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Free Wordpress Template - Theme gratuit Wordpress

Free Wordpress Template - Theme gratuit Wordpress

DynamiX - Premium Wordpress Theme DynamiX is one of the most powerful responsive business Wordpress themes around today. Whether you require a Ecommerce, Business, Woocommerce multilingual shop, Buddypress, bbpress, Corporate, Professional, Clean, Blog, Church, Fitness, Restaurant, Wedding or School site – DynamiX will suit your purpose. DynamiX is also SEO ( search engine optimization ) , WPML , retina ready. If you’re looking for a fullscreen photography theme, checkout ePix PHPDevShell: Instant Back-End For PHP Apps. When creating a web application, if no CMS is used, creating a back-end for managing the system is usually required. PHPDevShell is a modular, plugin-based "code management system and framework" that offers a ready-to-use administration interface which can be extended with your own codes. It provides most of the popular features that an application requires like: user registration and management (with roles, groups an access rights)presenting system settingscronjob managementnavigationpluginstemplatesand much more..

50 Fantabulous Free And Premium WordPress Portfolio Themes In this article I am going to present you a Collection of 50 Fantabulous Free And Premium WordPress Portfolio Themes you can use to show off your work. All of these themes are very professional and comes with lots of features. Subscribe to Feed if you would like to be informed for the latest posts. 1. Portfolio Press (Free) 20 Free HTML5 WordPress Themes and Theme Frameworks If you need a WordPress theme that uses the modern technologies of HTML5 and CSS3 then you’ve come to the right place, in today’s post I am listing the best free complete themes and blank themes / theme frameworks that you can use as a base to build you own. Busby My very own Busby theme is built with HTML5 and CSS3, it’s a clean blogging theme for personal sites. Features » Demo » Download »

Resources you may find useful at webSemantics last modified: 12th May 2013 Older resources are currently displayed in the old site format. I need to revisit each resource before bringing it into the fold and it may take some time. Free online tools UK postcode to coordinate convertor last modified: 28th October 2011 Convert UK postcodes into longitude and latitude mapping coordinates Image to data URI convertor last modified: 18th September 2012 A simple utility to convert an image into base 64 data URIs for embedding images. Hex & RGB conversion tools last modified: 29th March 2010 Convert Hexadecimal colours into RGB colours and vice-versa.

Free WordPress Portfolio Themes If you have images to show off, such as graphic design work or photography, then a portfolio style theme for WordPress could be a good fit for your site. A good portfolio theme is not over-designed, it holds back and lets the images of your work do the talking. In this post I’m going to be taking a look at the best of the free WordPress themes. Themes « Templates NeXt - WP Themes, Joomla Themes, Plugins, Modules This is a long pending post, should have posted long back. I was preoccupied with my office work and some personal affairs. Sorry for not being able to reply all your comments and mails. Enable “Read More” Feature in wordpress WordPress "Read More" link Many of you have been requesting feature to post only “excerpts” or “summaries” of your post on front page or category or archive pages.

All the best Cocoa controls and views for iOS and Mac OS X 2178 open source and commercial UIcomponents for iOS and OS X. Sort: Date 60+ Clean and Simple Wordpress Themes With a simple WordPress theme you often get a good start on a web design project. A simple start often makes a better platform for adding a personal touch. I am sure you noticed that simplicity is a strong trend right now in web design. API’s documentation — Tellmewhere API v0.9 documentation The Tellmewhere API allows to search for all kinds of local information in several categories (restaurant, bar, tourism, etc.). Eventually the API will help building applications using Tellmewhere’s businesses contact information, user reviews and check-ins... The use of the Tellmewhere API requires an api key. Play Legend of Zelda, The – Link’s Awakening DX (U) Online Facebook Delicious Google Bookmarks MySpace Messenger You are about to play Legend of Zelda, The – Link’s Awakening DX (U) online for free. Nintendo Game Boy Color's Legend of Zelda, The – Link’s Awakening DX (U) is a fun adventure RPG video game . Play the game without downloading a rom or emulator, only the Java plug-in is needed. GameBoyOnline only supplies the Game Boy Games to play as a PERSONAL BACKUP of legally owned Game. GameBoyOnline in NO WAY links or makes it possible to illegally download a rom or acquire any copyrighted game(s).