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Facebook Symbols - Emoticons - ASCII art shapes

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Wordpress Theme Generator This online generator creates your own custom unique WordPress Theme. Without any need for HTML, JS, PHP, or CSS knowledge. Change the colors, settings, layout, preview live, click "save" and download your unique Wordpress theme zip-file. Supports {*style:<a href=' 2.1 to Wordpress 3.7 Themes{*style:</a>*}.

#3038363 SOPA Emergency IP list: So if these ass-fucks in DC decide to ruin the internet, here’s how to access your favorite sites in the event of a DNS takedown # News # Social media # Torrent sites # Social networking

Son of Suckerfish Dropdowns Single-level Dropdowns Right. Let's not beat around the bush. The initial HTML we're dealing with will look something like this: <ul id="nav"><li><a href="#">Percoidei</a><ul><li><a href="#">Remoras</a></li><li><a href="#">Tilefishes</a></li><li><a href="#">Bluefishes</a></li><li><a href="#">Tigerfishes</a></li></ul></li><li><a href="#">Anabantoidei</a><ul><li><a href="#">Climbing perches</a></li><li><a href="#">Labyrinthfishes</a></li><li><a href="#">Kissing gouramis</a></li><li><a href="#">Pike-heads</a></li><li><a href="#">Giant gouramis</a></li></ul></li></ul> A good wholesome structured unordered list. To set things up we need some basic styling: Note that you need to specify a width in the #nav li selector or else Opera will chuck a wobbly. The CSS specs say that top, right, bottom and left values should offset an absolutely positioned box from its containing block. And there you go. Multi-level Dropdowns There are a few things we need to add to the single-level method. Examples

Online Courses from the World's Experts IMPORTANT NOTICE: This course is for those who really dig the iOS6 icons. Because the new iOS7 flat design is so completely different from the iOS6 one, I figured I should start a new course : iPhone icons in iOS7 - flat design. Feel free to check it out. This course was originally $247, but because of the changes of time I am gifting it to you for ONLY $29 if you are interested in iOS6 and prior icon design :) Take a look inside. --- Are you a student or a non-profit organization? Here's an advice you have to take seriously in order to suceed on the App Store! Your app icon is the single most important asset of your app that can make that killer first impression! In this course I will help you make stunning icons for your iOS apps that will stand out in the App Store. Here are some features: All of these in High Quality Video lessons and a ton of downloadable resources. The course is structured in a way that you can make your first icon in a matter of minutes. But why stop there?

CSS selectors Glossary Languages: English • Español • Persian • Italiano • 日本語 • 한국어 • Português do Brasil • Русский • Slovenčina • 中文(简体) • 中文(繁體) • (Add your language) This document is designed to offer definitions for various terms, exclusive to WordPress, that users may not be familiar with. If you are a contributor please don't add definitions for generic terms (API, PHP, JavaScript, etc...). Absolute Path An absolute path or full path is a unique location of a file or directory name within a computer or filesystem, and usually starts with the root directory or drive letter. Example: /Users/Matt/www/blog/images/icecream.jpg To find the absolute filesystem path of the directory containing a web page, copy the code below into a new text file, save the file as path.php (thus making a simple PHP web page), and move that file to your web server. Absolute URI A full URI. Action Admin Bar Back to the Top Apache Array Atom Blog

Ned Hardy — Curating The Internet Since Cats Took It Over CSS Shorthand CSS Shorthand These are techniques for condensing, combining, and shortening your CSS code. Used wisely, they can make your stylesheets smaller (so they will load a little faster) and easier to read. Grouping selectors For example: The mouth-full of code above can be condensed into something a little more manageable. Shorthand properties CSS shorthand properties set several related properties with one declaration. Lengths for margins, padding, and borders are sequenced in clock-wise positions: top, right, bottom, left, e.g Consolidate all of that into CSS shorthand and it abbreviates to: There are other modifications you can use when the margin values are repeated. If you wanted to use the above example, but have no bottom border, you could also use the following code: You can also streamline your border codes. This can all be consolidated down to the CSS shorthand of: Not all CSS codes can be grouped and condensed, but this article has described the most common ones. CSS Shorthand Resources

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