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Business Card Templates

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Business Card Template no.2 by Krzyho on deviantART. Brochure Template by Krzyho on deviantART. Business Card Template by Krzyho on deviantART. Black Inc free business card by robby-designs on deviantART. Minimalizm Business Card. Clean Design. by robby-designs on deviantART. Ask MOO About: Templates and guidelines. Pre-designing cards before you upload to MOO is something we only recommend to design professionals, or those very comfortable with graphics applications. Some technical knowledge is required to use the templates, and to save your work in the best format for print. We've put together a slideshow explaining the bleed, trim and safe area, common mistakes and how to avoid them. Below you'll find helpful tips and templates in a variety of different formats. 4 Rules for Designing the Perfect Fit: Make sure you've accounted for the 'bleed' in your design, filling this area with any background colours or images.

To set the correct colour space for your PDF, click on the 'output' option shown on the left of your screen when you select the 'Adobe PDF/X-1a' preset. Download product templates To begin creating your designs, please download the template for the relevant product and software from the list below: Business Cards AI Template PSD Template ID Template JPEG Template MiniCards AI Template PSD Template. Writing a Business Plan. Simple is always best. So with this in mind, here’s our guide to writing a business plan that won’t make potential investors want to tear their hair out in confusion. Even if you don’t need investment, it’s often a good idea to write a business plan to ensure you stay on the right track.

When you’re faced with a hundred (or more!) Decisions to make and paths to choose, and you find that you can’t actually remember what your aims actually are, a business plan should help to reel you back in. If you need funding, potential investors will want to know what they’re giving their money to, and if it’s likely to be a lost cause. A business plan is your chance to prove that your idea is worthy of their time… and of their money. A business plan is often made up of 6 different sections, which will cover (pretty much) every aspect of your business: - The Executive Summary- The Vision- The Market and Marketing- The Operations- The People- The Finances The Executive Summary The Vision The Operations. Marketing Your Startup on a Tight Budget. By The MOO Crew 30 May 2013 The way you market your business can shape everything from the way your brand is perceived, to the customers you reach, and (ultimately!) How well you do: without being able to reach your customers (and potential customers), you probably won’t have a business for long.

However, marketing can get pretty pricey. You only have to turn on the TV to see the lengths that companies go to in order to promote their brands – and when you’re running a startup, excessive spending isn’t (usually!) A good thing. Your marketing plans should encompass everything from your brand and your USPs, through to your story: stick to your values and ideas, and you can’t really go too wrong! "Everyone knows that the money’s always tight for new businesses. So, you don’t need to spend your entire budget on marketing your business, but if you can put in the time, you’ll be able to market your startup on any budget: more effort = less money. Customers Already got a loyal customer base?

The Human Touch. By The MOO Crew 27 Jun 2013 Above and beyond customer service We’ve all had bad experiences with brands: we’ve been ignored in-store, struggled to navigate poorly designed websites, received a bad attitude on the phone or no response at all. And the one thing that unites them all is this – a customer never forgets. Truly excellent customer service shouldn’t be an afterthought – it should span all aspects of your business, from your social media to your one-to-one interactions. The personal, human touch is what elevates customer service from good to great. Be surrounded by the right people The right team will often be a winning factor in offering the best level of support. Be flexible As a small business owner, you’ll have more flexibility to offer customised solutions when things go wrong.

Similarly, if a customer is having trouble with your website, or issues with your email communication, don’t disregard their problem as a one off – take the time to investigate. Marketing Tips.