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Jcanvas/jcanvas.js at master · caleb531/jcanvas. The Node Beginner Book » A comprehensive Node.js tutorial. 10 bonnes pratiques JavaScript. Au fil des formations, je remarque que de nombreuses bonnes pratiques que je signale en passant dans le code, par acquis de conscience, ne sont pas connues, ou pas comprises, ou juste surprenantes pour les stagiaires.

10 bonnes pratiques JavaScript

C’est l’occasion de me souvenir que dans tous les domaines, ce qui peut paraître évident et « connu de tous » ne l’est pas forcément, et qu’il est toujours bon de remettre en lumière des savoirs dont on imagine, souvent à tort, qu’ils sont monnaie courante. Voici donc dix bonnes pratiques choisies parmi un large ensemble de candidates ; vous en connaîtrez sûrement certaines, mais probablement pas toutes. Je pensais qu’il en faudrait 10 pour faire un article un peu consistant, et au final c’est un mammouth qui aurait pu être découpé en plusieurs articles histoire de faire durer le plaisir… Mais je suis d’humeur généreuse et j’ai encore plein d’articles sous le coude, alors je vous livre tout ça d’un coup :-) Logger les erreurs JavaScript. Decoding jQuery. Functional Programming in JavaScript.

JavaScript has two parents: Scheme and Self.

Functional Programming in JavaScript

We can thank Self for all of the object-orientedness of JavaScript and indeed we do in our code and our tutorials. However, Scheme played just as important a role in the language’s design, and we would do ourselves ill to overlook JavaScript’s functional heritage. What exactly does it mean for JavaScript to be functional? “Functional” merely describes a collection of traits a given language may or may not have. A language like Haskell has all of them: immutable variables, pattern matching, first class functions, and others. Demos - Rainbow. 22 JavaScript/jQuery Tutorials for New Web Developers. Frontend web development is the hottest area for modern user interactivity.

22 JavaScript/jQuery Tutorials for New Web Developers

You can build practically any type of user interaction when you understand the concepts behind JavaScript. DOM manipulation is a hugely popular technique which, coupled with Ajax requests, can build one incredible user experience. Superheroic JavaScript MVW Framework. AngularJS — Dynamique HTML ? Essential JavaScript: the top five script loaders. 15 Most Effective Jquery plugins For Designers. The 15 best tools for data visualisation. It's often said that data is the new world currency, and the web is the exchange bureau through which it's traded.

The 15 best tools for data visualisation

As consumers, we're positively swimming in data; it's everywhere from labels on food packaging design to World Health Organisation reports. As a result, for the designer it's becoming increasingly difficult to present data in a way that stands out from the mass of competing data streams. Interesting jQuery, JavaScript and Web Dev June 2012. In today’s post we have listed our collection of very interesting jQuery, JavaScript and Web Development stuff as of June 2012. Watch out for our next post as we are going to give you another set of this pretty interesting random stuff for next month.

Some really cool stuff! Enjoy! Related Posts: 5 typographies Script gratuites et utiles. Mousetrap - Keyboard shortcuts in Javascript. Closures: Front to Back. Closures are often viewed as an arcane art in the land of JavaScript.

Closures: Front to Back

Once mastered, they allow you to write some truly amazing JavaScript. This article will get you up to speed on the magic of JavaScript closures. What Is A Closure? One of the key truths of JavaScript is that everything is an object. This, of course, includes functions. Journal — « Typographie, HTML5 Boilerplate, Reset CSS, Clearfix, CSS3, Photoshop » jQuery Org Chart – a plugin for visualising data in a tree-like structure « The Silver Lining. jQuery Org Chart – a plugin for visualising data in a tree-like structure jQuery OrgChart is a plugin that allows you to render structures with nested elements in a easy-to-read tree structure.

jQuery Org Chart – a plugin for visualising data in a tree-like structure « The Silver Lining

To build the tree all you need is to make a single line call to the plugin and supply the HTML element Id for a nested unordered list element that is representative of the data you’d like to display. Features include: Very easy to use given a nested unordered list element.Drag-and-drop reorganisation of elements.Showing/hiding a particular branch of the tree by clicking on the respective node.Nodes can contain any amount of HTML except <li> and <ul>.Easy to style. Expected Markup & Example Usage All documentation can be found on github.

Quoi de neuf dans jQuery 1.7 ? Vous devez le savoir, mais la bibliothèque JavaScript, jQuery, la plus populaire du Web a été mise à jour il y a de cela quelques semaines.

