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?return_to= The 5 Best Free Audio Tools for Teachers - eLearning Industry. Site is Offline. Emojis in the Classroom - Erintegration. STEAM YouTube Channels for Elementary Kids. A homeschool reader wrote to ask me my recommendations for educational YouTube channels.

STEAM YouTube Channels for Elementary Kids

Which is a really fantastic question — and deserves a few blog posts, don’t you think? Let’s start with the best S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) YouTube channels. You know that it’s hard to sift through the massive amount of channels, and find what’s best and age-appropriate for your kids. You want clean entertainment that won’t surprise you with a bad word or innuendo. One way to find some of these ideas is to use the free YouTube channel app for kids.

Here I’ve listed my favorite educational channels that are meant specifically for elementary-age students. It’s important to note that to truly be “STEAM” or “STEM” if you take out art, the content should cross over at least two of the science, technology, math, art, and math content areas. Ready? STEAM / STEM YouTube Channels Vi HartVi narrates these interesting videos on topics from spirals in math to Pi and Anti-Pi. Understand what you read. AnswerGarden » ...- Plant a Question, Grow Answers! Generate a live word cloud with your audience. The Top 10 Most Popular S'Cool Tools of 2016 So Far. At EdSurge, we scour the internet for tools to help teachers find the best edtech products out there.

The Top 10 Most Popular S'Cool Tools of 2016 So Far

Every week, our educator-specific INSTRUCT newsletter contains a section called “S’Cool Tools,” where we provide a small sampling of popular or up-and-coming edtech tools. Since January 2016, we’ve showcased over 100 edtech “S’Cool Tools.” Some resonated more than others; a few resonated a lot. So, we’re bringing you the top ten S’Cool Tools that you, our readers, have loved the most in the first half of 2016.

Four STEM Tools to Get Kids Learning and Exploring Outdoors. Getting out of the classroom can benefit everyone — both teachers and students. Fresh air and fresh perspectives combine to allow for new types of creativity, for play, and for a chance to connect learning to life. The best of these apps help harness what kids are learning outside so they can bring it back into the classroom for further study. Of course, the Pokémon Go craze hasn’t just been dominating the imaginations of monster hunters everywhere, but also sparking debate among educators around the game’s potential for learning.

7 Game Changer EdTech Tools to Personalize Your Classroom. By Stephanie Shaw I was immersed in the “digital conversion” almost 10 years ago and it was extremely overwhelming for me.

7 Game Changer EdTech Tools to Personalize Your Classroom

I suddenly taught fourth grade to 30 students who all had a laptop. I felt like I had 72 subscriptions and passwords, but I wasn’t sure where to start. I needed technology to make my life easier, not more difficult! Even after many years, it is still easy to feel engulfed by the ever changing technology tools. Educreations: Simply put, this tool allows you to make a video and share it with a link. Personalized Learning Tip: I have a video for almost all of the skills I teach. Edpuzzle/Playposit: Similarly to Educreations, both of these sites allow the teacher to assign a video for their class to watch. Personalized Learning Tip: I use these tools to personalize learning in several ways. Kahoot/Quizizz: Both of these sites are amazing interactive games that add a competitive edge to your lesson. Google Forms: This is quickly becoming one of my favorite tools. Librarian Approved: 30 Ed-Tech Apps to Inspire Creativity and Creation.

Tool discovery is often a challenge for teachers interested in finding ways to use technology that will change the way they and their students work.

Librarian Approved: 30 Ed-Tech Apps to Inspire Creativity and Creation

With so much going on in the classroom, many teachers don’t have the time to test out various apps and find the perfect tool to meet their needs. Luckily, several tech-savvy librarians have been curating the apps their colleagues find useful and sharing the all-stars with one another through personal learning communities (PLC) and edWeb webinars. These educators are paying attention to their own working habits, as well as those of students, to figure out which technology products and trends are here to stay.

Michelle Luhtala, a school librarian in New Canaan, Connecticut, has noticed that much of her own work has transitioned from the computer to her smartphone. She sees the same trend in students, but also recognizes many schools have policies against phones because they can be distractions. Check out previous years favorites here and here. 8 Programs to Help You Learn—No School Required. 8.

8 Programs to Help You Learn—No School Required

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