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How do I get started with Node.js

How do I get started with Node.js
First, learn the core concepts of Node.js: Then, you're going to want to see what the community has to offer: The gold standard for Node.js package management is NPM. Finally, you're going to want to know what some of the more popular packages are for various tasks: Useful Tools for Every Project: Underscore contains just about every core utility method you want.Lo-Dash is a clone of Underscore that aims to be faster, more customizable, and has quite a few functions that underscore doesn't have. Unit Testing: Mocha is a popular test framework.Vows is a fantastic take on asynchronous testing, albeit somewhat stale.Expresso is a more traditional unit testing framework.node-unit is another relatively traditional unit testing framework. Web Frameworks: Web Framework Tools: Jade is the HAML/Slim of the Node.js worldEJS is a more traditional templating language.Don't forget about Underscore's template method! Networking: Command Line Interaction:

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Express - api reference express() Creates an Express application. The express() function is a top-level function exported by the express module. var express = require('express');var app = express(); An Absolute Beginner's Guide to Node.js There's no shortage of Node.js tutorials out there, but most of them cover specific use cases or topics that only apply when you've already got Node up and running. I see comments every once and awhile that sound something like, "I've downloaded Node, now what?" This tutorial answers that question and explains how to get started from the very beginning. What is Node.js? A lot of the confusion for newcomers to Node is misunderstanding exactly what it is.

Hosting Node Apps This tutorial walks you through setting up a server that can host node.js apps for server-side JavaScript applications. Right now, the node.js hosting options boil down to running node daemon processes that talk to a web server. Most web servers can proxy connections to a different port, so you’ll be able to use Apache or nginx to do this. Step 1: Get a Server or VM reveal.js - The HTML Presentation Framework HTML Presentations Made Easy Created by Hakim El Hattab / @hakimel Heads Up reveal.js is a framework for easily creating beautiful presentations using HTML. You'll need a browser with support for CSS 3D transforms to see it in its full glory.

Documentation Firepad was designed to be embedded inside larger applications. Since it uses Firebase as a backend it requires no server-side code and can be added to any web app simply by including the JavaScript files. Here we'll explain how to do this. Firepad uses CodeMirror as the underlying text editor. If you'd like to use Ace as your code editor instead, skip to Getting Started with Ace. How We Built eBay’s First Node.js Application — eBay Tech Blog For the most part, eBay runs on a Java-based tech stack. Our entire workflow centers around Java and the JVM. Considering the scale of traffic and the stability required by a site like, using a proven technology was an obvious choice.

What Makes Node.js Faster Than Java? Every few weeks someone posts a Java vs Node benchmark, like PayPal’s or Joey Whelan’s. As one of maintainers of Node core and contributors to many npm modules, StrongLoop is happy to see Node winning lately. Everyone knows benchmarks are a specific measurement and don’t account for all cases. Sometimes Java is faster. How To Set Up a Node.js Application for Production on Ubuntu 14.04 Introduction Node.js is an open source Javascript runtime environment for easily building server-side and networking applications. The platform runs on Linux, OS X, FreeBSD, and Windows, and its applications are written in JavaScript.

reveal.js Device Loop Animation View the device loop A device loop animation that I created for the new home page. jquery-ui-map - Google map v3 plugin for jQuery and jQuery Mobile The Google Map version 3 plugin for jQuery and jQM takes away some of the head aches from working with the Google Map API. Instead of having to use Google event listeners for simple events like click, you can use jQuery click events on the map and markers. It is also very flexible, highly customizable, lightweight (3.2kB or 3.9kB for the full) and works out of the box with jQuery mobile. Running Node.js apps in production Frederic Hemberger @fhemberger Topics I'll talk about today: Deployment Run Node.js (and keep it running) Metrics Deployment

Java EE threads v/s Node.js - which is better for concurrent data processing operations We have started using NodeJS a lot these days typically to handle data processing applications that involve a large number of concurrent requests, each of which involve one or more I/O operations. Why Nodejs? Why not Java? 3 Easy Steps to Get The Most from MongoDB and Node.JS MongoDB and Node.JS go together like good red wine and steak - that is to say, extremely well. This happy scenario owes to the fact that MongoDB and Node.JS are both built around JavaScript and JSON. MongoDB handles JavaScript natively - there is no impedence mismatch trying to shoe-horn objects into a relational model. Simply persist and query JSON.

10 Online Magazines for Developers and Designers PHP Magazine PHP Magazine is an online magazine in the form of a blog. There are posts that range many different categories, mainly PHP, but others from within their network of sites.

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