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86 WordPress Themes for $39

86 WordPress Themes for $39
Stellar Design Design is our art and our passion. Our goal is to create the best WordPress Themes with a pixel-perfect eye for detail and a high standard for aesthetic excellence. Let us help you make your website simple, beautiful and professional. Advanced Features Our plethora of Shortcodes, Page Templates and Theme Options give you full control over your website.

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Best Free WordPress Themes 2017 We change everything WordPress. One WP theme at a time. Please have a look at our free WordPress themes. We have made sure that these themes are highly customizable and have their premium look and feel. Google Groupes To use Google Groups Discussions, please enable JavaScript in your browser settings, and then refresh this page. MoreEven more from Google Sign in Groups Home Cannabis News - Cannabis Kills All Known Germs..Dead..including MRSA superbug in treating some of the most troubling diseases mankind now faces". "Infectious diseases such as the flu and HIV, autoimmune diseases such as ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), multiple sclerosis, arthritis, and diabetes". Amazingly this also includes neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s, stroke and brain injury, as well as numerous forms of cancer. "One common element of these diseases", continues Dr Melamede, "is that patients often suffer extended hospital stays, risking development of various Staphyloccus infections including MRSA". "A topical, whole-cannabis treatment for these infections is a functional complement to our cannabis extract-based lozenge.”

Best Premium WordPress Themes [Updated: 14 April, 2014] This is a collection of the absolute best premium WordPress Themes available. There are lots of great looking WordPress themes available these days so finding the ‘best’ one can be a challenge. However to make it easier to find the right premium WordPress themes we have hand selected the very best WordPress themes out of the thousands in the marketplace and compiled galleries of the best WordPress themes currently available for each specific style of website. They are dynamic galleries which are continually updated with the best new high quality and professional WordPress themes. Galleries of the Best Premium WordPress Themes

Adam Lofting A Responsive WordPress theme for simple living You can see the theme in action on this website. The philosophy behind it is something like this: “Entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity” – this is my application of Occam’s Razor to WordPress theme design. You can spend time on design once you’ve written everything you want to write. Until then… skip to content. University of Surrey opens doors to 22.2 listening room Institute of Sound Recording is offering access to its experimental workspace equipped with a range of reproduction systems from stereo to multi-channel. The Institute of Sound Recording (IoSR) at the University of Surrey is now offering access to a new 22.2 critical listening room that utilises Genelec 8330A SAM studio monitors and 7350A SAM subwoofers. HHB Communications supplied the technology as part of Genelec’s sponsorship programme to the IoSR and the university’s Music and Sound Recording (Tonmeister) degree. The ITU-R BS.1116 listening room, designed and built by Munro Acoustics, is used by students and researchers to undertake experimental work involving audio measurement and subjective listening tests.

Powerful Tools for Teaching and Learning: Web 2.0 Tools - University of Houston System About the Course Are you overwhelmed by the tidal wave of new technology tools available for teachers and learners? Powerful Tools for Teaching and Learning: Web 2.0 Tools can help channel that flood into a manageable power source for student engagement and motivation in your classroom! THE CANNABIS RE-EDUCATION CENTER: /united states government/us patent and trademark office/ The Cannabis Re-Education Center » united states government » us patent and trademark office File Size Fluid Responsive Free HTML5 WordPress Themes Fluid Responsive Free HTML5 WordPress Themes Details Category: Webdev Hits: 10649

vWPv1 André Mooij is a graphic designer from Monterrey, Mexico. One of his more recent projects, the second image featured here, is a socially motivated poster which was described on his Fiftytwo Network account. Mexico and a little more specific, Monterrey (The city where we’re based in) has just been through one of it’s worst political and security crisis in it’s history. We decided to make a series of 4 posters where we would ask a single question, and invite the spectator to write his or her answer on it. We thought it would be fun to ask things like “The good part of Monterrey, write it down here.” and “The bad part of Monterrey, write it down here.” with a few other questions like “What are you thinking about?”

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