaw bikie gang. Drawn in by older friends and a difficult home life, she then spent the next two decades immersed in the underground world. "There was definitely a sense of camaraderie. You could face the world together, like a surrogate family," she said.

Ms Smith's relationship with a bikie afforded her a level of respect in the gang hierarchy. But she said it was a relationship fuelled by domestic violence. Years have passed since Ms Smith escaped her old life, but she said she wanted to use her story to expose the violent culture of gang life for women. Teacher takes education department to court after being assaulted by students at Townsville school. The bashing of a Townsville school teacher in north Queensland was "foreseeable" as his student attacker was known for his aggression and "behavioural disturbances", court documents allege.

Key points: Noel Gorringe said the assaults and lack of support from the school and education department left him feeling suicidalThere is currently no mandatory requirement to report incidents to the police, the Queensland Teachers Union saidMr Gorringe said his resignation meant there was one less Indigenous educator in a school system already falling short on understanding cultural diversity Two attacks in 10 months on Noel Gorringe by students in 2018 and 2019 are at the centre of a $750,000-plus personal injury claim against the Queensland Department of Education, filed in a Supreme Court civil suit in Townsville. Phoebe told the doctors she was fleeing domestic violence. They diagnosed her as 'delusional' When the beatings and the verbal abuse became too much, Phoebe* sought refuge at her local hospital.

Samuel Edwards sentenced for partner's stabbing murder in Palmerston as judge implores bystanders to 'call police' Remote community shocked by latest domestic violence allegations. Two women have been evacuated from a remote Aboriginal community in northern Western Australia amid allegations of prolonged sexual and physical assaults. 'It's still a boys' club': Family of former NT police officer plead for more DV awareness following inquest into her death.

The family of a former Northern Territory police officer who died last year has made a plea for the force to "fix domestic violence" from within, after a coronial inquest into the woman's death heard 17 reports of "domestic disturbances" were mishandled by police. Key points: Man jailed after dragging partner through streets of Broome at knifepoint.

A District Court judge says it was only luck that saved a woman held at knifepoint and dragged through the streets of Broome by her former partner. Police leaked DV victim's escape plan to abuser 'for family's safety', court told. America's 'forever prisoner' has spent two decades in custody for planning the 9/11 attacks. But it's not clear he was involved. The CIA agents at an undisclosed black site were certain that time was running out before the next September 11-style attack would be unleashed on America. Victims of pedophile Phillip James Scott have their say in court ahead of sentencing. It began with an 18th birthday party. The trial that followed still haunts Nadia. Thousands rally in Georgia after journalist beaten by homophobic mob dies at home. Rallies have been held in Georgia after the death of a journalist who was bashed by a homophobic mob that was protesting against a pride march. Alexander Lashkarava was one of several dozen journalists attacked by the mob last Monday The pride march was cancelled before going aheadPolice are investigating Lashkarava's death Cameraman Alexander Lashkarava was found dead in his home by his mother on Sunday, according to the TV Pirveli channel he worked for.

Lashkarava was one of several dozen journalists attacked last Monday by opponents of an LGBT march that had been scheduled to take place that day in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi. Organisers of the Tbilisi March For Dignity cancelled the event, saying authorities had not provided adequate security guarantees. Choking, non-fatal strangulation to become standalone offence in Tasmania under planned law. Deborah Thomson knows what it is like to be strangled. Key points: Non-fatal strangulation, choking or suffocation is likely to become a standalone offence in TasmaniaA draft bill is expected to be tabled in Parliament early next yearAdvocates of the bill say it would heighten awareness about the seriousness of the violence It was one form of abuse the Burnie resident was subjected to during a 17-year relationship.

WARNING: This article contains details that some readers may find distressing. Lack of holistic court support leaves survivors of domestic and sexual violence traumatised twice. In the NT Police sex crimes unit, Detective Engels is trying to stop survivors having to 'cop-shop' When Kathryn Heyman was traumatised and needing to escape, a fishing trawler offered her the hope of salvation. Family violence survivors sue Victoria Police, alleging breach of duty of care, human rights. Behind the façade. Rosie told police she was a victim of domestic violence. She was the one arrested. The 39-question tool transforming the way Victoria Police assesses family violence risk. New push to give Australia's 'youngest psychologists' formal training. Medecins Sans Frontieres helps respond to national domestic violence crisis, backs calls for trauma recovery centre. Domestic violence experts say more middle-aged, older women are fleeing relationships. ACT child protection system failed Bradyn Dillon. But how many children are the community failing?

Stella Prize goes to British Australian author Evie Wyld for The Bass Rock — a gothic tale of women and violence. A groundbreaking campaign is exploding the silence around LGBTIQ family violence. Services to be cut and 'lives lost' in Queensland's looming domestic violence funding 'catastrophe', advocates warn. How demands for dowry and domestic duties can become weapons of coercive control. Bee filed a complaint over sexually explicit texts. She says police then gave the man her home address. SA Police data shows rise in domestic violence assaults amid COVID-19 pandemic. How different approaches could help sexual assault survivors find justice. Maree needed domestic violence payments to flee her abuser, but she wasn't eligible for it. Welfare concerns for children exposed to more family violence during COVID-19 lockdowns.

