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8 EdTech Hacks: A Cheat Sheet for Interactive Collaboration in the Classroom. Have you thought about trying some sort of technology for interactive, collaborative activities in your classroom but held back because you were concerned about the time it would take to learn and set up?

8 EdTech Hacks: A Cheat Sheet for Interactive Collaboration in the Classroom

Or perhaps you were concerned about costs, or you just weren't sure how to get started. Well, here's a set of tools and tips that can let you give it a try without having to spend a lot of time setting up for it. There is no shortage of great tools for interactive collaboration in the classroom, and we've shared plenty of them in prior articles, but in this post we're focusing on no cost or low cost tools, and a couple other key considerations that can help you get up and running with ease. We've stuck with tools that are commonly considered easy to use. Where available, we've also suggested tools that require no sign up for students, which can help to make it simpler to try them in your classroom.

Apps, Extensions and Websites for Chromebooks. Minecraft pocket edition is an excellent resource that is available to teachers that have iPads or Android tablets in the classroom.

Apps, Extensions and Websites for Chromebooks

It is not a cheap app to purchase, but it is well worth the $7.99. This is a quick walk-through of how we got started with Minecraft Pocket Edition in our classroom. This is not meant to be explained as an "expert", which I am not, but as a person who is "working in progress". Counting Down the Top Ten S’Cool Tools of 2014.

It seems like there’s a “Top Ten” list for everything nowadays: Top Ten Viral Videos, Top Billboard Singles, Top Ten Data Fails (now, that one sounds interesting).

Counting Down the Top Ten S’Cool Tools of 2014

But here at EdSurge, we don’t geek out at viral videos, or pranks, or Billboard singles. We geek out at edtech tools. Create sign up sheets online with free, blank templates. Free & Easy.

Create sign up sheets online with free, blank templates

PDF to Flash page flip - flipping book software. Speed Up Your Interactive E-Learning with These Free PowerPoint Templates. Tab-style interactions are probably the most common type of elearning interactions and for good reason.

Speed Up Your Interactive E-Learning with These Free PowerPoint Templates

They’re easy to build and add a bit of interactivity to what would normally be linear content. They’re also a great way to deal with an issue that plagues many elearning courses—locked navigation. People should have as much freedom as possible when navigating their online training because it’s part of their learning experience. But we know that’s not always going to happen. Many course designers (or customers) want to force linear navigation. Tab interactions allow the controlled navigation that the client prefers and still gives the learners some freedom to explore the content and navigate as they wish. Results backed by evidence. Email Management for Any Inbox. iPad Design Guide.

Creating Content for Tablets—A Designer's Guide As you go through this guide, look for the and answer.

iPad Design Guide

Clickers classroom polling education. The easiest and smartest online crop tool. AnswerGarden - Plant a Question, Grow Answers. Backchannel Chat - Safe Secure Classroom Discussions. Hacktivity Kits. Interesting Search Engines. Open-airplay - A collection of libraries for connecting over Apple's AirPlay protocol. Create an A+ Site with Classrooms. WordPress is an elegant solution for education professionals looking to create a website for their class, and today we’re excited to announce the launch of Classrooms.

Create an A+ Site with Classrooms

Whether you need a group blog for your high school history project, or to keep your 3rd grade students’ parents up to date about the next field trip, you’ll find the solution here at Classrooms Get up and running — fast. Zeega. Slick Write. Launch/ Stampsy. – Free Screen Sharing and Online Meetings. Search from Knovation. You can pay for your brand new plan, add-ons, and domains in the Store checkout using any major credit card, debit card, or PayPal.

Plans and domains renew annually and we take care of everything. We charge your account one month before the end of the subscription period. If your payment information needs updating, we’ll let you know. Purchases made on can be canceled and refunded during the refund period. Home - Mahara ePortfolio System. Online voice recorder. SMS Classroom Clicker: Response System for Polling Students. ShowMe - The Online Learning Community. Products - K-12. Learn More Single Educator An introductory license for the first educator using VoiceThread at your school.

Products - K-12

Learn More School License Allow educators and students at your school to use VoiceThread. Classroom Management, Monitoring, and Corporate Training Software. Skype in the classroom. KnowGlobe: Classrooms Around the World. This morning we spoke with a great class is Roma (Rome), Italy!

KnowGlobe: Classrooms Around the World

The class was very excited to talk with us. Each student took turns introducing themself to us in front of their web cam. City: Roma, ItalyContinent: EuropeMiles from Missouri: 5075.9 milesCurrent Temperature in St. Louis, Missouri: 40 degrees FahrenheitCurrent Temperature in Orange, Texas: 50 degrees FahrenheitSchool Schedule: Monday through FridayInteresting Facts: Students were practicing learning English and saying hello. Their room had beautiful architecture with details in the ceiling, long curtains, and it looked really amazing. Interested to know more? We were lucky enough to have a teacher from Uganda speak with us today and share about her school. Digital Designer Virtual Building Software. SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds. Digital student storage. Edshelf.