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Prince Ea – Dear Future Generations: Sorry Lyrics Dear Future Generations,I think I speak for the rest of us when I saySorry, sorry we left you with our mess of a planetSorry that we were too caught up in our own doings to do somethingSorry we listened to people who made excusesTo do nothingI hope you forgive usWe just didn't realize how special the earth wasLike a marriage going wrongWe didn't know what we had until it was gone For exampleI'm guessing you probably know what is the Amazon Desert, right?Well believe it or notIt was once called once called the Amazon Rain ForestAnd there were billions of trees thereAnd all of them gorgeous and just um..Oh, you don't know much about trees, do you?

Webinar on Open Badges Is there a future for Open Badges? Webinar on 26 November 2015 at 10.00 AM CET Sales pitch WatchKnowLearn Educational Videos WatchKnowLearn ratings are intentionally harsher than what you might find on YouTube, for example. Most of our videos have been imported by people who want to use them with kids, not by the creators of the videos. We take a hard-nosed attitude toward quality. Four and five stars should be reserved for really excellent quality. Three stars isn't bad.

Text To Speech in a Variety of Languages and Dialects Voices This natural sounding text to speech service reads out loud anything you like in a variety of languages and dialects in male and female voices. The TTS service speaks Chinese Mandarin (female), Chinese Cantonese (female), Chinese Taiwanese (female), Dutch (female), English British (female), English British (male), English American (female), English American (male), French (female), German (female), German (male), Hindi (female), Indonesian (female), Italian (female), Italian (male), Japanese (female), Korean (female), Polish (female), Portuguese Brazilian (female), Russian (female), Spanish European (female), Spanish European (male), Spanish American (female). Just type a word or a phrase, or copy-paste any text.

Lexis Audio Editor – Applications sur Google Play Create new audio recordings or edit audio files with the editor. Save the files in the desired audio format. The trial version has all the features of the paid version including options to save in wav, m4a, aac, flac and wma format. 33 Powerful Animal Advertisement Examples That Tells The Uncomfortable Truth A little while ago, we wrote about powerful advertisement examples that were designed to raise awareness about important social and environmental issues. But what about animals? They don’t have a way to raise awareness about the issues they face, so it’s up to us to help them out.

Steve Lambert Is email a distraction? SelfControl is an OS X application which blocks access to incoming and/or outgoing mail servers and websites for a predetermined period of time. For example, you could block access to your email, facebook, and twitter for 90 minutes, but still have access to the rest of the web. Once started, it can not be undone by the application, by deleting the application, or by restarting the computer – you must wait for the timer to run out. Created while at Eyebeam Center for Art and Technology. Thanks to Charlie Stigler for developing the application. PHP Introduction Advertisements PHP started out as a small open source project that evolved as more and more people found out how useful it was. Rasmus Lerdorf unleashed the first version of PHP way back in 1994. PHP is a recursive acronym for "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor".PHP is a server side scripting language that is embedded in HTML. It is used to manage dynamic content, databases, session tracking, even build entire e-commerce sites.It is integrated with a number of popular databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, and Microsoft SQL Server.PHP is pleasingly zippy in its execution, especially when compiled as an Apache module on the Unix side. The MySQL server, once started, executes even very complex queries with huge result sets in record-setting time.PHP supports a large number of major protocols such as POP3, IMAP, and LDAP.

Max & Harvey We want everyone to know that we love The Vamps and all of their fans. When our producer played us this song for the first time, we loved it so much that we had to do our own version! Thank you all for the support and love - you make every day amazing ❤️ Our video for "Words"!!! Audacity comment enregistrer sa voix? Audacity free software for Windows and Mac. How to record his voice with Audacity? For starters, Audacity is an audio recording and editing software free for Windows and Mac.

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