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Why LinkedIn Is the One Good Social Network

Blue Microphones. Often when we hear the word “voice over,” we think of Don LaFontaine’s instantly recognizable movie trailer voice: “In a world…” But if you make promotional, informational or educational videos of any kind, whether it’s for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or any other video platform, you’ll most likely benefit from a quick crash course in recording voice overs.

Blue Microphones

And, even if you don’t make your own videos, maybe you’re interested in pursuing a career in voice acting and voice overs.


Book Trailers. Concept Album--The Masked Truth--Max. Digital Citizenship Inquiry. Digital Footprint. Fake News & Fact Checking. Film Criticism. Film Critique. Gender. Infographics. Pirate Cinema. Podcasts for English Students. Writing Reviews. Top Canadian film producers push back against Telefilm’s diversity measures.

Members of the film community have said the Canadian film funding system is archaic and unfair, arguing for an overhaul to make room for greater representation among the movie projects that get government financing.

Top Canadian film producers push back against Telefilm’s diversity measures

Over the past few months, Telefilm Canada has been responsive to increased calls for more transparency and diversity, while initiating a process to change film funding rules. But a small group of top producers who benefit the most from the national agency’s funding have written a letter to Minister of Canadian Heritage Steven Guilbeault asking for an intervention. We obtained multiple versions of the letter, each with a growing list of producers.

The letter focuses largely on the fate of a Telefilm funding program for top Canadian producers called Fast Track. “We wrote a letter that we thought was going to a specific person for our specific cause,” says Rhombus Media producer Niv Fichman (Enemy, Possessor), adding that the letter was never meant to be public. Loblaws deploys first ever self-driving delivery truck in Canada. Grocery shopping looks a little different today than it did a year ago, but one Canadian supermarket chain is determined to keep our spirits up.

Loblaws deploys first ever self-driving delivery truck in Canada

Hot on the heels of its “half banger, half PSA” titled “A Cart Apart,” No Frills is back at it again, creating ridiculously fun content. The grocery store is known for being on the cutting edge of culture, and its latest campaign is basically a comic universe condensed. The Secret Sounds of “Song Exploder”  In the past few decades, that sense of pliability has only ballooned.

The Secret Sounds of “Song Exploder” 

Technology has evolved so fast and so forcefully that the notion of going into a studio—a room in which trained professionals, seated behind a panel of glass, turn knobs and adjust levers—feels nearly quaint. Records can be made at home, using software such as Ableton Live or GarageBand, which can then be augmented with any number of plug-ins, expanding the palette of available sounds. Many of these production techniques were first adopted by hip-hop or electronic artists, but they are now ubiquitous; this means that trying to determine the origin of any single sound on a modern recording is difficult. Instrumentation, in the most general sense of the word, has become opaque. For fans who favor streaming services, the absence of liner notes, which once offered detailed production and songwriting credits, only exaggerates the mystery. ‘It’s not up to him’: how media outlets plan to sidestep any Trump ‘victory’ news.

Newsrooms across the United States are bracing for a potentially volatile election night, after reports suggested that Donald Trump is planning to declare “victory” on Tuesday even before results from critical battleground states have been determined.

‘It’s not up to him’: how media outlets plan to sidestep any Trump ‘victory’ news

The president’s reported intention to make a premature – and potentially false – victory speech by the end of Tuesday night, with large numbers of mail-in ballots yet to be counted, has provoked intense journalistic debate. TV channels would be under pressure to air such an event on grounds that it is “news”, while aware that it amounted to dangerous misinformation that could stir violence across the nation and undermine the democratic process. Such a clash of responsibilities would amount to a heady climax in the American media’s extremely vexed relationship with Trump over the past four years. But it would still present media outlets with a classic Trump conundrum. Geocities-izer - Make Any Webpage Look Like It Was Made By A 13 Year-Old In 1996.

How to Easily Edit Audio and Video With Descript. How to Contact the Guardian Securely. Resources for Teaching News/Media Literacy and Current Events. “Mrs.

Resources for Teaching News/Media Literacy and Current Events

Essenburg, is the letter z really going to be dropped from English on Monday?” A concerned student queried last spring. That’s when I knew it was time for a mini-unit on online source checking. I also knew I wanted to go beyond that, into media literacy, current events, and civil discourse. L33T SP34K CH34T SH33T. You've probably noticed by now there's many different ways you can use leet speak.

L33T SP34K CH34T SH33T

Ranging from basic vowel substitutions to really advanced combinations of various punctuation marks and glyphs. The way I see it, there's four distinct levels. Basic Leet Basic Leet is nothing more than substituting every vowel for a number. Learn how you might be biased toward certain kinds of info #tiktoktips. How do you translate a comic book into audio? Ask Neil Gaiman. James McAvoy’s Morpheus is an aural delight: moody, subdued, his words delivered with a stirring gravitas, like velvet to the ear.