Why men's aggression to women is so often expressed through sex. 'Hear me now': Australian of the Year Grace Tame's speech in full. Brother raises sister's four children after domestic violence-related death. Coroner finds police and social workers mishandled case of pregnant woman bludgeoned to death on Gold Coast by former boyfriend. Stalking victim Di McDonald wants Max Gardiner forced to wear tracker on release from prison. Dozens arrested as NT Police target domestic violence offenders in Darwin over holidays. Could a common antidepressant help some men deal with their domestic violence?

Domestic abuse survivor Kim O'Reilly calls for football clubs to ban violent men. Surge in domestic violence victims struggling to find shelter amid housing squeeze in Perth. NSW domestic violence victims now have more flexibility to break leases but the real estate industry is worried - ABC News. Why staying safe while running isn't just a woman's problem - ABC News. High Court rejects claim NT police 'trespassed' when breathalysing Aboriginal woman in domestic violence check - ABC News. Experts from Scotland who led push to criminalise coercive control give evidence to Australian committee - ABC News. Migrant women face struggle to escape hidden nightmare of domestic violence in Australia - ABC News. Protests in Paris turn violent in wake of footage showing police bashing black music producer Michel Zecler - ABC News.

Domestic violence reporting in Australia and the focus on the 'good guy'. How you, the audience, can change it - ABC News. NT Territory Families Minister Kate Worden shares personal story of domestic violence - ABC News. The wave of family violence on Melbourne Cup Day that prompted a frustrated advocate to speak out - ABC News. Hannah Clarke domestic violence tragedy to teach teenagers about coercive control, abusive partners - ABC News. Alice O'Brien uses hidden talent to paint 'beautiful' art, process relentless bullying and come out on top - ABC News.

WA funeral for 11-year-old girl allegedly sexually abused by man on bail draws hundreds - ABC News. Chiaka Moneke is helping African-Australian women escape domestic violence despite the taboos - ABC News. Three people responsible for 371 domestic violence order breaches on Sunshine Coast in three-month period - ABC News. Fringe Church pastor Ron Hutchinson rehabilitates domestic violence offenders through conversation - ABC News.

Canberra magistrate Bernadette Boss complained Supreme Court made it impossible to protect children - ABC News. Australian police forces have a domestic violence problem and we're only seeing the tip of the iceberg. Judge Huntingford heads Northern Territory's first 'safe' domestic violence court in Alice Springs - ABC News. Experts warn of domestic violence 'second wave' as coronavirus financial support winds back - ABC News. ACT Policing, counsellors, support services team up in bid to curb rising family violence in Canberra - ABC News. Suicide cluster highlights dangerous combination of social isolation and family violence for some migrant women - ABC News. NSW Labor proposal could see domestic violence perpetrators jailed for up to ten years for coercive control - ABC News.

Narrabri vet Alexandra Tapp’s death sparks tough conversations about hidden sexual abuse - ABC News. Male victims of domestic violence have few places to turn or services to call. How foster care eventually saved brothers sent home to suffer horrific domestic violence - ABC News. Domestic violence services prepare for demand as coronavirus restrictions begin to ease - ABC News. Domestic abuse investigation by journalist Jess Hill wins Stella Prize for writing by Australian women. Family violence perpetrators using COVID-19 as 'a form of abuse we have not experienced before' 'Invisible' victims of teenage violence are already suffering in silence. The legal system is making the problem worse. In the Northern Territory, survivors of sexual assault are banned from speaking to the media. Adelaide women develop mobile game tackling domestic violence, teaching family and friends how they can help.

Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young defends character reference for man charged over family violence. The pain and suffering of domestic violence extends beyond death. Northern Territory's high domestic violence rates under the spotlight as Parliament considers new bill. Police praise 14-year-old boy who stopped alleged domestic violence attack in Sydney. Queensland's Opposition proposes nation's strongest laws to combat domestic violence.

When men were being killed on the street, we took action. So why is domestic violence different? Signing away their voice: How non-disclosure agreements silence Australian women. How Australia's domestic violence issue is inseparable from our 'corrosive' masculinity culture. A new bushfire crisis is emerging as experts brace for an imminent surge in domestic violence. Indigenous All Stars reach out to nine-year-old Murri boy Quaden Bayles after bullying story hits social media. Brisbane car fire detective taken off the case after suggesting killer Rowan Baxter may have been 'driven too far' Gold Coast man jailed after killing wife by deliberately driving car into NSW river. What we're getting wrong about domestic violence following death of Hannah Clarke and her three children. Assaults on staff in Victoria's juvenile prisons double, union calls for 'deserved' pay rise.