Quoi de neuf dans jQuery 1.7 ?

Il s’agit de la version 1.7 qui peut maintenant être téléchargée à partir de l’URL suivante : Alternativement, si vous préférez un CDN, utilisez l’une des adresses suivantes : Presenteer.js - Un outil pour réaliser des présentations en HTML5. Presenteer.js est un plugin jQuery permettant de créer des présentations HTML5.

Presenteer.js - Un outil pour réaliser des présentations en HTML5

Lors des conférences, les présentations se font de plus en plus en format html délaissant powerpoint et autre keynote. Avec Presenteer.js, vous pourrez ajouter des animations à vos keynotes. Mapbox: the jQuery Map. Most Recent Blog Post:jQuery Mapbox Updated Click to toggle dark text on white Home » Plugins » Mapbox Get latest code here. Or get the outdated (but still working) version:[ Click here for the mapbox.min.js code - Click here for the uncompressed code ]

Extensive Collection Of jQuery Drag And Drop Plugins. Don't Forget to participate in a contest where you can win an amazing e-Commerce template from TemplateMonster. jQuery allows you to create stylish yet user friendly websites that are not only pleasing to the eye but also are very lightweight and load quite quickly.

Extensive Collection Of jQuery Drag And Drop Plugins

This is the reason why jQuery has a special place in the field of web development. jQuery is getting better day by day thanks to the jQuery community that continuously share awesome plugins. At the moment, we are sharing with your some extraordinarily amazing jQuery plugins for drag and drop feature. With these plugins, you will allow your visitors to personalize the website and its tools according to their needs; and in this way you provide them with loads of customization option that every user simply love! Bacon, personnalisez l’alignement du texte avec jQuery. Learning JavaScript Design Patterns. I hope this book helps on your journey to improving your knowledge of design patterns and the usefulness of their application to JavaScript. Before we get started, I would like to thank Rebecca Murphey for inspiring me to write the original version of this online book and more importantly, open-source it.

I believe educational material should be freely available for anyone to use, access and improve where possible and hope that efforts such as this inspire other authors. I would also like to extend my thanks to the always brilliant Alex Sexton who was kind enough to be the technical reviewer for the first edition of this work. 10 Tips for Writing Awesome jQuery Plugins. Introduction I've been developing and studying plugins, particularly in jQuery for quite sometime and through this process I have learned a lot about what works and what doesn't work.

10 Tips for Writing Awesome jQuery Plugins

Google JavaScript Style Guide. We follow the C++ formatting rules in spirit, with the following additional clarifications. Curly Braces Because of implicit semicolon insertion, always start your curly braces on the same line as whatever they're opening. Basic Tips for Getting Started with jQuery Development. The jQuery programming library has dramatically changed the way we work online. Web developers are able to prototype animations and backend effects much quicker with fewer lines of code. This brings to the table a profound collection of functions which you can read about here. 3 Simple Things to Make Your jQuery Code Awesome. jQuery is one of the most popular (if not the most) JavaScript libraries in existence and a great number of people use it to do some amazing things. Personally, jQuery is what got me excited for learning JavaScript. The problem is that a lot of programmers don't understand that with all that power massive amounts of CPU cycles are used.

Ressources Javascript pour intégrateurs web front-end. 20 Useful jQuery Plugins for Responsive Web Design. Responsive layouts in web design – this is probably one of the most popular topics of discussion at this present time. The contemporary phase of website designing offers some truly amazing elements that help the web designers in creating exclusive websites. The main motto of building or creating a website is to attract the mind and eyes of the viewers. With these responsive layouts this job can be easily done. These responsive layouts allow the website designers to offer specific and optimized screen size based on a wide range of devices, starting from PC, mobile phone to tablet and iPhone.

jQuery Buzz - Latest jQuery news & resources. 10 Useful jQuery Plugins for Images. We all know and love jQuery for its flexibility and many uses. But some of the most impressive jQuery applications are those that involve images. It really can allow you to do some useful stuff and even add a “wow” factor to your project. 390 ressources Javascript & jQuery. Essential JavaScript Design Patterns For Beginners. Design patterns are reusable solutions to commonly occurring problems in software design. They are both exciting and a fascinating topic to explore in any programming language. One reason for this is that they help us build upon the combined experience of many developers that came before us and ensure we structure our code in an optimized way, meeting the needs of problems we're attempting to solve.