How do you translate a comic book into audio? Ask Neil Gaiman

Kat Dennings pitches a plucky, youthful Death, but sometimes reads too juvenile. Likewise, Michael Sheen’s a charming Lucifer, but he occasionally loses his grasp on the noble bearing of the leader of Hell. Justin Vivian Bond purrs seductively as the cruel, mischievous Desire, and Riz Ahmed provides an effortless magnetism to the dangerous nightmare of the Corinthian. Leading this parade of vocal talents is Gaiman himself, who intimately knows the lifts, dips and turns of his work, and how to convey them. I Made a Video Game Final Exam: A Teacher’s Silver Lining During Distance Learning. After a month of distance learning, we got an email saying that we would be ending the semester weeks earlier than planned and that teachers would need to adjust their curriculum and rethink their final exams to reflect our non-traditional circumstances.

I Made a Video Game Final Exam: A Teacher’s Silver Lining During Distance Learning

I saw my opportunity to bring in that video game learning project, and I didn’t look back. Instead of giving students a final where they would answer questions about all the concepts we’d learned, I had students choose the 5 most important concepts they felt like they’d learned in our year together… and turn them into a video game. Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Webex Privacy Issues. At Consumer Reports, we had the same question as Biswanger: Are there differences in how major videoconferencing platforms handle privacy? It's an important issue at a moment, when consumers are making heavy use of videoconferencing platforms for business meetings, classes, and visits with family. We had already looked at Zoom, which is now fixing a number of privacy and security problems. Next, we decided to evaluate the privacy policies of the biggest, best-known videoconferencing platforms.

These are Webex from Cisco; Skype and Teams from Microsoft; and Meet, Duo, and Hangouts from Google. A single privacy policy governs Google's three videoconferencing services, and Teams and Skype share the same Microsoft privacy policy. 3 Ways to Explore the Joy of Film Photography. Video might have killed the radio star, but digital photography hasn’t killed film. Goliaths like Kodak might have fallen along the way, but the resurgence of analogue photography within the mainstream has begun to pick up steam once again. Like the video store experience compared to online streaming, the patience of shooting on film, the mystique, is lacking with the digital capture process. Yarn patterns and copyright. In those few days the pattern was live, hundreds of people purchased and downloaded it.

It was featured on Geekologie, Syfy, and many fiber arts blogs. Some people are saying that the pattern exploded in popularity because Disney has not released “baby Yoda” merchandise for the holiday season. However, I think the real reason this exploded was because of Allison. She made something beautiful. Really beautiful and striking. The Color Wheel and 5 Easy Tips for Using Color on Your Poster. Reporting in Indigenous Communities. The economics of streaming is changing pop songs - Don’t stop me now. “WHERE THE streets have no name”, the first song on U2’s blockbuster 1987 album, “Joshua Tree”, begins with 40 seconds of ambient noise. A guitar arpeggio enters and accelerates into the driving rhythm of the drums and bass that arrive around 1:10. Nearly two minutes pass before Bono breathes the first lyrics. Such leisurely intros are no more, says Justin Kalifowitz of Downtown Music Publishing, a rights manager.

Loopy decisions: the legality of music sampling 2019-08-03. Teaching Podcasting: A Curriculum Guide for Educators. Teaching the Research Process Through Podcasting Instead of an Essay. I have to be honest: I’ve often dreaded teaching research papers in my high school English classes. When students would turn in their papers, they would have composition issues that needed to be addressed, and there were so many other problems: questionable sources, MLA formatting mistakes, instances of plagiarism.

Often I wouldn’t even know where to start assessing this work, even though these are all skills I consider essential in my classroom. Eventually I came to realize that they didn’t all have to be taught at the same time. Pearls Before Swine by Stephan Pastis for June 30, 2019. 6 dos and don’ts for strong slides, from a TED presentation expert. What if we covered the climate crisis like we did the start of the second world war? Ralph Breaks the Internet: how storyboards helped make the movie great.

The Public Speaking Project. □□✊: How Ocasio-Cortez beat everyone at Twitter in nine tweets. YA Author Offers Apologies and Sacrifices to Social Justice Tribunal. Why this 19-year-old BuzzFeed quizmaker will no longer work for free. What White, Western Audiences Don't Understand About Marie Kondo's 'Tidying Up' Fake Tweet,Chat & Facebook Status Generator. How Instagram Brought Literary Success to Feminist Poet r.h. Sin. Radio Garden. An academic’s podcast gets the peer-review treatment. At Yale, we conducted an experiment to turn conservatives into liberals. The results say a lot about our political divisions.

Does Batman Need to be White? Evaluating multimedia presentations. Workshops - Leslie K Maniotes. ePortfolio Project. ePortfolio Project. Sabriel by Garth Nix: A Book Trailer. Film Theory: Why Don't We Notice All Those Editing Cuts?