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le tutorat en ligne 137 views pourquoi tutorer en ligne ? / qu'est-ce que tutorer en ligne ? / quels synonymes ? / quels sont les 9 rôles du tuteur (classés) ? - tuteur = une fonction pédagogique à part entière- / quelles compétences requises ?

Accelerating Your Human Potential Free Libraries and Templates How It Works | Office Viewer | Mind Map Software | Edraw Max Pro Libraries and Templates The best way to create a diagram is using libraries and templates that include all of the shapes, styles and settings you need to assemble a particular type of drawing or diagram. Edraw Max has more than 200 libraries and Templates and 6000 shapes. resources Examples of mind maps Click on a mind map to enlarge. Would you like to use one of these mindmaps? Or need a higher resolution version? If yes, please click here How To Use FreeMind To Design Or Manage A Website When you think of tools that you can use to create web pages, you probably think of things like Kompozer or Firebug. However, what if I told you that one tool that can really boost your creative juices when it comes to formulating a web design layout is a mind map? We’ve covered a lot of mind mapping tools here at MUO. Nancy reviewed Thoughtboxes, and Jeffry covered Mindmapping tools for Mac. I think my favorite mindmapping application of them all is the open source project FreeMind. FreeMind is one of those wonderfully simple to use, yet intricately as complex as you need it to be when you really need it to be.

Example Mind Map Gallery Marketing and book summarization In a single sheet, you can see the entirety of the information content of the entire first chapter of the book as well as see the inter-relationships of the individual strategies. This gives you both a clear overview of the subject material while also illustrating the individual details, tactics and how they all fit together. Mind Maps: Your Flight Plan View / Download Document Brainstorming 99 Mind Mapping Resources, Tools, and Tips So, there you are staring at that black sheet of paper again. Or perhaps it's a black Word document on your computer screen. Whichever it may be, it's obvious you're about to take notes for that big essay assignment or group project, and you're not too excited about getting started!

Mind Mapping Gallery DropMind Mind Maps solving real issues, tailored just for your everyday situations. DEPSTEP analysis Employee performance Product Life-cycle 30+ Mind Mapping Tools We all need to organize our thoughts sometimes, and there seems to be no better way to do it than in a visual fashion. We've got 30+ mind mapping tools to help you do just that. And since we know some of you are on a budget, we've got free and paid suggestions for you.

View Maps Views: 45314 Business Process Mapping ... Mapping business processes can be tricky. How to Make a Mind Map® The 'Laws of Mind Mapping' were originally devised by Tony Buzan when he codified the use of imagery, colour and association and coined the phrase 'Mind Mapping'. In the intervening 30 plus years, there have been many variations on the original 'Mind Map ' and the widespread usage of mapping software of various sorts, has dramatically changed what is possible. >> Click here to go to a video that provides a rapid (99 second) overview of how to Mind Map. (Note that you will be asked for your e-mail address so that you can view the video free of charge). The summary below is based on Buzan's structure (a 'Mind Mapping, how to' - details available in his many books) but we believe that whilst this structure is great for establishing well structured maps that can be used in many different ways, variations on these rules or 'laws' are often sensible and appropriate - as long as they are based on an understanding of why the laws exist and what they are trying to help the mind mapper to achieve.

Need to doqnload the client, Static pictures of charts can be uploaded and people can doenload the XMind file to edit on their own desktop. Can't see any online collaboration. Collaboration via desktop application. by djmer1 Jun 24

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